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  1. Finally got the Flagship out today and promptly burned up my rear caliper. I’m assuming a piston was sticking. Been riding the ‘10 all this time and I wondered why it seemed sluggish and down on power. Aborted the ride and when I got home the bad news was easy to spot. Hmmm….. I ordered (2) Rear Brembo Caliper Rebuild Kits one for now, and one for posterity as these might be hard to source in the future. Then a bunch of other stuff from https://www.egpartspros.com/ Gold Rear brake disc, Stop switch, Gasket, Rear Pads, Disk Screws, Brake caliper Cover, Circlip, O-ring, Ball bearings That should be a pretty decent rear brake overhaul….
  2. Anytime you can upgrade something and keep it factory appearing is always a classy touch! That looks and works excellent!
  3. I picked up a factory black guard to replace the one I spray painted black and didn’t really look very nice. Otherwise she’s still hiding away…
  4. Just brought her to the Vet for a weight check so they can prescribe the correct amount of her heart worm/flea/tick and something else pill. She’s 54.7 lbs and will be 8 months old next week. I’ve been feeding her a raw diet from Darwin’s. Chicken/Lamb/Duck/Turkey/Beef. She’s chomping down on average 2lbs a day. Works out pretty nice. I pull 6 packs out (each pack is 2lbs split into 4 individual packages) Radom selection, toss it all in the ice chest and by the end of the week it’s almost finished. I always plan for an extra day out. Makes it pretty easy and convenient, she’s always getting fresh just opened food and never any leftovers. Never tried this kind of food and it’s certainly not a cost effective choice. Runs about $120 a week at this level of consumption. She’s super healthy and very strong. Oh, I also get a few packages of raw Peking Duck Necks for treats. Nothing more satisfying for the pup then to crunch on some neck bone….
  5. Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t have anymore treats to give you.
  6. Agree ☝️ stainless steel zip ties can also help keep lines in place.
  7. I have one... they are pretty neat. @docccan tell us about them too!
  8. That just happened to me last week. Dude was backing into a parking spot next to me and hit my truck. Thankfully it was right on the bumper that another goofball hit last summer. We talked and a few minutes later he handed me $450. About half what a blind mount Texas bumper goes for and fair imo
  9. Oh and as far a riding safely... in my 20+ years of driving professionally I can say that if it’s your time, it’s your time. I’ve seen things happen out here I wish I didn’t. Safe drivers, drunk drivers, criminals you name it. I have no fear when I ride. If my ticked gets punched... that’s it. See y’all on the other side....
  10. Can’t you sue them in small claims and avoid the insurance altogether? Michigan is a “no fault” State I’m not sure how it is in your neck of the woods. I know I wouldn’t want my title messed with.
  11. Those kinds of situations happen often. I see plenty of examples of people making some very bad decisions. Because we weren’t there to see exactly what happened, I don’t think it’s fair to judge. Skill levels, years of experience, road conditions are just a few variables at work. I used to street race my Ducati and more often then not, someone would dump their bike. I watched a chick on a CBR run straight into the woods. Never even tried making the turn. Pilots do it too. Target fixation I think? Instead of looking at where you want to be, they look right where they are. If it was me, I’d just fix it myself. Less then $1,000 imo. Insurance companies are not your friends. Warren Buffett didn’t create a empire paying out claims....
  12. Air boxes were designed to meet noise levels. Most motorcycles up until the government stepped in, used open intakes without filters or “rock catchers” screens. Induction noise was the reason. Atmospheric pressure without the aid of turbo and or supercharging will not be a significant factor with or without a box. Ram air style ducts and what have you work at speeds on race tracks. The average street rider wouldn’t notice anything. Some people swear by them, others don’t....
  13. I don't remember where I read it, Dr. John was very particular about his name being used. He did have plans to do more with Guzzi IIRC DeTomaso was in failing health and they pretty much shut down the racing program. The Daytona is really a very special part of Guzzi history. These are, IMO much more then just a name slapped on the side. I want one to park in my House........
  14. Finally replaced that damaged valve cover and installed the new guards. Looks much better....
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