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  1. Hey Phil; I was typing as you were posting. Tks for getting the right spelling, lol
  2. Do yourself a favor and pick up a couple of pair of Valopini valve cover gaskets & you should be good for life. Pete and other guzzi gurus have been singing their praises forever; it took me a while to line up a supply of them, but I like them so far. They are the heavier material black ones, that I think are reinforced with wire or metal in the core. They should be available from MGCycle or AF1 possibly other suppliers or shops near you. I've used factory MG green ones,beige ones black ones, I even had a Griso that came with a set of Real Gasket ? silicon (PO had over tightened); they all leaked at some point of time. If you're handy and have the material, you could certainly make up a set to keep you mobile. I've had trouble before with the gaskets moving around on installation, a few dabs of grease helps hold them in place for me, I've also found tightening them too much and crushing the gasket can cause leaks. Good luck Kelly
  3. I have no personal knowledge of this, fact or fiction I don't know, but it "could" be an explanation. My father had told me many decades ago that Japan had very strict regulations on the age of vehicles allowed to be registered for use on their roads. After only a few "X" number of years you could no longer register your vehicle for use on a public road legally and it was essentially worthless and usually scrapped. Apparently this policy ensured that the fledgling Japanese auto industry would always have customers at home looking to buy new cars, and less vehicle emissions would ensure a better air quality for the relatively small land mass of Japan. Since the global markets have opened up and the Japanese Auto industry is the worldwide power that it is, I have no idea if a policy like this is still in effect, but it could be an explanation. fwiw Kelly
  4. I keep a pretty good eye on the guzzis for sale in Ontario and Quebec and occasionally the rest of Canada. There have never been a lot of them available for sale, but I notice that the V11's in it's various models are definitely trending upward. I used to see them in the $3-4-5K range, now I'm seeing them in the $6-8K range and recently there was a basically stock Scura without the clutch fix asking $10K. Those are Canadian Dollar prices, which I would normally figure to be roughly 30% higher than US prices, fwiw. Kelly
  5. My springs arrived today, thanks to everyone that made this possible. SCUD, thank you so much for jumping into this guzzi parts game again, and helping us keep our bikes going in fine form. Kelly
  6. Some good mcgyver tips here, SCUD, I've never heard of using the towel on the slide hammer, that sounds like a good one to save on the wear and tear on the old body. Phil, if I understand correctly, I gather you mean placing a piece of large diameter tube/pipe 2"-3" and slipping the puller jaws inside and using the tube against the frame or hub to anchor the pressure on the outside instead of the inside like a regular 3 way puller set up? I'm not recommending it and it sounds rough, but when I took a quick look on google, a lot of people without pullers or able to get access with a punch; have used concrete bolt anchors carefully secured and tightened tight against the wheel bearings then drifted out carefully from the other side, throwing the info out there in case someone ever gets stuck without the right tools as an fyi. Kelly
  7. Off the top of my head, I don't recall what the clearances actually were, but I ran the Raceco spec on my Cal Vin for a while a couple of summers ago, the fueling on the bike is lean anyways, it didn't seem to help, still ran a bit ragged. I went back to .004/.006, my impression was it may have ran a little better, but improved substantially when I did the TPS and balanced the TB's fwiw Kelly
  8. Re the pullers, I've never actually used a blind puller, but I do have one old HUGE OTC Silver Slapper slide hammer puller with a variety of good quality arms and attachments, if I can get that thing into position with good purchase on the material; I'm confident I can pull anything out,,, now damage free without carnage,,, not so sure about that, ;~) lol. Re the grease nipple on the U-Joints, I've never done it but I've read lots of horror stories. Fwiw, I just finished servicing my tractor, part of that job included greasing the U-Joints on the PTO shaft, 2 of the grease nipples I was able to get with a straight tip on the grease gun, but there were 2 others, absolutely no way. Thankfully quite a while ago I had purchased 2 different 90 degree angle tips for my grease guns,the first one I tried didn't work, but the 2nd one (designed to slide in sideways in a slot), if I held it just right, managed to work and get grease into the joint. It sounds like you may have a tough time getting a straight shot at this hidden nipple on the U-Joint on the driveshaft, you may want to pick a 90 degree fitting or something similar to give you a better chance at it. Good Luck Kelly
  9. I've picked up a blind bearing puller kit to hopefully aid in the event that I ever have to pull the wheel bearings from one of my guzzi wheels. I've never actually pulled a bearing from one of these wheels, but after extensive reading on the subject, one caution that I've read numerous times in order to prevent permanent damage to the wheel hub if the job doesn't go easily; is to preheat the hub area of the wheel, then apply cold rapidly to the bearing/race with something like computer Dust Off spray, just before you tackle it.fwiw. Following this thread with keen interest. Good Luck Kelly
  10. Wtbh, I've yet to meet a guzzi that I wanted to sell and part with. At one point I had a pinched nerve so bad in my neck I couldn't even dream of sitting on my Lemans CX100 and reaching down to the bars; but every time I walked by the bike in the garage, that bike put a smile on my face; you can't put a price on that. That was the bike that started my guzzi addiction, she'll never go anywhere. Health and pain & discomfort comes and goes, with any luck at all, time will help heal your wounds, but a bike like that may only come by once in a lifetime. To the OP, I sense your struggle with selling your bike, I've learned many times in life when faced with tough decisions, sometimes the best thing to do is absolutely nothing at all, perhaps holding onto it as living room or garage art if at all possible, is the best course of action for now. Good luck Kelly
  11. And then slaps your shoulder and calls you a dirty old man for looking down her top, js
  12. Well, I know I dodged a bullet on the bike; at that time any Ducati I had, would have to be transported 320 miles to Toronto for service, I found out through the grapevine later, the bike needed a valve job and that was why the owner was selling. I was coming off a 750 H2 triple and a KZ900, so the 860GT was underwhelming at best; straight ahead power was really the only thing on my mind at that time, it would be a few years before I came to appreciate a good corner. Kelly
  13. To the OP, "you're in trouble now" LoL Scud; What a man on a mission finding beautiful bikes,,,, Chuck called it right, sit down tightly on your wallets boys! I know the under seat pipe routing is over done, but omg, that red MV Augusta is one sexy looking bike. If it was my decision, that red Ducati would be in my garage already,js. I only rode one Ducati 860GT, 40 yrs ago, I wasn't overly impressed, but I was young and stupid at the time. The Ducatis have a great rep around the track, people in the know seem to love them, and I think that 1000DS model is one of the lower state of tune bikes, that's supposed to be very easy to live with, compared to some of the higher state of tune bikes. It looks sexy as hell, sounds "mint", has a good title so it's safe money, and it sounds like it's been well taken care of. I love the 70 yr old owner describing doing power wheelies with it. In the used bike world, it sounds like it has been very well owned. Good luck keeping that thing out of your garage,lol. Kelly
  14. WTD V11 Lemans MPH riser kit, Mistral Carbon Ovals, crossover I am in Canada, which can be a pita for stuff like this, but if you happen to have these items surplus to your needs, I can convert them to cash for you. Tia Kelly
  15. WTD Cal Vin Mistral crossover I am in Canada, which can be a pita for stuff like this, but if you happen to have this item surplus to your needs, I can convert it to cash for you. Tia Kelly
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