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  1. I’ve spoken before about LiFePO on other posts Wouldn’t use anything else. As Bruce says ’Lead’s dead baby… Lead’s dead’
  2. “There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.” ~ LC
  3. http://davestestsandarticles.weebly.com/uploads/4/8/4/5/4845046/superbike_september_1981_moto_guzzi_v50mk3_v50_monza.pdf I’m in process of investigating carb options from the stock PHBH28 carbs Apart from ‘don’ta touch’a da Dellortos’a …it’sa gooda carba’ ~ any experience or suggestions?
  4. Pleasantly surprised to find 4th on this list - jumped up an extra $1000 then 😝 https://www.topspeed.com/best-moto-guzzis-ever-made/#moto-guzzi-normale-1921---1924
  5. https://m.facebook.com/standup/videos/conspiracy-theories-ron-funches/987167261766237/?locale=ur_PK
  6. On my Quota I only installed progressive springs in forks & Mitas knobblies & travelled from the tops of the Atlas mountains & thru the sands of the Sahara & crushed an amazing GS into surrender on the Saharan sands There’s nowhere I wouldn’t go on a Quota I’m not in love with it like my Scura R - but I sure as hell admirably RESPECT it! This is the 1000 but the 1100es will do this equally well - (ahem) follow me Stelvio… 😊
  7. Album: “The Wall” Released: 1979 Film: “The Hamburg Syndrome” Released: 1979 Synchronicities. There are no coincidences ~ Carl Jung 🥸
  8. Nought much wrong with this effort but I’m guessing it’ll be around 2025/26 with maybe 130-140hp after new factory is completed. As you can guess… I’m waiting too
  9. For what you’re describing p6x - the big dually Quota is better suited & tougher than the 19” front Carc rear Stelvio 💯% rawer it’s a longhorn bike that can do more hardcore than the softer adventour Stelvio
  10. Bloody hell - I haven’t thought of Bo Derek in decades! Thanks for the refresh
  11. Another 19” front wheel with a couple of faux bark busters - the usual formulaic Adventure light effort I’d rather be ogling a future LeMans
  12. Calming my soul humming along musing away chuckling while riding my moto gootsie it’s what I like to do revolution revelations
  13. ScuRoo


    I’ll second that! Light & free it’sa good Early bird catches the worm…
  14. If classic Tonti’s are the big blocks Lino’s must be the ‘lil small blocks
  15. Bedding in new FAC cartridges & IKON shock upgrades out beyond Westdale Rd to Beverley, Western Australia Monza riding isn’t about alacrity - it’s all about holding maximal momentum cornering with telepathic inputs - & just savouring its amazingly durable Lino Tonti engineering design & Paolo Martin’s impeccably sweet styling The rider position is surprisingly comfortable too Go figure - I love riding it
  16. You’re drunk, bored, taking the piss, having a laugh or… divorced sans pussy One or more of the above By the way - the exhaust valve is kept cooler by approximately 0.25 degrees Celsius with the oem upgrade Worth it (sic)
  17. Not sure if this has been posted before - but it’s a good one on the V100 engine Thot I’d park it here for interest https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/hellas.postsen.com/trends/amp/270631
  18. ScuRoo

    ewan mcgregor

    Nice to finally see the V11 afforded its worthy presence in Guzzi history… 👍😎
  19. Well under heavy braking I be nervous rear ending the vehicle in front of me… and gouging out a couple of bloody ice cream scoops of inner thigh from those aero wings as I’m catapulted forward sliding along the tank! I know they call ‘em aero’s but to me they look like gidji prongs
  20. Someone once made commentary on Guzzi company ownership & their bikes history wherein he ascribed the title to the V11’s… ”The last of the hairy-chested Guzzi’s” That description always stuck with me Anyhow that being the case I wonder what moniker will in time percolate to the surface and be attributed to the new V100’s? 🤔
  21. Yesss! 100% https://silodrome.com/laverda-v6/
  22. Excellent feedback - my Scura R came Ohlins equipped I credit forum advice here from Pete years ago to concentrate on suspension (before engine fiddling) to prompting a session with Perry (https://leaskracing.co.uk/perryleask/) when he was at HM Racing. Best ROI imo having suspension improved by a top notch professional - lightening the rotational mass would be next level tier But then I ask myself - am I just getting sucked in too deep by the air cooled porker? Sitting…
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