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Tank cover to protect from the sun...


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Last year, under the heat, the tank protection, or the tank expended, the glue melted and the pad is no longer properly installed.

As long as the bike is home, it is protected from the sun, but when I go out it is exposed.

I don't think I have the room to carry a tarpaulin in my tail bag; I am thinking that maybe a tank cover in leather, may solve the issue.

Is a V11 tank cover even exists? if not, what would be the smallest tarpaulin that I could fit in my tail bag to cover the motorcycle when it has to stay exposed?

What about this? https://www.etsy.com/listing/828285423/solid-color-more-shade?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=motorcycle+tank+covers&ref=sr_gallery-1-10&organic_search_click=1

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I reckon a leather cover would be likely to get as hot as the tank itself, i.e. not much use.

You need something that leaves an air space between the cover and the tank. If your cover is sitting directly on the surface of the tank, you wont get much heat protection.

This sort of thing can be had fairly cheaply, and the cheap ones pack up fairly small as they are made from thin plastic fabric


The problem is, because they are made from cheap plastic, they have a nasty habit of melting onto the hot exhaust pipe when you put them on straight after getting off the bike.

For the specific purpose of protecting the tank, I would be inclined to make something out of the sort of material that cheap tents are made of. Velcro around the handlebars and the rear blinkers or something like that. Length appropriate to that, and width such that it hangs down to the bottom edge of the tank or thereabouts. That should be slightly over a square metre of fabric, which should pack up to about the size of a pair of thick winter gloves.

Lead shot sewn into the edges along the length would help stop it flapping in the wind, or a cord in the middle down to the footpegs.

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thanks for all the suggestions!

It is kind of an odd problem but important.

I purchased the Etsy cover because I could get it in red...

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I found the Etsy solution working nicely. Plus it matches the color of my Le Mans, which makes it even more palatable.

This picture was taken in Eden TX, around midday, without any shadow to shelter from.

The cover fits the Guzzi surprising well, even if designed with Harley Davidson motorcycles in mind.

I have been using this cover each time I leave the bike in the sun, including at home, and it is very fast and easy to deploy. The folding to take up as little space as possible could be improved.

The elastic bands that anchor the cover to the bike may certainly age quickly in the unforgiving Texas sun.

I have a coupon if anybody is interested in getting one. They have many colors, in case red is not yours.....

More Shade Motorcycle Cover Eden


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