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  1. It's been 5 years since my Corso passed away. I miss having a dog. I picked her up a couple weeks ago, she's a 2 month old "Blue" Cane Corso. My God, I got a refresher course on what Hell Raiser's little puppy's can be :/
  2. I bought these for my tank https://ziptyracing.com/products/fuel-pump-elbow-oem-8000ah2930-gte-fi-husky?_pos=1&_sid=4604f34df&_ss=r
  3. Not so much “V11” as it’s gear...but I’ve always wanted a pair of some bad ass Daytona boots. That now can be scratched off the moto bucket list.... Updates forthcoming...just know I’ve been swamped with work/personal health issues blah blah blah... Happy New Year to everyone!
  4. It was missing some parts and the whole vibe was wrong. Guy wanted “restored” money and it was not in running condition. It was a nice ride.... but ultimately a waste of my time and money.
  5. I’m interested in the myecu please get back with me

  6. Mikko

    Scura build

    More stuff! Here is all the stuff I bought from Joe Caruso in the U.K.
  7. No.. they are pretty busy. I’m still waiting on the front splitter for my Benz. This weekend I’m sending a bunch of stuff to them, I’ll ask.
  8. Mikko

    Scura build

    I don't know if these are Aluminum or Magnesium. Can't find anything saying what it is. I've read about the MGS-01 being equipped with both. It is very light. @docc The drive hub is still available and the rubbers/bolts too. When i went to visit Joe in Chicago i showed him the parts diagram and he wasn't worried at all. Said they could machine whatever we needed. That being said, i think i will still order up everything i can in order to keep the custom machine work to a minimum. I would rather spend those machining dollars on other things....like a fabricated swingarm! @ScuRoo Its pretty
  9. Mikko

    Scura build

    Got the QD Exhaust on. Sounds fairly nice. I like the looks better then the performance. I will be messing with this...
  10. Mikko

    Scura build

    Rear wheel finally showed up!
  11. I just got stuck with a $6,500 repair bill....all the money and time I thought I had in reserve is now a mustard burp... momentarily tangy...now lost in the air. Idk..... this blows
  12. Well, circumstances beyond my control have conspired to prevent me from attending. I’m very disappointed....
  13. Bimota tried solving the brake and fork flex back in the 80’s with the Tesi Even raced it a few times. It did work to eliminate the changing geometry. Unfortunately the rods and such when starting to wear out would completely screw it up. It was a design best used for racing where the suspension would be rebuilt after each race. A few hundred were built for road use and are highly sought after. If you can find one for sale, expensive as well.
  14. I’m no fan of “whiz bang” latest and greatest.... I was more then pleasantly surprised at how much better my bike ran after the plugs and wires. I do think not having a plug intruding into the combustion chamber makes sense, so far she runs great. Throw those bad boys in there and see what I’m talkin ‘bout! Oh, did you check the condition of the intake boots? Hard to tell when they are installed, both of mine were cracked and super non buono....
  15. Lighting off the mixture is also key. I installed Brisk Racing electrode-less plugs, big fat 50mm Thundervolt wires and I have a matched set of still yet to install Nology coils. Crudely tuned pciii my bike does not act weird at those rpms. I agree with Phil, the pressure won’t really do much if anything as you are not reaching anywhere near the duty cycle limits of the injectors. Quality 1st Tier fuel is important. I run Shell 93 mixed with 110 race fuel (US 131 Dragway) isn’t very far from where I live so it’s not a issue to get the high test go go juice. I would also check the cond
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