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    2004 Coppa Italia, 2007 Griso 1100, 2013 V7 Stone, 2013 Norge, 2006 Ducati ST3, 1998 Ducati ST2, 1984 GL1200I
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  1. Thanks to Docc, this is my favorite picture of the Coppa ever.
  2. Yep, someone draped it across the Coppa. I can be the keeper until next year or mail it over to you. Picture of the Coppa with it will be coming.
  3. Think it was due to crap on the pads. Thanks to the 18th Annual Spine Rainery it seems to have cleaned out.
  4. Bled brakes and changed fluid yesterday. Caliper fine. Goes rhonk rhonk rhonk (warped brake rotor noises). Piston stuck some last year and I think it's catching up with it. I can still ride, not an issue. Just annoying hearing Rhonk Rhonk Rhonk.
  5. Had three rainstorms between Asheville and Robbinsville. About the time I dried out here would come another one.
  6. If anyone has a spare rear brake rotor I could use it. Mine warped a little on the way here.
  7. New rear tire on, be there late tomorrow afternoon.
  8. I want that tire changer, where did it come from?
  9. I'm currently in "wear the rear tire out so I can put the new one on" mode lol.
  10. I know it's too late now but I've had good luck with uShip for transporting things.
  11. Jackal for sale on FB. $1800, 27k. https://m.facebook.com/groups/384721801998838/permalink/1608363042968035
  12. Riding it home from work yesterday I was coming up a straight stretch and a fellow was checking his mailbox ahead. He was staring at it sort of puzzled like and watched it all the way past him. I don't think he quite grasped a scooter going by him at 60 mph and making a BRRRR noise. I've got a Malossi muffler that came with it that's supposed to be a bit louder, got to check it out.
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