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  1. Hey Docc, I had the info filed and fresh because I had just ordered one for my Lemans. lol Both MRA and Gustaffson are highly regarded, but MRA was carried by Twisted Throttle in Canada, so with no exchange rate/shipping/customs fees, it was a no brainer. Tks for providing the link JTucker, I couldn't remember the name of Gustaffson's website. To the OP, this link that JTucker provided will take you right to the Gustaffson screens, fyi https://bikescreen.com/products/moto-guzzi-magni I love the look of the Magni Fairing, very nice lines. good luck with it Kelly
  2. MRA has different models,,, but for something unique, possibly special order, I think Gustaffson might be a better possibility. Good luck Kelly
  3. Just thinking out loud fwiw,,, Your 2004 V11 should in theory have a 15RC ECU equipped with a lambda; verify what's actually printed on the label of your ECU under the seat. Mine has a long number with 15M at the end. If this is a "new to you" bike and you don't know the PO, history or what has actually been done, and it's always ran like crap, you "may" have a lambda sensor or the wiring connections for one and it's just been tucked up somewhere out of sight and it was never actually turned off or disabled when the F by F crossover was installed. I don't know how they're w
  4. Iirc your ECU should be marked or labeled 15M or 15RC; like all things guzzi, it was a running change, so dates and ser # info should always be confirmed on the bike. I think the 15M bikes have plain cross overs, but that the 15RC bikes should have a lambda sensor in the crossover. Re your connection problems, subject to confirmation, but I think leaving your PC111 connected may cause problems. I've read Pete and Beetle state many times, the best thing you can do is rip out the Power Commander and use guzzidiag/maps etc,,, I don't recall anyone recommending leaving whatev
  5. What a beautiful bike and story! I agree, you need a heated ground level space for a special bike like that.
  6. I noticed the funny color of the rear sprocket, wondered if it was aluminum, "Nylon", I don't imagine that would be a good idea. i saw the square box under the swing arm and wondered if it would be a battery box. All of these fancy race kits/frames/body work etc, I would have seen similar in magazines but that type of exotica was not something I would ever see in the flesh. I find it all quite fascinating, definitely the stuff of dreams and legends.
  7. OMG Phil, That's an amazing display of work and skill, especially when it looks to me like it was a road bike, off the charts hard core. I had a '76 KZ900 back in the day and used to lust over the Rickman frame kit ad's in the cycle magazines, and dreamt of picking up a frame kit; thank god I was poor enough I never put that plan into action, because I realize now, the moment I would have opened the box, I would have been in over my head, lol. Very impressive!
  8. Hey Phil, As I've said a few times here and other threads, I'm reluctant to offer advice on something I know so little about, but I sense the OP's frustration, I've btdt. I don't think you accidently stumbled through it at all; you had a good set of cables, with good drivers and luckily your laptop's OS gave you a warning and the option to run and install the chip driver. You're right, with all that working, GD can operate for tune ups without a reader installed. I think that early on, that was considered the best practice.with GD. Iirc, from the latest tuto
  9. My understanding is there are a whole bunch of different cables and drivers that were used and can be used; some worked, some didn't, but that the Lonelec cables were the most likely to work trouble free without issues. That seems to be the confirmed by feedback from other users. Further along that line of thinking the GD reader was the least problematic driver to use with the Lonelec cable. You brought up a point about Windows searching on the net for drivers, I forgot to mention it to the OP, but I disabled/turned off my modem on my laptop when I tried to use GD to prevent any issu
  10. Hey Phil, Yes you're right, the guzzidiag is a stand alone program, but the chip in the cable needs a driver to function so guzzidiag can see, connect and read the ECU, guzzidiag alone without a driver for the cable won't be able do do that, afaik. The GD reader driver will perform this driver function on the chip and I think accepted best practice now is to load this driver instead of the FTDI CDM driver. Iirc the latest tutorials mention quite a few times to use GD reader rather than the supplied/available cable driver.
  11. Thinking out loud, Going over the basics, when connected is the blue indicator light on your Lonelec cable on and shining brightly? showing that you've got good connection and that the chip is working? That screen shot you posted of the FTDI CDM Driver file, just in case it's conflicting, if you can locate where that file was downloaded or moved to, delete it and hopefully all extensions, root files etc with whatever file management utility you have, Clean Sweep etc or possibly system tools? idk Verify your bike has the stock 15M or (15RC doubtful) ECU.
  12. You may want to read the latest tutorials on guzzidiag, before launching that driver. I'm reluctant to offer advice on something that I know so little of, but my understanding is, that if you install that chip driver you may have future conflicts with guzzdiag reader & writer. The guzzidiag reader that I downloaded and used to drive the chip showed up as a little red icon in the file name and was labelled "IAW15xReader_V0.67" Most definitely make sure your side stand is up and the switch closed. fwiw good luck Kelly
  13. The very first time I used GD on my Griso, I could see everything, but not connect with the ecu on the bike, I screwed around for 3-4 hrs, double checking everything, but it was only when I found the reader driver and launched it that I actually connected with my bike. I've used GD a few times since and am more comfortable with it establishing a connection; but it's never been a seamless, smooth in and out, I to have to work at jamming a connection through and especially getting the CO trim connection to take and save the changes. Make sure that the kill switch isn't engaged and nei
  14. Have you actually launched the reader driver or just downloaded it? Go to where you have gd & reader/writer files, right click on the reader exe file and follow the prompt ie run,open,install etc, if you haven't done so. You need that driver going/installed to get the chip in the Lonelec cable to work. I'm not sure if it's related, but I'm finding GD can be finicky if the stars don't align just right. Golden rule with computers,printers,ECU's etc, orderly shutdown,on/off power to get it reset or to respond. I went back in to my CalVin the other day to adjust the CO
  15. Better you than me, that sounds ugly,,, ;~) lol. Tbh, you've been further into that tank than I have; my bike already had the fuel line fix done by the PO when I got the bike. I've heard it's a bear of a job on a good day in your garage with proper tools, you did well to mcgyver your way home. All that rust sounds bad, if the inside of the tank is rusty I've heard of guys putting something like screws or nuts and bolts in the tank, putting it in an old sleeping bag and stuffing it in the dryer with pillows all around it, tumbling it carefully and keep repositioning it. How did
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