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Girls on motorbikes in movies... new trend?

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In the 70's, I remember watching movies where the bad guys rode motorcycles. Sometimes, iconic ones. The despicable killer of "Peur sur la ville" favored a Z1.

I noticed that recently, female protagonist roles were often seen on motorcycles as a way to reinforce the strength of their character.

Matrix, The courier, Vanquish...

In Good Doctor the (female) chief of surgery rides a Ducati.

What other show do you know with lead female characters riding motorbikes?


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16 hours ago, audiomick said:

Wasn't there a (fairly) recent Bond film with a lady on a bike? Someone who was being forced to work for the bad guys, but was actually good.

I don't recall that. The synopsis resemble the Vanquish plot? that girl is a retired enforceress, a corrupt ex cop kidnap her daughter to obligate her to work for him.

I went to see the latest Mission Impossible yesterday evening. Just to check what stunt Tom Cruise pulled, and I understood how he injured himself while training on a motocross bike.

The movie has multiple scenes with him driving motorbikes in pursuit or chases; I spent time in Rome (Italy), and those large paved streets are not easy to ride on at low speed...

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