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  1. Well to be fair, I remember my first guzzi and as I was getting familiar with it, I looked at the plug for the timing hole and figured that was where the tranny oil must go. Luckily I did rtfm, and I got the oil in the right place, but I thought at the time, I'm sure that others have made the same mistaken assumption, there's probably been a few out there, they're just being shy,lol. I've done the Varsol flush before on my CalVin for a slipping clutch problem, worked like a charm, my best ever mcgyver fix. I'll file docc's tip about removing the starter for next time, that sounds like a good plan. To the OP from experience, when you're whittling your wooden plug, don't use hardwood, I couldn't get it to seal well,,, the wood that worked was a piece of real cheap softwood, so the fibres swelled as it absorbed the solvent and sealed the hole. After I did two good rinses working the clutch, I took the bike out and abused the hell out of the clutch (fanning it many times)to get it good and hot and burn off any residue. Good luck Kelly
  2. 80CX100

    Diagnostic Cables

    Hey Tom, When I tried to jam my order through, it defaulted to their standard international shipping $40-50, I wasn't willing to pay that, so I left the shipping section blank and jammed my order through anyways and mentioned in the comments to ship it cheapest, USPS if possible. Their customer service contacted me and it went smoothly $15-20? shipping. Caspers were a treat to deal with, I've been trying for a frustrating month to deal with Nelson Riggs for a simple set of replacement straps that were missing from the bags when I got my V11. I can't believe that in this modern world, a line on a map can bring all business and common sense to a complete stand still,lol. Good luck with it Kelly
  3. 80CX100

    Diagnostic Cables

    Hey Tom, I enclosed a pdf copy of the Casper's product description of the breakout cables that I had saved for my own records. Hopefully this goes through and you can read it ok. Fyi good luck Kelly Breakout cable Caspers V11Lemans forum 109172 TPS Breakout (Dense 3 way Metripack).pdf
  4. So true. Low power, light weight bikes can be a hoot to throw around. The price of poor judgement or technique usually isn't as costly as on their big brothers. Back in the early 80's when I was a young beat cop, senior police management came up with the misguided notion that it would be a good idea to create a more mobile beat squad and equipped us with a fleet of silver Honda CB200s. They were the epitomy of an unmanly/non macho motorcycle, but we never had so much fun on bikes in all our lives. There were legendary crashes into the Rideau Canal, jumps off the Carlington Ski Hill, we even ran our own Moto GP on the bike paths & parkways in the middle of the night when no one was around, many smiles generated by the lowly CB200 Kelly
  5. 80CX100

    Diagnostic Cables

    Hey Tom, I don't know how long you've been seeing the shut down for maintenance notice on their site, or how long they will be down; but I just ordered the break out cable from them a couple of weeks ago and they were excellent to deal with, even shipping up here to Canada. fwiw If they have a customer service contact info, I'd contact them directly, ultimately that's what I ended up doing and it helped my order out a lot. Good luck Kelly
  6. Wow, nice simple tip. Not only going down but a little back as well, I can see that being worthwhile. I keep reading about the Buell pegs being a good fit,,, are they all the same or are there pegs from specific model Buells to watch for? Tks Kelly
  7. I haven't gone down that road yet, I regret not going tubeless on the bikes right from the get go. I know you love the Contis, are you running classic attacks or similar on that bike?
  8. Chuck, That is a gorgeous bike, it just looks ready to gobble up miles in comfort. I don't know if it's the angle or the camera lens but I don't think I've ever seen a tonti with such a beefy looking front tire. I know I've got one of those apart on the bench for quite a while now, but I don't remember it looking that nice when it was still in one piece,lol. Kelly
  9. Meinolf, I'm the member that Doc was referring to. I live in Canada, my currency is Canadian dollars, I would like to ensure that as much of my donation gets to Beard as possible, and not get chewed up in currency conversions. If I go straight to PayPal with Beard's address guzzidiag@gmail.com, does Beard prefer donations in Euros? or US funds? Tks very much Kelly
  10. Hey Chuck, I've ripped through the site, even manually entered https://www.von-der-salierburg.de/home in the address bar, I'm not seeing it. I recall seeing it when I first did the download. I wasn't confident in my ability to download and get the program running, made a mental note to myself that if I got it downloaded and running, I'd return and donate. It took me a few months, but now when I go back, I can't seem to find it? Tks Kelly
  11. I like many others guzzi owners in the world am extremely grateful for the knowledge,work and expertise that has gone into guzzidiag in support of the guzzi global community. I would like to be able to make a donation in appreciation of that kindness, but I've ripped through the site on the a/m links, and I haven't been able to locate a paypal button. Would you have a link that could take take me straight to a paypal button on that page. Tks very much Kelly
  12. I'm definitely not a techno weanie, but I jumped into guzzidiag this spring and tuned my Griso first then my California Vintage. It took me quite a while to get a full connection and reading properly. When I first connected, I could see the ECU? but not the full details, took me a while to figure out my mistake. (sounds like you may be stuck at the same place?) Make sure that you have Guzzidiag loaded & running, but also make sure that you have the correct reader & writer drivers loaded and driver for the Lonelec Cable. Once I remembered to launch the additional drivers, I was completely into the ECU and could see everything. Once it was fully connected it was very intuitive. The Griso was a piece of cake, totally adjustable with guzzidiag. The TPS on the CalVin still had to be adjusted with a meter. I'm not sure but I think the process on the V11s is similar to this? Good luck with it. Kelly
  13. Tks Jaap, Wood blocks should do it, I love the voice of experience. Due to time constraints, I'm abandoning plans to change the tires this fall, and am just going to get new fluids in the bike and hopefully get a few rides in before I set it up for the winter. I will make sure to update this post later with photos, so there is a record in case others are looking for the same solution. tks very much Kelly
  14. Very nice bike. 43 yrs ago my very first street bike, a KZ400, was a grandfather to this model. I volunteer with the VRRA (vintage road racing association), that model bike is one of their favorite track bikes. Recently one of the best engine builders, Jamie Barkley? had a "very" worked on EX500 track bike for sale; I forget all the engine work and power numbers, but what was very impressive and would make it a blast to ride; he had the weight down to 325 lbs. They have a reputation for being an excellent, reliable, very easy to live with race bike. Enjoy it, it looks like a sweet ride. Kelly
  15. Hey Chuck, I'm interested in what you mean by using a work stand to remove the rear wheel. I was shocked how rear biased the weight seemed to be on the bike when I had it up with the scissor jack under sump. As I attempted to pull out the rear wheel drop plate on my lift, I could feel the bike really trying to drop down in that hole. I was lucky to get the plate back in and avert disaster. I think securing the cylinders and scissor jack under the sump will work, but I'd love to have some real support under the rearward portion of the bike, rather than just depend on the cantilever effect of the straps pulling down in front of the jack, if I could mcgyver something. Kelly
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