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  1. Complete and original Magni fairing kit for Moto Guzzi V-11 Sport. Including all mounting brackets, clear wind screen, and optional dark smoke windscreen. As shipped from Italy. Never mounted. Unmarked factory as new condition. $350.00 Text 780 720 0044
  2. BrianG


  3. Damn you guys! I'm back, looking for the "bike I shouldn't have sold", just like you said. Doh! I have a line on a 2004 Lemans and a 2000 Sport. Which way to go?
  4. naw..... I started out on a Norton Commando. Nothing shakes like that!
  5. I'm thinking something along the lines of this for a winter project. XS 650's are a great old machine with lots of performance potential, and they are $1.00/doz up here.
  6. Thanks...... I don't have the V-11 any more, so I'll just have to go out and find a headlight from one...........
  7. No headlight is listed in the list of kit contents in the box or on the Magni website. "The kit includes all the parts you need for fitting on the bike: fairing windshield head light holder mirrors new sets of handlebars all the screw needed"
  8. I have acquired a Magni fairing kit but there is no instruction regarding the headlight. What headlight is this kit designed to accommodate?
  9. BrianG


    Ya, guess why that first pic is actually in my garage! Up here they wanted $2500.00 for the 12,000 mile service. So, it took me a month, and I had to buy $500.00 worth of tools and electronic stuff........... so, what, I got new toys!! I'm looking for a S4RS project for this winter. I figure it wouldn't take a Terblanche to do better than the new StreetFighter!!
  10. BrianG


    I cut my teeth on a Norton...... the Duc's maintenance is a piece o' cake!! Thanks!
  11. BrianG


    Well, I sold my 2000 V-11 Sport last fall thinking it was time for something else. Gotta shake my head since I had done all that work with the Traxxion forks and Penske shock and all the piddly other stuff.... Maybe it was just time for a new project. Oh well, last thanksgiving I decided to take a little jaunt in the ol' pick-'em up truck and drove down to Tacoma and picked up this little gem! Nothing too fancy in that it's only the "S" model, but it had Anyway, it's a lot of fun to ride, and quite a different canyon weapon than the V-11 was. Funny thing though.... even these guys are bitching about the wheels being too heavy!! Ride safe!
  12. This would work great for the outer race in the steering head. For the inner race (on the stem), you'll want to shrink the stem diameter (freeze) and increase the race diameter (heat) I'm thinking that this tool is for removing the outer race, from inside the steering head. He's talking about the inner race, on the stem. I use a Dremmel tool with a cutting wheel to cut through about 80% of the inner race at 2 opposing places, then smack it with a cold steel chisel. It'l split off clean. Be careful to not touch the stem or lower triple with the cutting wheel or chisel.
  13. I currently have a 2000 V-11S and a 2005 999S. They are certainly different tools. Both have their own character and marque mystique. Both are uncommon and oft recognized as exotic. The MG is happy at 120mph all day long, and so will you be, at the end of the day. The Duc flicks through the turns more readily, but you'll be ready for the hot-tub after 3-4 hours on the hi-way. After 30-some years of motorcycling I have come to understand that tools and motorcycles are best when designed with specific tasks in mind. Compromise generally gives you the least of the characteristics from either extreme. And better than that..... After 30-some years of motorcycling I have come to understand that a man can own more than one motorcycle at a time!!!
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