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  1. Yunupingu was born as Tom Djambayang Bakamana Yunupingu on 17 September 1956 in Yirrkala in Arnhem Land, an Aboriginal reserve in the northeastern part of the Northern Territory. He was a member of the Gumatj people, one of sixteen groups of the Yolngu people. His skin name was Gudjuk, but his name was changed to Mandawuy in 1990 when a family member with the same name died, in line with Yolngu custom. He described his names as "Mandawuy" means 'from clay'; Djarrtjuntjun means 'roots of the paperbark tree that still burn and throw off heat after a fire has died down'; Yunupingu depicts a solid rock that, having travelled from freshwater, stands in salty waters, its base deep in the earth. I am Gudjuk the fire kite".
  2. ScuRoo

    EICMA 2021

    Is this is the V100 Mandello’s nearest in concept competitor? More power & heft - but by golly imo it sure does look messy by comparison!
  3. ScuRoo

    EICMA 2021

    More info... (do yourself a favour & view some of these YouTube video’s on your large screen hi-def TV - I have to admit when you do that the V100 looks awesome! - & sounds great for a stock factory exhaust) 😅
  4. Here you go LP I believe the one you’re after is below... One of the (many) ways I view passive prechamber ignition - is it’s like having the ability of changing the combustion chamber shape in order to improve flame front deflagration efficiencies ...without changing the shape of the combustion chamber! In otherwords - it removes one negative of the hemi chamber shape - whilst keep its benefits. Too strong & harsh tho. Although I’m not yet satisfied that - some or much - of the NVH harshness I’ve experienced isn’t simply because ignition is in effect too advanced for the PPI characteristics Yet with the smaller capacity Heron head Monza - from say 3500-4000 rpm it’s just like boost coming on strong & unleashed it really ups & flys compared to its normal character imo.
  5. ScuRoo

    EICMA 2021

  6. Maserati explains well between 2.50 & 5.00 the benefits of passive prechamber ignition - & also lightly touches on the increased NVH which they’ve overcome by adding a normal spark ignition near the cylinder wall. I’ve actually been pondering on a couple of paths - so I’m going to have another crack with my V11 - but with the accelerated combustion chamber flame speed its power delivery to date is a very raw feeling in its intensity. Wouldn’t be a pain if purely racing - but on the street not so relaxing. Experimenting is not always a smooth path... where you get it right first time!
  7. First vehicle I bought as a seventeen year old was an original (with patina) 1939 Ford pickup small truck with V8 side valve motor, 3 speed, running boards, big bullet lights, split window that an old retiring Italian used for decades carting sandalwood. Loved it! Then I was stoopid...
  8. ...which I’ve been experimenting with on my own bikes. There’s power gains to be had absolutely - but the increased NVH harshness levels put me off for now. I don’t get how to knock back the ECU timing to compensate which might help - so with my V11 I’ll return again to this later when able to do so. Not willing to access more power at the expense of more harshness. However, with my V50 Monza the prechamber ignition gives it much more noticeable verve & impetus with just a nice corresponding thrum thru the handlebars. The Monza feels like it’s kinda more awake & willing to rev to redline.
  9. ...the limits on upload require separate posts...
  10. I’ve actually been fascinated by the research & development in passive prechamber ignition & its benefits.
  11. https://m.facebook.com/groups/268481854418/permalink/10157102947139419/ 🍿 I too was looking forward to a bit more popcorn 🍿 After all there are many on this forum who are interested in exploring various V11 performance nuggets. Anyhoo... Q: Has anybody dual plugged their V11’s & found the (NVH) harshness level has noticeably increased?
  12. I concur. Got the M9RR’s on my V11. Awesome confidence is essentially my butt meter rating. Trust these way more than Angel GT’s. I’m not big on tyre construction technicalities - but 100% silica compound front & rear is next level again. Like other’s not concerned about wear... but are lasting well.
  13. ScuRoo


    I once knew a woman who turned inside a horse float with rubber flooring. As she swivelled round on one leg her foot stayed planted & her ankle just broke instead! Bloody hell! 😳Foot pinned & fused lost all function... Oh yeah, she was a stinkin’ huge whoppingly fat lardy lard arsed heifer too!! I mean, sorry, she was a bit overweight. 🧐 Just sayin’.
  14. Cheers for that MartyNZ! Those two gears sandwiched together just looked a bit incongruous especially when the gear in front is max’d out with all those lightning holes! Hmmm okay then... possibly more outlay in custom machining in the course of Joe’s gear installation. I mean, if you’re going to do it - right? Minimising rotational weight has additional appeal - makes sense if considering going to those extra lengths of investing in timing gear$ Do you think a someone’s been there done that...? Proportions may be a little large but here’s a quick mock-up of 10/tenths of extra squeeze!
  15. ...still chewing on this... So... I noticed on Pressureangle’s post his pic (which I’ve magnified) the top spur gear overlays another gear behind! Huh? My question is - so what is this doing? Guess it’s driving something. Can this be lightened also?
  16. In my original V11 search I also had one of those burgundy tank V11’s in the mix... But in final analysis paid a premium exactly for the colour scheme! Not that black paint with the redback 🕷 spider stripe, nor the seat colour... but overwhelmingly for that quality Öhlins gold!!
  17. Yup. The 15RC adds STFT & LTFT adaptability. Maximum of up to 25% variance.
  18. Lately... this gorgeous woman’s dusky tones has been repeatedly tonguing my ears. Absolutely bewitchingly perfect! Riding my Scura R on a warm evening feels like she should be named ‘Ketty’.
  19. Can’t remember how I’ve got this information floating around in my head - but I seem to recall someone mentioning the handlebars are a shared Aprilia item.
  20. Hehe! It’s optional. Scura R came with two seats from Guzzi factory - one red, the other black. Tried on both but for me the red popped! Momentarily thought about storing it instead of the black to keep it pristine - but then decided I wasn’t going to be too anal & chose what gives me the “look back at it” feeling! Someone mentioned the TT... my Scura R has been hammered around the hallowed Isle... but unfortunately not by me! The original owner traded it into Paul Dedman Performance motorcycles for an Aprilia after deciding it didn’t have enough outright top end speed when I spoke to him after closing deal with Paul. I bought my Scura R sight unseen - first time actually seen a V11 was when it rolled out the van! Maybe it was an extra big van but I remember my first impression - surprised as it seemed kinda small. Strange, loved Guzzi’s ever since...
  21. My Scura R actually came from the Isle of Man 🇮🇲 - they were the last of the V11’s as production ended & were only allocated to European countries. I once found the breakdown per country & as I recall there were 4 only allocated to the UK. A few year’s back a forum member pm’d asking to buy mine - but I be like Charlton Heston! 🔫 ✋
  22. Hmm... this gear thread has been wrestling in my mind so I need more pertinent info... Q: All things being equal on V11’s whether stock or even warmed up a bit like HC pistons, Xovers, pipes etc., - by adding these gears & thereby in particular gaining greater accuracy/stability in timing at higher rpm’s - to what extra degree could one reasonably up the rev limit?? All things being equal that is. 500 extra rpm? 750? A thousand...? Appreciate if anyone could give me some idea on this... Trying to find a singular performance compelling reason to get my head over the huge cost!! If there’s no lift in rpm I really can’t justify it imo - the stock chain isn’t actually a negative - however if there is a viably safe increase... 🧐 Ya know... every dawg needs just a little meat on the bone to clean off to stay interested! 🍖 🐶 🦴
  23. Well... usually when my girl does that I just let instinct take over & be my guide 😳
  24. Ha. Probably sorted - or simply got fed up with try this try that confetti approach to a remedy. Whenever remedies appear like minestrone soup - it’s time to simply stop - first, do no harm. Just attempting any fingers crossed fix in lieu a proper diagnosis first - is like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there. Frustrating.
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