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  1. 80CX100


    Iirc "Astralite" were an option but hard to find, fwiw
  2. I'm not familiar with this phase sensor that other owners with sage minds have id'd as a probable cause, (I'll have to find out where it is, lol) but is this the same part you are describing a/m ? From the description of your sensor it sounds like this o ring collapsing underneath may be why it is now too close to the engine, if it has moved so much that the wires are touching on the outside, is the sensor touching the contact on the inside, shorting out? If it needs an air gap to run it won't. If all of the above makes sense, a simple mcgyver shim job may get you mobile, fwiw
  3. 80CX100

    V11 Fuel pump

    They're a special breed, lol You have to be a welder, engineer, usually possess off the charts mechanical skills. They love building crazy sh*t that nobody else would ever try; one of the funkiest rigs I've seen was based on a big old Triumph twin, the builder reversed the cylinder & head assembly, so the exhaust flowed out the back of the engine, just to prove to himself and the world that he could do it and make it work, and he did
  4. 80CX100

    V11 Fuel pump

    I've considered getting a rig a few times; other than piloting a dead one getting towed off a race track once, I've never ridden a sidecar. There's a lot of small engineering details that go into making a rig safe and responsive at speed, things can go sideways in a heart beat, it can be a steep learning curve. I've seen some beautiful looking rigs based on V11 Spine frames, but the consensus from others, that are experienced sidecar builders and riders, is that the Tonti frame based bikes are much better designed to handle the stresses generated, and a more easily adapted platform f
  5. Hey Phil congrats on the new bike, very sweet classic lines, I know you've been thinking about it, glad to see you pull the trigger.. When I first got my California Vintage, I was throwing it around back country curves, it was disappointing. Other than change shock settings, the only thing I changed was my mindset and I began riding it for the relaxing and enjoyable bike that it is. It's my favorite old dependable ride in the herd now, like a comfortable pair of slippers. Wishing you many safe miles, on your new relaxing and enjoyable ride
  6. I saw that post back when Roy made up that stand. I realize that the spine frame is fastened together and loosening the fastenings on a regular basis isn't ideal, that's why I wanted to confirm the correct value. I'm hoping I come up with a better method for getting both wheels off the ground; my scissor jack under the sump for the front wheel is great, but this Becker Technik I got included in a bike deal, for the back wheel is not bad but it's not perfect, still working out the nuances of working around this spine frame. fwiw.
  7. It actually wasn't from a manual (the manuals I'm looking at don't have a value). It was actually from a list of torque values from various sources compiled and posted by Raz on 31Dec2018. He has the Side Plate rod beneath the swingarm @ 49 nm Side Plate lowest/frame to gearbox @ 78 nm In his included chart of standard values for 12 mm he has @ 80 nm
  8. After going through the manuals, I "think" I've found the right spec listed as 78 NM, can anyone in the know confirm, does that sound about right? tia
  9. While on the subject of these frame plates, What is the fastening torque for the bottom large 18mm nuts, that hold the bottom of the frame plate to the frame cross member behind the transmission? I've been struggling to adapt my Becker Technik work stand from my Griso so it will work on my V11; I finally cut down some large deep well 18mm sockets and have fastened them to the BT stand and it looks like it will work, but the sockets are fixed tightly on the BT stand and don't rotate, I need something to rotate in order to use it. My game plan is to loosen the large 18mm nuts 1 tu
  10. Some would say I'm lazy, I like to say I love patina! I've gotten into trouble far too many times diving in deeper than I should've, my motto now is, "if it ain't broke, I don't fix it"
  11. Reminds me of pro boxer turned singer Paul Thorn, in his song about fighting Roberto Duran, asking him why he had to hit him so hard, "I'd Rather Be a Hammer Than a Nail"
  12. Are you sure? There's a ton of info on the subject in here and I haven't read it all; but I was under the impression that it was the ethanol in the gas absorbing water,,, and the plastic in the tank absorbing that water that made them expand and unable to fit. I was sure that I had read that some people emptied the tanks for a while and they shrunk back to normal size and were then able to fit them on? idk
  13. I understood what Gstallons is describing that it's the rear portion cut away. Looking at it from the left side of the bike 1-5 o'clock and from the right side 7-11 o'clock. I've been sweating bullets reading about the deformed tank, because my tank has been off for a long time, half filled with gas, but it's ethanol free so hopefully it's not an issue. In hindsight I should've drained the tank to preclude any problems.
  14. I've read this recommendation before about cutting approx 1/3 crescent shape off the mounting rubber grommets down to the writing,,, just to clarify is that material removed from the top?,,, the front?,,, or the rear?
  15. Hey Phil, Thanks for jumping in and clarifying the confusion on my part, I used the term "master cylinder", when I was actually thinking of and referring to the "slave cylinder" located down at the lowest part of the whole system at the back of the tranny at the clutch push rod. I think the factory manual actually recommends removing the slave cylinder and moving it manually to clear any trapped air, I'm not sure how much extra room there is on the early models but I know on my later model V11 with the extra frame cross bar reinforcement in that area and the swingarm limiting acc
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