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  1. OBTW, we rode today, too. Lake Chatuge; Hiawassee, Georgia. B&K
  2. More -- actually, way more than needed, of course -- will follow after I get home. In meantime, did buy this from the 129 guy ... Bill
  3. Yes, the OO -- who was second to the last man out -- did.
  4. Princeton, W.V, tonight. Tellico Plains tomorrow.
  5. Radio silence is delayed a bit in my case on account of this: I am not a mudder ... tho have been called now and then something that sounds like that. Hope to launch this morning sometime, but tomorrow will likely be a longer road day. There are worse things. Bill
  6. Good morning on Departure Eve, well, mine, at least. The Norge is ready ... ... Kathi's car and the two of us "need work." Apropos morning and breakfast, I just talked with Brian at the Lodge about that. He said that while they are not doing breakfast -- and the jury's out if they will ever go back to the spreads of yore -- they will have coffee; hot water for tea, etc.; oatmeal; commie (oops, I mean granola) bars, limited pastries, and the like. They would time center-visible-mass of that for what our group or others might want, i.e., crack of dawn v. teenager wake-up hours. I told him that I would pass that all along and ask for some consensus -- assuming such is possible -- about how many would partake (assume all), and preferred best serving window so as to make it easier on them. Don't think it's a big deal as coffee and pastries have lengthy shelf lives, but it probably helps them plan. So, if anyone reading this has firm ideas about time and the like, post here and I (or docc, to reduce span-of-control issues) will get back to Brian. Brian added that when he wants "real manly 'Merican food," he goes to Linda's Cafe in Madisonville. Even I, however, would likely find the Lodge fare fine enough for the two days we'll be there. I'll get my carb and fat fix on the road there and back. A domani ... Bill
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^ Both https://troutmountain.net and http://tellico-grains-bakery.com look a bit effete for my tastes, tho Kathi would probably approve. Sigh. I think I'll pack in "real 'Merican food." Bill
  8. OK, let's talk about something even more important than motorcycles. Yes, I know. But it is not an unworthy topic: breakfast. I suppose I could ask the new proprietors if that's back on, but thought someone here might know. If not, I can't find that any place in the area serves breakfast, at least of the manly, sit-down, wives-wouldn't-approve sort of menu. Seriously, this affects a bit how and what we bring. Anyone know or have ideas? Bill
  9. I'll do a show & tell at the lodge, but mostly a one-off issue. I tend to have those, often -- tho not all -- self-inflicted. Cross Junction, Va. Check PM. Bill
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sigh. You are making "some of us" feel unloved. Bill
  11. So, repair and maintenance done, I am packing and loading today. Not the Norge, but the chase vehicle, our 2009 Honda Fit, with 258K miles. It's a C-130 of a car, and today I am the loadmaster and crew chief. I am ensuring that the critical supplies make the trip: Bourbon. Check. Grappa. Check. Espresso machine. Check. Tools and fluids for depot-level maintenance. Check. That pretty much does it, and there's still lots of room for Kathi's six weeks of essentials for a 5-day (for her) trip.
  12. Details over beer or bourbon or both at the campfire in Tellico Plains next weekend, but the short version is that I took a chance on that website -- http://MotoGuzziFirstRespondersOnLine.com -- and Dr. Martin showed up in minutes. In short order, he diagnosed the problem and, we all think, fixed it. Then, with only a "Hi Yo, Silver," he was gone. Impressive. "Dr. Martin" is, of course, a local Guzzisti (tho sans one just now) who is a gifted moto-tech. Agreed. Only fly in that optimistic ointment is, as I have no doubt observed here before, that it has been my experience that God does not watch Weather Channel. But, yes, sure like that forecast. See you and all there ... rain or shine. Bill
  13. Just talked with Brian to confirm that the "change of command" kept our request for our "usual cabin" and that we did have garage space reserved. Yup. Now, back down to the Moto Grappa to muse on an electrical gremlin with Norge. Probably not a warstopper for riding it to SSR, but Lucas learned everything he knew about automotive electricity from me. Bill
  14. Walt & Anna sold the place? Know when? Etc.?
  15. Ready to launch here ... on the Guzzi shown in avatar. The burdens of a (moto-)harem. The Norge is (almost) ready. Will do a check ride tomorrow with Kathi, The Perfect Pillion & Polish Princess. I'll head SE on Thursday; RON somewhere along the way that night. TPPPP will cage it on Friday in the old (as in '09, with 258K miles! ) Fit. Always nice to have a support vehicle chasing me ... at a distance. Bill
  16. Learned over on w/g that there is a new Guzzi dealer in the area: https://www.starpowersportstn.com About an hour & a half a way on back(ish) roads. Might stop in on the way down to check out the place. Bill P.S. What's left of Ida is pouring outside just now. Sure glad not riding.
  17. Hardly "bad." While working on it, my red firstgen "2v" was right there beside it. I continually "ass-u-me'd" various things about the latter would fit the former! Hmmmmm. Our next door neighbor is a VDOT facility. Lots of heavy equipment and mountains of "stuff." Some folks wouldn't like that as a neighhbor. Sure beats a Wal-Mart or the like. Plus, visiting grands like the action. Bill
  18. You are kidding, right? The 8v CARC's have rubber gaskets, and that was, given location, a prime suspect, along with OPS and breather hoses. We thought at first that it may very well have been a pinched or cut left-side gasket, but oil path -- not that such can be trusted -- and recent onset after 2K miles and 2 years of non-issue since service at sale made that seem unlikely. Hmmmmm. Don't know. Maybe I better go check. Unless you mean my Appalachian stack of stuff on right side. That's for my "one of these days" projects that will be a problem for my estate. Bill
  19. Odd. They worked on preview. Thanks, tho. Bill
  20. [I've posted this elsewhere, so, obviously, apologies if you are sick of seeing it. Still, I thought it might be interesting to CARC'ers, if not others.] The short version. Wait. Issuing “short versions” is not my specialty, as, even tho a retired word merchant, I stillprefer TLDR to PowerPoint bullets. That said, I’ll try — tho I'll make up for it in the pix. A local friend's very-low-mileage (as in 3500!) 8v 2014 Norge leaked — make that gushed — oil. The whole story is pretty much here: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Mikes-8v-Norge-Exxon-Valdez/n-6gDHbq/ If you care, hover cursor over pix for captions. I spent today down there cleaning the mess this project in the Moto Grappa, but there are far worse ways to spend a day ... assuming beer is available! Bill
  21. FWIW, I’m a drummer. Not, btw, a sissified percussionist. 😄 Bill
  22. Bill Hagan


    Great story of the reality of the routine peaks and valleys of motorcycling. Why we keep at it is a mystery to non-riders, but we know. OTOH, I had to run it through my Ozian translator app to understand some of it. Not quite so challenging as reading this -- A History of Wales by John Davies -- which has me mumbling and cursing just now, but several words did give me as much pause as some of those characters and placenames. Bill
  23. For reasons I cannot explain, I have more 10mm wrenches than any of my others. After reading this thread, I am beginning to wonder if they belong to you and some others here. Cue ... Bill
  24. Given that capacious tail bag, perhaps this is best use of the space? Bill
  25. I've been to SSR's on my Ballabio, Norge, Griso, EV, and Stornello. Not sure which this year, but my V7 III is a SSR virgin, so mebbe. I found it humiliating at first to be made to sit outside the covered area by the fire pit for post-ride benchracing and belching, but have gotten over that. Bill
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