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He seems to really like the bike, giving it an 8.5 out of 10.

But it is funny to hear him complain about the transmission, especially about finding/determining what gear it is in.  This is funny to me in general because new motorcycles have so many electronic aids such as ABS, traction control, ride modes, and gear indicators... none of which I've ever experienced, and never needed, especially a gear indicator.  Why?

I wouldn't mind the safety features such as ABS and traction-control/ride-modes, but I've always thought things like gear indicators were a bit funny, on cars or bikes, and laugh when younger riders review and find older bikes to be archaic or difficult (in their minds) to ride without those features :P






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That shift indicator statement reminded me of a sarcastic story I read of a BMW rider that rode the Iron Butt in first gear because his shift indicator read 6 . 

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The Z generation will never hon the skills we got from riding bikes with no technology.

I checked a recent car, with highway driving assistance. Once you set cruise control, you can take you hands off the steering wheel and just do surveillance. And surveillance is necessary because on this particular model, with an exit lane, the car could lose tracking.

But it is certainly an improvement, especially when the highway is straight for miles and miles. You can determine at which distance you want the preceding car to be, and it is all taking care automatically. Blind spot? no issue. Like in an airplane on the verge to stall, the steering wheel shakes if you omitted to check your mirrors.

Did I mention the HUD? no need for you to gaze at various places on the dashboard. All the necessary information is projected in front of you.

If I am not wrong, a company in California made a crash helmet including a HUD with some camera surveillance behind you. I don't know if they launched it. They presented a prototype.

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