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  1. 19 hours ago, Gmc28 said: situational awareness at a glance. Yup, back in the day, I've done a lot of wilderness travelling, so I'm very comfortable with topographical maps or google map print outs, I have a natural mistrust of anything digital so have never jumped into the GPS game; but there have been many times on a back country ride that I really missed the "situational awareness" you're describing. Many times I'm not lost, but I really don't know where I am, I take a bearing from the sun and head in the general right direction, it works for me. One ride in particu
  2. I started using those Dowty washers on any plugs that had a tendency to leak or weep oil, ie sump, tranny, diff, but especially the fork drain plugs; they solve a lot of niggly leak problems, fwiw.
  3. Those washers go by a couple of different names, iirc "Dowty" being one of them. I can't remember where I got my supply, Amazon, MGCycle or the local hydraulic supply shop? fwiw. At $5 each, I'd be sourcing the good ones locally.
  4. It's not just you, I've fiddled with photo shop and all sorts of crap to adjust file size, but no go. Do you have a 10 yr old kid that lives near by? lol
  5. The Griso, Stelvio and Norge are all referred to as "CARC" bikes for their shared rear diff design. Idk what all the differences in the frames are, but iirc shock swaps have been done between the Griso & Stelvio; the longer shock from the Stelvio to raise the Griso a bit and vice versa, so they're not that far apart. At first I didn't like the look of the Griso, but it grows on you, it is a fine back roads roadster. When I saw a good deal come up on a well farkled 2007 2 Valve, in the faster color, I couldn't resist adding it to the herd,lol
  6. Hey Pete, I know there were some extra springs available, not sure if that's still true, contact SCUD, he's the guy that kindly took care of that. Afaik, Chuck has been keeping a lower profile working on airplane projects, while he's recovering from a recent surgery on his hands. Kelly
  7. Tks for sharing that photo, that sucks; I'll make sure to never buy one of those. Can't help you with the dipstick, but to keep you going in the mean time; I've never done it myself, but I've read of owners drilling a few tiny holes in the plastic dipstick to help hold the oil and show the level better. fwiw ymmv good luck
  8. Wow, if that's legit in good shape, sounds like it might be a good deal.
  9. That's a real sad one Bill, sorry that you had to witness and live through that. I'm certain that your presence brought great comfort to the victim's friend. Please be very careful using tools or doing things with any risk involved for the next few weeks while your head is busy digesting what you've just been through. You may never know the true cause of the accident, but I hear of similar fatals in my area on a semi-regular basis; that innocent looking curve is deceptive, seems like a bit of a downhill, off camber tightening radius, with shiny patches on the pavement; there can be r
  10. Hey Docc, It's over my head and above my pay grade, but I love reading knowledgeable gearheads really getting into it. lol.! Tks for snagging those images, they're worth a thousand words to me.
  11. Hey Docc, I had the info filed and fresh because I had just ordered one for my Lemans. lol Both MRA and Gustaffson are highly regarded, but MRA was carried by Twisted Throttle in Canada, so with no exchange rate/shipping/customs fees, it was a no brainer. Tks for providing the link JTucker, I couldn't remember the name of Gustaffson's website. To the OP, this link that JTucker provided will take you right to the Gustaffson screens, fyi https://bikescreen.com/products/moto-guzzi-magni I love the look of the Magni Fairing, very nice lines. good luck with it Kelly
  12. MRA has different models,,, but for something unique, possibly special order, I think Gustaffson might be a better possibility. Good luck Kelly
  13. Just thinking out loud fwiw,,, Your 2004 V11 should in theory have a 15RC ECU equipped with a lambda; verify what's actually printed on the label of your ECU under the seat. Mine has a long number with 15M at the end. If this is a "new to you" bike and you don't know the PO, history or what has actually been done, and it's always ran like crap, you "may" have a lambda sensor or the wiring connections for one and it's just been tucked up somewhere out of sight and it was never actually turned off or disabled when the F by F crossover was installed. I don't know how they're w
  14. Iirc your ECU should be marked or labeled 15M or 15RC; like all things guzzi, it was a running change, so dates and ser # info should always be confirmed on the bike. I think the 15M bikes have plain cross overs, but that the 15RC bikes should have a lambda sensor in the crossover. Re your connection problems, subject to confirmation, but I think leaving your PC111 connected may cause problems. I've read Pete and Beetle state many times, the best thing you can do is rip out the Power Commander and use guzzidiag/maps etc,,, I don't recall anyone recommending leaving whatev
  15. What a beautiful bike and story! I agree, you need a heated ground level space for a special bike like that.
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