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Stainless steel x-over shims.


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These are used, but great shape shims. They are used to replace the stock exhaust cross over gaskets, which easily get loose and cause the dreaded "Floppy X-Over" condition, as well as exhaust leaks and tons of frustration. 

Anyway I converted my bike to separate Mistral down tubes, so I don't need them any more.  Asking $30.0 +shipping costs.




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For so long, our common wisdom was, "Yeah they flop, but won't fall out."

That was proved decisively wrong at a South'n Spine Raid  when a crossover pipe went bounding back through the staggered group of riders. :o

Bad form, to say the least . . . <_<

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On 1/11/2024 at 8:23 PM, leroysch said:

Hi Andy...I'll take 'em. PMing you....

My :2c:......

The original owner of my Lemans installed those and when I've had to pull the pipes (twice....for stator and cam chain cover gasket) the task was  easier imo than if I had to deal with some other material that was used to seal that connection.


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