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Show us yer Tontis!


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"Morte Cavallo" that means something like dead horse, doesn't it? I bet this bike smells like it.



"Dead Horse" is the operating phrase in this instance.


Started as a Guzzi centric club when dirt was still new.

This "Guy" is a walking Tonti parts encyclopedia and can

usually cross reference anything with an NSU Opel VW or tractor part.

Guzzi ought to have him design a new model...$6000 new and it would run forever.

He's also fairly humorus


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There is something noble and genuine about ratbikes. So far removed from the Sunday morning Power Rangers.


There's KZ 750 rat bikes with 12,000mi on them.

Then there's Guys SP with 212,000mi

It's more like a rolling museum

You could say thats less than 10K a year but he's got 2 with over 200K

I wonder how shinny my Lemans will be @ 100K

How many keepsakes will be hanging off it.

How many memories.

Live to ride, Ride to live

To some it's a belt buckle

To some it's a religion

See ya in church :bier:


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Guest aironepony







Hows about this then?


500cc of throbbing power. 55mph all day.


Overhead exhaust valve, side inlet valve!!


................... :thumbsup:

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