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  1. SFTripod


    Wow !...Four valve V11, right ?
  2. Humm, hey Mister, May purchase one of those braces from you. Just let me know what info you need. Yes, Very serious.... James
  3. LOL !...Plz let me clarify, I LOVE my V11, it's in great shape, (2000 model, 28K), extremely happy with the Metzeler Z8's, & always looking for little upgrades. NO, it doesn't wobble, shake or shimmy, just rumbles & is a nice alternate to my old SS. Still, just looking for any upgrades, & thought this would be a good fit.
  4. Just found this thread, & need this bracket badly, to keep the tail from wagging the dog. How do I reach Don ?? Oh, my Goose is a 2000 red frame... James
  5. DOCC, I have that same fairing !...it came with the bike when I picked it up last year, but haven't installed it.....missing some hardware, but, thank goodness for MG Cycle....
  6. Regarding Iridiums, maybe I shouldn't, but, I put them in all my vehicles....Z's like them, Guzzi like's them, even my '87 Jeep. Guys, thanks for the feed back on the cables. This is what I was looking for. I'm getting ready to run extra grounds on the Rectifier, ECU & starter. I pull the 30amp when she's on the battery tender---looking at the Optimate instead of the Battery Tender----& fuse hasn't been caught melting like before. Once again, thank you guys for all the feedback & pointers. My Baby has become such a beast; New fork seals & fluid, fuel filter, BMC
  7. Hey Guys, Working at a Ducati/Triumph dealer here in the Bay Area, we are approached by all kinds of vendors during the year. Most recently, we were offered the opportunity to try a product from a local vendor supplying "premium power leads", by the name of "MotoLectric", out of Santa Rosa, CA. I have ordered a set for my 2000 V11, before pulling the trigger for a set for my 900 SS. Was just wondering if anyone on the site has any knowledge about this company. You guys seem quite knowledgeable about what keeps our Guzzi's on the road & thought you might have
  8. SFTripod


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