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  1. My previous one had these mounting brackets. Anyone holding a set they's part with?
  2. I have received the NOS Givi bikini fairing and hardware from Harpers, but there were no mounting instructions. (pics of what I received) I have tried all of the orientations that I can imagine and I cannot get a fit. Has anyone got one of these mounted and can post up some pictures of the mounting?
  3. Thanks guys. It turns out that Harper's had NOS original Givi fly screen in black, hiding on the back shelf somewhere. It's now hanging on my back shelf awaiting installation.
  4. I'm not familiar with that fairing or its mounting. Can you post pics or email them to bgushaty@gushaty.com
  5. That's interesting information. What would you be asking for this piece?
  6. It seems that the part number is 01003240 not the 01003202 that yours is. But thanks for the offer. Brian G
  7. I'm looking for a Givi bikini fairing or something similar, for my 2004 V11S. I'd be happy to just hear about another brand that would be similar.
  8. I need to pull the forks on my 2004 V11S so I'd like to know if I can lift the bike with a bike lift under the oil sump casting.
  9. Do you know what year of Cenrauro it's from?
  10. Looking for the engine block "flange" for a 2004 V11S. This is the casting between the engine block itself, and the engine oil sump casting. PO broke out the side stand mounting bolt boss. Parts diagram pg 34.31 part #25 GU01003240 flange black
  11. BrianG


    I'm baaaaaaackk! 2001 V11S pending
  12. Back to the marque.

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