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  1. Thank you....we've resorted to using Triumph's F/I O-rings on our Ducati's w/injector issues. Even come in two sizes....will have to check for fit.
  2. What's the running joke?....While buying an air freshener hanger for your auto's mirror, counter person asks, "Make & model ??"....
  3. What about changing the O-rings ? Since the V's are air cooled, the heat flux can be a bit much for soft bits. Is there a part number for them?? J
  4. Metzeler Z8 for Sport Touring use, M7rr or 9's for something more aggressive. Z8's been fine on my red frame, & I still use the 150/70 sizing....
  5. Yes, almost ashamed of myself for my SS purchase. It has 30K, but was purchased from the original owner with all records & completely intact, for 2K. All services performed religiously, even carbon bits still have their luster. I have had friends with V11's which I've worked on & ridden. Didn't quite prepare me for owning one. You hear a Ducati, you feel a V11. It just has so much soul. Regarding maintenance, a valve service may take an hour if you're taking your time. The odd little torquey "lunge" to the right only seems odd for a minute then you adjust. As for waiting....only for the right one. In your garage, a dark Scura might be the perfect choice. They are out there, and ARE well worth the wait.
  6. OMG, I just saw your list...You've got a grey SS ! BEST COLOR ! My 96 Sp is a sweet little thing, & the with Arrow's it's sorta "disruptive". It doesn't get out as much as the big one. I'm actually surprised at how nimble the V11 is, & how well it can haul it down if needed. My Z's can throw you over the handle bars if you aren't careful.....kitchen appliances, they are.
  7. Thank you ! Yes, EVERYTHING about this beast makes me love it more. I had removed the baffles entirely, but, almost couldn't hear myself think....so, drilled two 1/4" holes in them & now has that sweet burble on de-cell. My Happy Place is now 4-6K rpm, in 3rd or 4th....just make sure you've got plenty of room.
  8. Here's my 2000 Sport, when I caught the perfect morning light....
  9. Great taste ! I have close to the same set....my silver 2000 V11, & a '96 SS Sp. The V11 is Dorothy, & SS is Loralei.. James
  10. Hello Guzzler, Thank you for the info. The BiTubo on my 2000 V11 has started drooling, & wanted the HyperPro upgrade. Most of the info on them mentioned that it would need to be mounted on the upside, not nestled discreetly. Oh, & LOVE the Greenie. There truly isn't anything quite like a V11... James
  11. Lest we not forget Whitworth tools........Oh, that's right, we're "trying" to forget them....
  12. Hey Mister, I am fortunate enough to work at a Ducati/Triumph dealer, & the SS is just a little sweetheart. I personally prefer the matte gray one, even though it is not available with the upgraded suspension. As for the "cold shoulder" you may have encountered on your travels, the majority of those folks, if given the chance to experience the "little one", would change their tune promptly. Pity...they are missing out on so much. Same is true of our thundering V11's. I love mine more every time I ride it. If I had more garage space, I'd have another one....
  13. Well, there was also Honda's "Looking FOR a problem" bikes, the ones with the oval & elliptical pistons. The Motorcycle Museum in Solvang has one.
  14. ........if memory serves me correctly, that was an interesting time for Honda. They introduced the GB500, the Hawk, & the first model that would become the F4/CBR600.
  15. YES !...Love Pirelli's, ran 3 sets of Angel GT's on my Z's, but since BMW/S1000rr & KTM/1290 Super Duke use the Metzeler M7rr, what can it hurt. Will still recommend Pirelli's, but the newest generation of Metzeler's are great. I have M7rr's on one Z, & Z8's on the other Z & my V11. The more rounded contour encourages smooth right-left-right transitions, as opposed to the higher peaked profile of the Pirelli. Guess what it comes down to, we all have preferences. Plus continually improving tire technology makes them all good choices.
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