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  1. Stock can sound seems decent - would love to hear it higher revs rising
  2. Love obscene… Brambilla’s repulsive
  3. Can’t comment on your actual real life experience of the Irving - but just as a vid comparo this V11 blows it away 😉
  4. I acknowledge your experience sticking with AGM - but it’s also worth seeing the snowmobile guys er.., gelling well with them. 🤤 They obviously can work just fine in subzero conditions - & speaks volumes as it would be more life threatening to get stranded out woop woop in the snow! But as you say… “YMMV”
  5. The symptom’s a ‘hiccup’ - but the actual cause is a ‘brain fart’.
  6. Fair enough - but in that case just get a LiFePO4 snowmobile battery - massive CCA & designed for extreme cold starts. Operating Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C Capacity vs Temperature 25 °C = 100% 0°C = 94% -30°C = 88% https://earthxbatteries.com/product/etz14c/ EarthX seems to have an worthy reputation on snowmobile forums.
  7. Only LiFePO4. Butch : Lead's dead, baby. Lead's dead. “LiFePO4 batteries are the safest of the lithium batteries, because they will not catch fire, and won’t even overheat. Even if you puncture the battery it will not catch fire. This is a massive upgrade over other lithium batteries, which can overheat and catch fire. LifePO4 batteries have the safest lithium chemistry. They weigh up to 70% lighter than lead acid batteries. AGM batteries will do plenty of damage to your wallet, and are at high risk for becoming damaged themselves if you drain them past 50% capacity. Maintaining them can be difficult as well. LiFePO4 Ionic lithium batteries can be discharged completely with no risk of damage. Charge efficiency: a LiFePO4 battery will reach full charge in 2 hours or less. Self-discharge rate when not in use: Only 2% per month. (Compared to 30% for lead acid batteries). Runtime is higher than lead acid batteries/other lithium batteries. Consistent power: same amount of amperage even when below 50% battery life. No maintenance needed.” https://lithiumhub.com/lifepo4-batteries-what-they-are-and-why-theyre-the-best/
  8. Hey VtwinStorm Move on from AGM. All you’re doing is lugging an anchor around - & imo the old PC545’s are waaay overrated now. These have proved to be superior in every way in a V11 - even with Mike Rich HC pistons. Prismatic cells LiFePO4 battery with BMS (battery management system) is best. https://www.batterybusiness.com.au/store/product_detail/ssb-high-performance-lithium-battery-lh7l-bs Listed as suitable for Bimota 1100 SB6 four cylinder & TM 530 thumper engines - so our relatively lower compression twins are a breeze. So small - so light - in time any initial disbelieving trust issues just eventually evaporate away!
  9. Strewth! Popped in for a curious squiz Well… if we’re posting up eclectic tastes that yet somehow strangely fascinates - I’ll join in on the fun & add my weird odd job lot & …see myself out
  10. No knock sensor - I simply assumed it must have one but if not then - thanks. 👍😎 However, we also mustn’t forget the 15RC variant V11’s. The 15RC ECU of my bike has ample ability to adjust to different fuels - the O2 sensor information in closed loop feedback to the 15RC ECU allows for those fuel quality fine adjustments. Looking further into O2 equipped ECU’s - the STFT used for immediate adjustments is based on the O2 sensor detecting exhaust oxygen content changes (several times a second). LTFT learns from those STFT trends - & the adjusted values are then stored in memory. To wit, ”To adjust, or not to adjust, that is the question”
  11. So with regards to the ignition advance timing parameters… If ignition advance is continuously being trimmed subject to inputs - does the ECU receive any further feedback which in effect ‘checks the accuracy’ of those timing adjustments? Or is this something the knock sensor alone limits? For example - it seems the ECU has the ability to retard timing in response to a change in fuel from say 98 to 91 RON & thus avoid the damaging onset of engine knock automatically. So does this capacity extend to an ability to retard automatically in adapting to being dual plugged? Understanding the granularity of ECU timing advance adjusting trims is intriguing!
  12. Staging is lovely docc & while those lightening holes certainly add a certain cool factor - they do look ruggedly hefty! With gears replacing chains - if there’s any weight difference - is that weight difference in engineering terms normally calculated to be apportioned to the crankshaft assembly - or to the valve train?
  13. Looking forward to everyone’s reports back. Especially Scud’s (btw 4 rellies all pure-bloods Pete, triple vaxxed - bit like drinking Feral’s Hop Hog.. 3 pints are better just to make sure!) 🍺😆
  14. 4 relations over here got it - came thru without too much drama Let’s hope according to our #2 top doc… you should pull through no problem https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/former-deputy-chief-medical-officer-dr-nick-coatsworth-says-omicron-variant-is-clearly-not-as-threatening-as-influenza/news-story/9f7684fc26256ccccbddf2bf7ec3a142?amp
  15. Kevin Cameron’s latest interesting article. https://www.cycleworld.com/story/blogs/ask-kevin/lean-fuel-mixtures-for-motorcycles/ The Monza is still running better on its passive TJI - more vivacity & power with no problems so far - apart from always needing choke to start whether hot or cold. Anyone know if there is any information on how to easily retard the timing on a 15RC V11 - or is remap required?
  16. Ever bored on a long road trip…? The intrepid Sir Patrick Moore is the quintessential English raconteur. Heard once & you’ll never forget…
  17. Blue-by-you Pretty face - young tough little stocky birds can ride shaft too
  18. M9RR’s absolute best tyres I’ve ever experienced on the ScuraR. Pirelli Angel GT’s initially feel great - light & quick on the front - but that at first impressive feeling certainly wears off before long. Couple of thousand kilometres & front just feels average - can’t abide the rear squaring off so rapidly the fall over the squared lip cornering is meh unenjoyable. Never again. On the other hand these M9RR’s lean angle confidence is awesome - they allow my mind total focus modulating in through exiting the corner - without worrying “will my tyres still stick” & that to me is No.1 priceless! The rear shows no sign of squaring off - great even graduated wear. Curiosity is the only reason why I would try some other tyre - but if someone offered me one choice of tyre for free tyres for life - I’d choose & be happy to stick with the M9RR! Final oily comment - I’ve swapped between 180 & 170 sizes - as far as I’m concerned it’s mostly bull - 170 has less to do with it than the actual profile. The rear M9RR @180 feels just as or even more responsive turning than the AngelGT @170. A 5 millimetres difference each side imo is borderline bolderdash - in comparison to the influence of the actual manufactured tyre’s profile. YMMV but in fact checking the 170 assertion - obviously I’m too insensitive to feel 5ml of chicken strip edge difference - but I sure can feel & appreciate a tyres profile off dead centre straight away! +1 on long term… https://bikereview.com.au/tyre-test-metzeler-sportec-m9-rr-long-term-road-track/
  19. Your output is commendable docc ’Ere… here’s some extra stimulation! 😂 [docc edit: er, "nope." Image deleted]
  20. We always focus on the twin jugs - we shouldn’t overlook the ease of shaft drive Haha! Sometimes it’s enough - just to have a laugh!
  21. One is definitely tilted… & the other is slightly shifted
  22. Hmmm… product for leather protection …or protective leather products? 🤓
  23. First owner of my Scura R was a Manxman - it was only after testing its limits on a few laps around the TT course that he traded it back in for an Aprilia with Paul Dedman. After finalising deal with Paul I’d requested his contact & in speaking with him - I remember him saying he’d just wished it had more top end speed!! Guess some guy’s always look for more if it’s out there… Anyhoo I really dig Ashley Law competed the TT on a V11 Tenni tho!
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