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  1. Purloined


    Beautifully done. A very nice incorporation of OEM parts/shapes and a paring down/excising and addition of under-designed elements that are confidently at home on the bike. thumbs-up to the fabricators and designer(s).
  2. Off-road-use-only cylinder-exhaust; 'see-through pipes', sound about as perfect as I could imagine. Sound engineers are artists too. Mikko: Looking good. What I want. And yeah, that's got to be a bellicose pipe in your pic. Loud? Nice.
  3. docc, I'm on the periphery of making things up when it comes to infrastructure to dive into moto mechanics. I've done a lot beneath cars in driveways hoping the ad hoc scene doesn't bite down too hard while it went on. Getting that deep into the motorcycle would require a lot of ingenuity. What you and Scud describe and illustrate doesn't seem daunting. Riding around Connecticut is a gobsmacking gauntlet of crazed idiots piloting enormous SUVs who dane to snear and look up from their texts when my bleating horn interrupts. . . . They're streaking down I-95. I've done a lot of riding over decades. Early, stupid things moved on from are almost perilous to me when I think back on them. But to this day, I streak down roads where I'm at ease. I rode a 1980 le Mans 10,000 miles cross country. I loved that trip and I loved that bike and it was ridiculously unsuitable. Decades since it got sold. My 2000 green moto was a shaky introduction to something I expected would be familiar but wasn't. A little heart-stopping when I first got on it. I've unbolted a lot of stuff, changed some things, sanded off the two-toned paint someone added and it's the red stilettos I now think should get painted. But I've read too many accounts of drive-train failures; one if I recall recounted by docc (highway underpass?) and the tumult astride the Connecticut Turnpike + drivetrain failure imagines = four doom stars and maybe I won't put it back together correctly, exactly. Thanks to everyone for suggestions and advice, if there's a step 7, there will be invitations. I love looking at posts of different bikes from everywhere. It's not a simple share on this site, here's a link to a google drive/images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1We-Py_P2cP7dQQsWSCIh_f2MAe7hK-EX?usp=sharing
  4. Docc, The images you posted are edifying. Things you think might be simple prove otherwise. A big help in understanding the arcane intricacies of the bike.
  5. Step 7? That's adorable. We're skipping past to 9 or 10, the Irish Wake. Whiskey not beer. Celebratory? Plausible if putting someone out of their misery is an excuse for a party. You all can raise a glass in the aftermath of nonsense. Times are tough; baby steps will get us through and I'm an enthusiastic supporter.
  6. Emmylou is consoler-in-chief to multitudes. And for decades. She's not taken me up on invitations to hand-hold while I blunder through moto mechanical follies. I can't blame her for that and wouldn't ever. She does her thing. I hone my circus of the ridiculous. You have to pay to see her perform, here it's free. For good reason. Docc, I was scrutinizing your image, the hub safety washer is an issue if you're removing the drive shaft/swing arm? Not an issue if it is possible to unfasten the plates one at a time and leave the drive train intact?
  7. Docc, gstallons suggested one at side at a time. Any chance this is possible without removing the swingarm et al? I put in a search for membership in a cult of deluded dopes. Lots of hits so far, I'm sifting through the multitudes and I appear to be a good fit based on what I'm reading. +you forgot to remove the guitar player/singer (Emmylou Harris?) from the your final drive. Was that a problem? Did she interfere? Maybe she interrupted her song to bark suggestions, she's doubtless hip about a lot and would be helpful in countless situations.
  8. Posting pix is a walk in the park compared to what you've illustrated. Yes. I wanted to re-spray them. And the bruises on my head are feeling pretty mild compared to the aftermath of that exercise. I think I'll retreat to my closet and chew my nails down a little farther and convince myself that the red is not as bad as I convinced myself.
  9. I didn't get quite that far in examining the ins/outs of the fasteners. I didn't know if it was possible to remove the plate without completely disassembling the bike; remove motor/etc. Didn't know if it would collapse into a heap if this was done.
  10. Why is it so maddening to upload images on this site? Gawd, head is sore from banging it against the wall. The only way it was possible, after countless attempts was a PDF conversion, but it doesn't display in the post, which is not helpful.
  11. Is it possible to remove/reinstall the red frame gusset (both sides) that the swing arm pivot and driver foot peg/brake lever etc. attaches to without disassembling heaps of parts? Assume you'd have to independently support everything that is fastened to/by this plate while it is off. Can this be done without collapsing the bike? Thanks in advance. V11 I95 fuel 189.pdf
  12. 'wrong' and 'intriguingly sweet': a philosophical alliteration that gets a good smile up in here. A deft and sharp snark kicking of the ass of my foppish design and linguistics in one blow. kudos. Me like.
  13. 204.8kb conflates to 408.2. Or some other iteration of a dyslexic jumble . My apologies to the bandwidth overlords, it's just that the last bit and re-sizing felt Sisyphean. And in fact was. Okay. I give up on the file upload. Tiny and under the limit and still it caterwauls.
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