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Forced to ride the V7 today


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On 1/29/2024 at 9:00 AM, LaGrasta said:

@Gmc28 Wouldn't you know? I rolled it into the garage Saturday morning, prepared to evaluate the mishap. Just as the forum suggested, turned the key, heard the pump prime, so I hit the ignition. Started right up, idled perfect! I drove it a bit later to Home Depot, about 8 mile round trip, no problems. Then this morning, ride to work, 25 miles one way, no problem. Sheesh.

btw, I've ridden about 3k or so since replacing the filters, fluids, injectors, plugs, etc.


Have you checked the web for Italian labor union strikes? There may be some sympathy programmed in somewhere. Couple of months ago, My V11 would not activate the starter on one particular day. Key off and on numerous times, pump priming, clutch in and out. Finally had to pop a vein and bump start it. Cleaned the micro-plunger in the clutch safety micro switch, the micro switch clicked in and out as it should. Was fine for a couple of weeks, then did it again, but has not ever since. I do now tend to park with a grade to bump start it though. 

We hear a lot about "AI" these days. I am much more concerned with "IE" - Italian Electrics.

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If it happens again try flicking the Kill switch a few times....

I had this issue twice last year when the bike wasn't ridden for 4-6 weeks.....I know the shame!

Anyways worked a treat till I rode her more frequently!


Ps I think it was her way of telling me she don't like to be left alone!

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