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  1. But I like the Fartstress. Actually what I would like to have is an Audace with the fairing and bags off of one.
  2. 15,726 miles. I asked about it yesterday and he still has it. I don't need another V11 lol...
  3. Get a Shindengen Mosfet from here and you'll never have to worry about a regulator again. Have them on the Ducati's. http://www.roadstercycle.com/
  4. Here's a red frame for sale in Virginia Beach: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/702278560627125
  5. I like the visitors registry in the garage.
  6. Not going to make it after all, my wife's sister passed away yesterday.
  7. Luckily the starter decided to give up the ghost two weeks ago. I had a spare ready and waiting so all should be well.
  8. Well, just the Coppa is going to make it down. Wife is going to follow along with the SUV and tools and such. Maybe her V7 will be there next year.
  9. I'm bringing a Lenovo Flex tablet that has it loaded as well as cables and a couple of different map .bins.
  10. Randy

    Map Day

  11. Randy

    Map Day

    I had everything except his valve clearances. 157 mv TPS, new plugs, fresh carb balance, bypass screws closed.
  12. Randy

    Map Day

    One cylinder. You could actually feel the bike shake in sync with it. It could be that the fuel map for one or the other needs some tweaking.
  13. Is there an after market alternative to the stock oil pressure switch? Mine has started leaking from the top.
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