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  1. Hey Docc, Tks for that info. I had wired in extra grounds from the R/R when I installed that charging system on my CX100, but I haven't done it to any other bike, I'll keep that in mind. I've read you making reference to replacing the fuse with a breaker, not sure if I'm up for that, but I'll definitely read through that link. Tks very much
  2. Does that offer come with a color printer, lol?
  3. Back to the op topic, I use a C-Tek 4.3 smart charger that has a mode specifically for Odyssey type batteries. I've bought a bunch of battery connector leads and rotate the charger through my bikes and other equipment as needed. fwiw I've read recently on here that the chargers can be toxic to the R/R on the V11s and the 30 amp fuse should be pulled to protect it while charging, is that the correct/simplest procedure? I've been charging my California Vintage for a few years with this method and I "think" that bike has the same type of alternator R/R charging system, my CX100 also has
  4. Hopefully someone who knows what they're talking about will be along shortly, but for now examine the whole lever plunger assembly and make sure it is moving and releasing freely. Iirc there is a plunger that can stick and the fluid goes through some type of bypass. If it's never been bled, that may be worth considering. ps I think there is a special place in h*ll for the guy that dreamed up the hydraulic clutch idea and thought he was fixing a problem, jmo
  5. As a Canadian, the monarchy has always been a part of my world and life as well. Prince Philip was always the calm steady rock in the background, and carried himself with dignity and class. It would be nice to think that society and the media could emulate him and rally their support around the Queen when she needs it most.
  6. Hey Foto, I had read that post initially by Mike on the p[roper rear wheel assembly technique, but lost track of it before I filed it. Tks for providing the link, I've got it filed away properly now.
  7. Hey Chuck tks very much for posting the specs for this issue. I had looked at a local V11Lemans for sale with new wheel bearings at low mileage, (under 15K kms), the seller mentioned that some of bikes had incorrectly sized oem wheel spacers and he had to have new correct spacers made up; I'll definitely be filing this information away in case I need it. Tks
  8. Not my cuppa either. Now if they had done it all tastefully, in the faster Rosso Mandello color, different story, lol
  9. If you're looking at the same Scura for sale in Canada that I have recently seen reposted again(Quebec?), I don't think it's as "sorted" as you think. I contacted the vendor last year and asked the usual V11 Scura questions, ie shift return spring, Roper plate, relays and the single plate clutch issue, I got the distinct impression the seller either wasn't that familiar with the known issues of his bike or being deliberately vague, neither were confidence inspiring for me. fwiw good luck and happy shopping
  10. Nico Tks very much for the feedback on the Ti ECU, it sounds like a very positive effect on the running of your bike. The question I have for you or anybody else that may know the answer; I have a few different maps on hand saved on my computers, I'm sure one of them is a copy of the OEM Ti racing ECU map, if I load that map onto my 15M ECU in my Lemans, should I expect to see the same positive results that Nico has? Tia
  11. Tks very much for the update, your bike looks lovely! Wishing you many safe miles and smiles. Enquiring minds want to know, which lowering peg kit did you get, and please share any thoughts on the installation and use, it's one of the few things I haven't done to mine, that I'm still considering.
  12. Sight lines on a bike do come into it, but it's more than just that for me. When I used to do a lot of dirt biking, I loved putting my inside foot down and blasting off a left hand berm shot, but on the right side, always felt just a little awkward and tentative, definitely not as natural, I'm right handed fwiw
  13. I agree with liking left hand turns more, whether it's on bikes, skates, skis etc, not sure what the logic or explanation for it would be
  14. Interesting observation, I considered buying a set, but like you I ride on crappy road surfaces with a lot of tar snakes/seams and I had read that tires with an open center groove will follow seams and snakes. It was tough finding tires without that center groove, so for that reason and good reviews went with Conti Road Attacks. Still haven't tried them yet and tested the theory.
  15. It might take some searching on here or wildguzzi, but I know I've read threads recently that there were still at least 2 suppliers that still had NOS of those Omron relays. good luck
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