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  1. It was gone when I left, I think the original owner may have retrieved it.
  2. I think it had legs, it seemed to wander around a bit.
  3. Last man out yesterday, beautiful day for the ride home. I want to see bike pics!
  4. I found a loose bolt and Docc put it back
  5. Mine mine mine And that LeMans and Elderado are gorgeous.
  6. Unless something unexpected happens I'll be bringing the Coppa. Otherwise it will be the Griso.
  7. Don't know about others but my wife and I are.
  8. Reservations in for Thurs and Fri nights, only problem is waiting to see if there is a cancellation for Saturday night . Didn't know if I could get the time off until today.
  9. Do you think the Loctite alone without the washer is enough to keep it from loosening back up?
  10. Not gonna happen. Mine, mine, mine.
  11. The Stelvio is 10mm longer but folks that have used it on the Griso say that it has actually improved the handling.
  12. Big jugs, big pipes and an off the shoulder oil cooler, what else could you want?
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