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  1. Well, under this topic What are they thinking... purloining, pilfering, pickpocketing Guzzi’s colourful history?? Oi! Get off the grass!
  2. The moody lighting isn’t really relevant for me. The price is damn high but... 115 ft. lbs. Torque would be hella lot fun! 140 HP & 10 second Quarters would be nice. If someone pulled up on one I’d be ambling over for a interested chat for sure! Good luck to him
  3. It’s been awhile... This is handy for all those who haven’t yet experienced the V85 I should add - myself included! 😝 The rider also gives some interesting observations if you feel it’s worth your 10 minutes of almost VR immersion Anyhoo... trust it’ll be useful for some
  4. The newer cylinders are different, has 0.3 mm less hight for more compression ratio (9.2 old / 9.5 new).
  5. ScuRoo

    '03 V11's

    Careful with what you assume - the actual OEM O2 sensor location is underneath on top of the usual stock crossover - with the front balancer added according to Guzzi to improve midrange. For some this’ll be an anathema - but I hold the view that the 15RC feedback modulation is an evolutionary improvement by Magneti Marelli. When married with the improved LSH24 offering higher cross count sensor speeds it performs phenomenally. Disabling feedback imo isn’t really a step forward - it’s just a shortcut means to an end. Kind of like chopping out tonsils & appendix’
  6. Adding this here as most appropriate for subject resource... As you know our V11’s are not spoilt for choice on cams - but of the options available - choosing which one can be extrapolated. 🍻
  7. Please yourself LP - don’t lose sight of the fact that Ube’s recommended tip is in ‘actuality’ now installed on my bike - the experiment has been performed - it’s been put to the test. I confirmed for myself the benefits, as recommended are real. Nothing too ‘Theorists’ about that to my mind. Everything else is just waffle, heck, it’s a forum - but the reality of implementation results is what counts. Ube is highly respected on the AG forum - he’s a Guzzi specialist mechanic. It’s only a few buck$ O2 people - yet you’ll get back 10x the results. It’s reversible - what’s not to
  8. 👍😋 Curiosity got the better of me too after I translated Ube’s post - and importantly the procedure was easy & the price was right! I also had another bung welded in on my right exhaust when mounting my MassMoto crossover so I can swap it over from left to right as I wish. (like to have two in unison if possible!) I half expected, if nothing else - I’d have merely renewed a consumable item as they are a finite component so would be no harm done. But the more you look into it - be happy not all sensors are created equal...! The LSH24 upgrade is far better for
  9. The 15RC ECU is used on O2 sensor equipped V11’s. The 15RC hardware also was used on later Breva’s, Nevada’s, Griso’s & I think the early Stelvio’s - with only the installed software mapping being specific to each model. However Tomchri, just to clarify there is nothing too slow with the Magneti Marelli 15RC ECU - only the original spec LSH15 sensor slow calibration curve input wasn’t able to keep pace with what the 15RC ECU needed to produce a smooth, stable closed loop running state. The LSH24 sensor calibration curve is 10x faster - therefore the fuelling is more accurate
  10. ScuRoo

    Scura build

    @KINDOY2 has magnesium wheels adapted... Ooh yum, magnesium sounds nice - always admired the old school gold 18” Marvic’s. Any link or pics Docc...? 😋 A thousand words isn't much help to a mute. Tend to agree with you Mikko - QD’s look so right filling that under void. One small suggestion - try and get the level as perfectly aligned with the sump line as possible - some I’ve seen seem to have an excessively droopy slope downward to the rear wheel.
  11. Okay, sorry for not getting back to this earlier - but got caught up with the usual stuff. So following the two adaptation rides under 3000rpm - I went on a ride into the city of some 45 minutes with plenty of stoplights, roundabouts etc. the bike was an absolute joy - smooth, stable tempo with every manoeuvre, gear change. Then I took the bike out beyond the suburbs to give it some gas. Perfect. What was most notable, rolling off the throttle the bIke has lost all its pops & burbles emitted from the M4’s. Zero. All revs, all gears, downhill coasting from high to low re
  12. Okay... before I go further - on my bike the O2 sensor site was relocated on the left header just in front of the oil dipstick when a MassMoto X-over was installed. The existing O2 sensor was just rerouted to that location. Whilst my bike was noticeably freer-breathing from mid revs all the way to redline and my riding habits had shifted up the range by some 500-1000rpms - what should be noted was that there was no real actual change to my bikes modus operandi style in the low range. There was that occasional fart, sometimes a stumble, a miss... all the usual things that’s inherent i
  13. A number of months ago I translated an Italian AG forum posted in 2006. For O2 equipped V11 owners I share what started as some interesting research and culminating in implementation which I’ll come to later... Let’s get into it! 👍😎 Google translated: motoube wrote: I'll tell you what I know and why in my opinion the probe used on the Guzzi can be thrown into the rock and replaced with a more modern one. the lambda probe, which some call the O2 sensor or lambda probe, is placed in the exhaust line. we are interested in the one positioned upstream of the catalyst. this probe gene
  14. Hmm... Moto Guzzi has perfect opportunity to boldly leapfrog - like it once did with the Otto Cilindri - introducing a new reconfigured Vtwin! https://electriccarsforeveryone.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/cits-two-stroke-engine.pdf 2021 will introduce a new dawn - whatever they’ve got cooking I sure hope they Seize the Day! 😏 https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.grandprix247.com/2020/01/15/red-mist-will-we-see-2-stroke-formula-1-engines-in-the-future/amp/ F1 is drawing bold new plans for 2025
  15. ScuRoo


    Cat memes... Really? 🤔 ________________ (5 minutes later) You’re damn right! Well, I never...
  16. Yep. Maybe the naked munter tickles your fancy Pete. 😁
  17. This effort in asphalt&rubber is more appealing than the red throwback above... If the factory could ‘add lightness’ of say 20-30kg to the coming Stradale version they’d have another winner on their hands...
  18. Fancy a little scalding tea & hotcakes? https://riders.drivemag.com/news/best-selling-adventure-bikes-here-are-the-most-successful-models-in-2019-germany-and-italy
  19. Phwoarrr! Carbon fibre sexy... Guareschi’s showing the way... keep an eye out for the Naked version
  20. http://www.moongarage.it/2019/05/27/moto-guzzi-1400-8v-pikes-peak/
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