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EICMA - A video of the 2024 Mogo Tuzzi entries....


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Like the look of spokes, hope Guzzi have more luck than BMW making a round wheel. Yes bought a new GS 1250 HP in 19, the front wheel had a shaking realy stressing the bike at H speed. Went to the dealer, yes they agreed, not round, bouth ways. New wheel,, was it round, NO. Thats it, finished with spokes.

Cheers Tom.

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54 minutes ago, Tomchri said:

finished with spokes...

I've been finished with them since the late '80s.

I rode from Melbourne to Queensland on my Z900. On the way back, it might have been about here


I noticed that the bike was a bit weird in a curve. I could see a small town in the distance, so I kept going and stopped there. The weirdness was a flat rear tyre. I knocked on a door, and was directed to a bloke up the rode who drove trucks. He had a workshop, and fixed the flat for me. The problem was a loose spoke (ok, I should have checked them, perhaps...). I was extremely lucky. It was heading towards evening, and in the middle of nowhere. It that bloke hadn't been there, I would have been right royally up the proberbial creek without a paddle in sight.

On top of that, spoked wheels are a pain in the arse to clean. B)

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The V7 Corsa and the Mandello S are both feeling a little sporty... And we're all wordering if a new LeMans is in the future.  I dropped in to GP Motorcycles yesterday. They have a V100 in all red. It's striking...

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