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    Motorcycles and Little League Baseball. My children (15 and 18 yr., both of whom are avid soccer players and pianists). My wife is a 5th grade teacher and I have an older daughter in Seattle (WA). I am a police sergeant (Stanislaus County Sheriff's Office) assigned to Patterson which is on I-5 in the Central Valley area of California. Update...retired with 30 years on job. Now, I'm just "a lazy bastard, living in a (bathing) suit"...sincere apologies to L. Cohen. Furtherly, I have sunk so low as to be Guzzi-less (at lease for the time being)

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  1. Would anyone (please) help me post pics of the tank? I could email them to you.... but can't seem to post directly here. TIA, Joe
  2. From a 2004 Rosso Corsa. Slight damage from a gravel tip over, but is other wise in excellent condition. Tank only, no fuel pump or cap. Unable to upload pics, but happy to email them to you. josephr11rt(at) aol dot com $250 plus shipping from Los Angeles, U.S.A. 90272 IMG_1092.HEIC IMG_1092.HEIC
  3. OP here... sorry to be so useless, the seller seems to be forward/honest, not your typical CL'er and genuinely love bikes, but not too schooled in all things Guzzi. The bike's cosmetics are a bit rough, but the price reflects that. For someone willing to devote the time and resources necessary it might not be a bad deal...... I can't speak for the authentically of the model (the valve covers are a possible issue) but the mileage is low, the price is reasonable and I would have nibbled more had I the resources and Guzzi connections here in SoCal. If you have a particular question that I could answer, please feel free to contact me. A side note... I'm not really "useless", my wife says I'm spectacular at holding up the wall while drinking beer,
  4. Hi docc, I just posted a link to a Craigslist ad in the Personal Sale section of Classified. Now Im not sure that is allowed. Sorry I didn't ask before I posted. If not allowed could you please delete for me? TIA, Joe

    1. docc


      Hey, man, that's all cool! I added the image to it.

      So, you're passing on that one? Really wondrous you are looking for another V11! (And "no", you can't have your canisters back!)

      So great to see you back around, Joe!  :thumbsup:

      Let's find you a fine V11!

      docc in Tennessee

    2. docc


      I'm still not seeing a V11 in your profile . . . looking for something specific?

      Someone just posted this in Tuscon:


  5. No affiliation with the buyer other than I met him once. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/mcy/d/los-angeles-motoguzzi-v11-sport-lemans/7090935485.html [edit:Thanks, Joe!/ docc added "Copy Image Location"]
  6. thanks all... you guys are addictive! and your Guzzis are kinda cool too. sigh
  7. Looking at other's pics of their RC... yes, the valve cover should be red. Kane, aside from some minor imperfections (paint nicks on left porkchop, dents in right canister) it seems to be relatively well preserved. Unfortunately and neurotically, I'm used to perfection in all things Guzzi. On top of that I had forgotten the difference in ergonomics between my previous 01 Sport and 04 Coppa and the LeMans. Priced 'bout right though.. but he might raise price now that Ive told him what an exclusive model he has. Nice fellow and easy to deal with, not like the drama Ive come to expect from Craigslist.
  8. cant upload pics. The seller currently has it on Los Angeles Craigslist, incorrectly under 'Motorcycle Parts For Sale". He is going to move it to "Motorcycles for Sale" tomorrow, after Ive made my decision to purchase or not. Im shying away from the purchase, so if anyone wants to short circuit me, no harm done. If allowed Ill also post a link to his corrected ad once it done on CL.
  9. I just returned from a look at a 03 Rosso Corsa which I'm thinking of buying. Can anyone answer a few questions for me... please? 1. Should there be a badge somewhere on the bike showing the special edition number? 2. The Rosso I looked at had MG Ti exhaust canisters and ECU. Did these items come stock on the Rosso, or are these upgrades? TIA for any information.
  10. Hello all. I just returned from a look at a 03 RC which I'm thinking of buying. Can anyone answer a few quick questions please? !. Should there be a badge somewhere showing the limited edition number? 2. Did the RC come stock with MG Ti canisters and ECU? Thanks for any info, Ive owned a couple of V11 Sports but unfamiliar with the RC/NC editions...
  11. Hello all, can anyone recommend a shop in the Los Angeles area, specifically West L.A./Santa Monica/Malibu areas? FWIW Im a longtime member here but since Ive been without a MG for several years Ive recently been inactive, but still lurking about! Now Ive the opportunity to pick up a 04 Cafe Sport, but Im reluctant since Im unfamiliar with the service network here in Los Angeles. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated! TIA, Joe
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