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Moto Grappa Guzzi Gaggle MMXX

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Good morning from the MGGG MMXX battlefield in Cross Junction, Virginia, where the National Park Service is already putting up historical markers.  :D

So, a group of Guzzisti friends and I got together for a “Guy-Only Slumber Party, Motorcycle Riding, Eating, Drinking, & Lie-Telling” weekend in the middle of July.  It was grand.  The CDC would not have approved, but while hardly keeping each other at arms’ length, everyone was mindful and courteous.  We’ll know how that part goes within two weeks.  ;)

Naturally, I took photos.  Lots of them.  As in nudging 500! :wacko:

But, lucky you, "only" 129 made the final cut.  

Best, the Smugmug gallery opens in “Landscape Collage” view, meaning you don’t have to look at every pic.  You can hover your cursor over pix that interest you — assuming any do, of course!  — and the captions should appear.

OTOH, if you have the time and inclination to see the whole story, just light up the first photo after the banner pic and run through them in larger sizes.

Here they are:  MGGG MMXX Pix

To those of you seeing this who were part of this, thanks for making my — gasp! — 73d birthday great fun. :oldgit:


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