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  1. Thanks, Weegie, very helpful. The assembly was previously ty-wrapped behind the headlight bucket. With a jumper, I think I can incorporate everything inside the headlight shell, there's plenty of space. The blinkers are operational for brief periods, so I don't think too much heat and the LED headlight bulb does not give off much. I did replace the flasher relay with an electronic unit a when I first got the bike which solved the rapid flash problem. Don't know if the addition of the resistors by the PO was to curtail the 4-way flash affliction, but they were obviously okay with the
  2. As was pointed out, I don't know if the module that was integrated into the turn signal circuit was resistor or diode or something else. It is painted white on one end, wires toggle out of the other end with jumpers coming off (it is covered in shrink wrap). Retaining it in the circuit (there are identical modules for both the R/L turn signals) results in the turn signals flashing properly. Modifying the flash indicator in the instrument module in a circumscribed space sounds daunting. Is there a reason not to retain this setup after I replace the turn signal bulbs (LED > LED)?
  3. Link to the thread: I usually encounter the Donnie Darko rabbit or Brer rabbit in the rabbit hole as opposed to the more cuddly rabbit brother from my childhood; consequent aversion.
  4. The 'search' is an hours long journey down the rabbit hole, but after posting I came across thread about the instrument indicator being the culprit. The resistors in the loop eliminate the problem. Is there any reason not to re-integrate them
  5. I've been sorting out various issues with a 2000 V11 Sport that I've had for about 2 1/2 years. A previous owner had replaced the OEM turn signals with a terrible set of LEDs. When I got the bike they flashed erratically and I replaced the relay with a proper LED unit and the flash rate returned to normal. Now I'm replacing the insipid aftermarket LEDs with brighter units. I began disassembling the old wiring and there are what appear to be resistors wired inline on the front turn signal wiring, one for each side. My guess is that these were installed in the day to provide a better flash ra
  6. I can't tell if the exhaust is stainless or aluminum. The veneer of the 'carbon fiber' was a thin, plastic, adhesive. It peeled off pretty easily. There were two holes under the cf skin that I assume were for a riveted logo of some sort. I threaded them and plugged them with stainless steel button head fasteners. I like them much better with the cf stripped off. It wasn't aging well.
  7. Makes sense, docc. They are 'straight through' pipes. Like telescopes without lenses. I can see from one end to the other (sans magnification). They're throaty, but not obnoxious. My brother in California says that the type of pipe is not legal in his state. My 2000 V11 had these pipes on it when I bought it. I didn't know if they were stock or aftermarket. From what you're describing, they're obviously add-ons. They sound better than the exhaust I bought from 4Corsa. And half the weight as well. The cf is def a veneer. I peeled it off the old pipes; tapped and plugged the two holes
  8. Hi, 4Corsa. I bought your old exhaust. I weighed them. They were 10.2 pounds each. I don't know what the exhaust on my 2000 'Greenie' is called, cylindrical cans wrapped in 'carbon fiber' adhesive, but they are 5.2 pounds each.
  9. Yeah, yeah. Tons of wisdom about tectonics. Of course I got in line and learned a lot. And I of course bookmarked in order to later educate myself when ignored problems have their inevitable tantrum. Your Flickr page? Great photos, great photo album. A lesson in anatomy. the skeletal system, (the digestive tract), and a lens for once welcomed beneath a skirt. A good gallery of images; a lot of work to document and post and a hearty hurrah that you did.
  10. A well written obituary printed in The New York Times; It describes a body pummeled in numerous crashes over the course of his career and the spirit and humility and sense of humor he embodied. The concluding paragraphs: Moss, the ultimate pro, once observed that there are no professionals at dying — although he had practiced. He was sure he was “a goner” after his steering column snapped at over 160 m.p.h. in a race in Monza, Italy, in 1958. As he staggered away from the wreckage, he thought, “Well, if this is hell, it’s not very hot, or if it’s he
  11. Oy. Thanks for all the ink spilled here on my behalf. I swapped relays and the bike started without protest. And the weather here in New Haven is sufficiently obliging at the beginning of February (thank you ExxonMobil) that I managed to take it for a ride around town dressed in a long sleeve tee shirt. This forum has helped shepherd me through numerous problems and I'm grateful for the time and interest on everyone's part.
  12. I had previously determined that the plugs were firing. I adjusted the valves a few hundred miles before this problem had begun. The fuel pump comes on as it should when I switch on the ignition. To be clear, the pic is the sensor in question? Fotoguzzi says it is a camshaft sensor, not a crank (assume 'crank' refers to crankshaft) sensor, which would make sense given its location. Testing for signal would involve removing it from the engine and accessing electrical signal from where it fastens to the block? Or the signal would be tested upstream? In the case of this sensor: '
  13. A cohort of brains cells on a Saturday night are on holiday, they send me greetings from the festive, secret location where they're on hiatus; it's a disappointing abrogation of responsibility. And they will be scolded on their return. But meanwhile, I'm relegated to fractional cognitive skills in their absence. Are there two components which might be culprits? I see a device on the left side of the engine block, a sending unit scrutinizing the position of the crankshaft from what I've read. I assume in dialog with the spark and injection services. The symptoms of a failed unit which a
  14. My 2000 V11 stopped running at the beginning of the winter and I wondered if anyone might offer an opinion. There have been times when it would just quit at idle, when fully warmed up and I was riding it. Don't know if this is related to the current problem or not. It became erratic at some point, stuttering on throttle, then it would be fine. Quickly got worse to the point where it was difficult to restart. Step three: it would idle, but if I gave it any throttle it would start to stumble, and this behavior was abrupt, i.e. it was not as though I could gently induce the rpms higher, it
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