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  1. Randy

    Map Day

  2. Randy

    Map Day

    I had everything except his valve clearances. 157 mv TPS, new plugs, fresh carb balance, bypass screws closed.
  3. Randy

    Map Day

    One cylinder. You could actually feel the bike shake in sync with it. It could be that the fuel map for one or the other needs some tweaking.
  4. Is there an after market alternative to the stock oil pressure switch? Mine has started leaking from the top.
  5. $12,000 Coppa in Raleigh: https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2004-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Coppa-Italia-5012994050
  6. Randy

    Map Day

    Decided it was the day to play with maps and tuning. Did the Decent Tune Up route a few weeks ago and valves to 0.007/0.009", idle bypass full closed. Coppa with Ti mufflers and front crossover. I've not been able to match the map up on it with anything out there, ran decently except for the occasional 3k blip and stubborn cold start. First up was Meinolf's 2017.08.31_#93_6. Cured the cold start issue, fired up right off. Set idle to 1100 rpm and went for a ride. Huge improvement at 4-5000 rpm up. Only problem was 3k rpm cruising, stumbling and missing like crazy. Roll on a little and it would go away. Next was V11 IAW 15M ECU Titanium 2 from the file uploads. I'm assuming this is the stock bin as described, if anyone can compare it to a stock Ti bin to confirm I'd appreciate it. Cold start was good, without changing the idle screw the idle was now up to 1400 rpm from 1100, thought that was interesting. 3-4000 rpm 6th gear roll on was a little better than Meinolf's, 4-5000 rpm was almost as good. 3k cruising and it never missed a lick. I'm going to stick with the Ti bin for the time being, very happy with it. Two questions I'd like answers for: 1. What's the difference between the two that accounts for the difference in idle speeds without changing the idle set screw? 2. Why did Meinolf's stumble so much at 3k but the Ti didn't? This really surprised me since I'd read nothing but good about it. Maybe the valve settings?
  7. About an hour and a half away. There's also another Coppa in Charlotte.
  8. Which ones are those? I looked all over their site for Guzzi ones but they didn't list any.
  9. Well, let's see. Decided to check the TPS today and found it set at 300 mv with all the assorted goodies disconnected and the throttle body fully closed. Set it to 157mv and proceeded to balance the throttle bodies. Lo and behold found a clamp between the throttle body and the left cylinder wasn't snugged down so there was an obvious leak there. Since it seemed to run pretty well with all this going on it will be interesting to see how it does when I take it out in the morning.
  10. Add another one if you've got sufficient material.
  11. Made reservations, coming with the wife's V7 and my V11.
  12. I had a 1 second or so solid light on hard accelerations on the level before. No sign of it now even on mountain twisties.
  13. Installed a week ago, hard running up and down the mountains last weekend with not a flicker from the oil light 😊
  14. Is that the one that was in Greenville?
  15. Giving this a try this oil change. Elevated zinc/ phosphorous content Ideal for flat tappet valvetrains https://www.royalpurple.com/product/hps-high-performance-street-motor-oil/
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