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  1. Sorry LP - the confident delivery of your supposition is admirably clear but it’s still as much of a good guess in identifying the hick “cause” as a blind man in a dark room looking for a cat that isn’t there. Not actually saying you’re wrong - just saying you haven’t found it.
  2. YES PLEASE!👏 ...would absolutely love to hear the aural side effect one gets for their money. If it was somewhat akin to aural sex going hard thru the gears it might be a worthy accompaniment to a good set of pipes!
  3. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    I know it’s not a V11... (someday someone will) But dammit - it’sa mental TWIN TURBO GUZZI!! 🤪
  4. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    1700cc toy! 😂
  5. ScuRoo

    V11 Custom Builds

    Guessing the budget was fairly generous on this one..
  6. (200 kb only sucks with these sorts of topics) My wife thinks I’m on another oil thread... 🥸 Now, do you reckon that’s about 5W30 weight? Yes Darling, coming... Phwoarrr! That’s one well lubed Italian Nevada right there!!
  7. Not M7RR - they are now superseded by the 100% silica M9RR’s Better. Much!
  8. Guys... don’t bother with the Angel GT’s - not because they aren’t good. They were actually what I was running previously but tyre technology just keeps improving...! Do yourself a favour and get yourself a set of Metzeler M9RR’s. They are the bomb! Awesome dry grip lean angles beautiful feel... 👍😎
  9. Hey Bbennett One experience you should absolutely try first... Only fill your existing tank by 10 L consecutively for a minimum of 6 stops for gas. If you find you actually prefer that more than filling up 3 times... well then, you’re good to go so just go ahead and drop the hammer on the Benelli lookalike - seems a reasonable price. I like big tanks simply for the range aspect. Agree a lot of smaller tanks do look pretty good - but I’m yet to see a 21 L capacity tank that is much better looking than the V11’s - even those early versions that seem to have attached some sort of pouch on top for a sanitary pad.
  10. ...as per Jarno assume your ideal intended position!😆
  11. I’ll have to double check when I get back to my bike - but just by searching I think it’s this little unit https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/powertech-6v12v-7-state-intelligent-lead-acidlithiumlifep04-battery-charger-mb3902/
  12. FYI - Living in hot country (lithium’s don’t like cold apparently) I decided to experiment & installed a lightweight LiFePO4 battery some 18+ months ago... A whole 600 grams worth - which is literally like a pack of cigarettes in weight. Is 0.6kg equivalent to like 1.32 pounds? (Not sure if there’s a difference in UK 🇬🇧 vs USA 🇺🇸 pound variance..) Over 200 CCA which is more than a PC545 Odyssey I seem to remember.. The LH7L-BS is suitable for spinning over thumpers up to likes of Husqvarna 570cc so I figured if it can spin over one big cylinders compression it’ll probably cope with two per cycle. So far so good! Convert 👍😊 Ps. Before I developed confidence in battery I would fully top up before setting off for ride... amazing speedy charge rate of 15-20 minutes before charger green light lit up. Easy https://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/product/21870/lh7l-bs.html
  13. As an assertion this begs the question - does Piaggio waffle in isolation as some marketing USP - or does every motorcycle company have the same waffling modus operandi? There’s lies, damn lies & then there’s statistics! Translated: The crisis does not sink the two wheels. Maxi alliance in sight on the electric by Simonluca Pini After the close of 2020 with a drop in sales of 8.9%, in February the decline is even more contained: -6.35%. Piaggio Group, Ktm, Honda and Yamaha sign a letter of intent for the development and production of interchangeable batteries March 29, 2021 A little more than a year has passed since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic and many habits of Italians have changed, especially in terms of mobility. With the need to keep a greater social distance and avoid closed and crowded places as much as possible, motorized two-wheelers have proved to be the ideal vehicle for daily mobility. Thanks also to this aspect, the sector did not have a collapse like the four-wheel market, closing 2020 at -8.9% against -27.9% for cars, and for the year that has just begun, the February numbers suggest a recovery of the entire sector. To the need for mobility is added the desire for freedom, a sensation amplified by driving a motorcycle along the thousands of fascinating routes available in Italy from North to South. For this reason, the manufacturers have launched and will shortly present a long list of innovations capable of satisfying the demands of every motorcyclist, starting from unpublished scooters such as the new Piaggio Beverly up to the super sports cars of the caliber of the Ducati V4 SP. 2021 will also be the year of the celebrations for the century of Moto Guzzi's life, born in Mandello del Lario in 1921 and ready to celebrate the prestigious milestone with eleven new models and with a motorcycle rally in September that will attract fans from all over the world. as well as for the 75th anniversary of the Vespa. Passing through the Aprilia house, the new Tuono 660 stands out, while Ducati focuses on a long list of new products such as Monster and Multistrada V4. In the Touring sector there will be the greatest competition on the market, with the Benelli Trk 502 that will do everything to confirm itself as the best-selling in Italy while the renewed Bmw R 1250 Gs will have to contend with the long-awaited Harley-Davidson Pan America. For the Milwaukee brand it represents a real bet but the ingredients for success are all there starting from the liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine of 145 horsepower. In this list of news we cannot forget the Japanese front, starting from the renewed Honda Sh 350 up to the unpublished Yamaha Mt-07 and Mt-09. Among the novelties, the models destined for the electric market stand out, with the Italian Askoll able to sell its scooters directly on the web. As with cars, also in the motorcycle world the electric will lead to new technological-productive partnerships. Piaggio Group, Ktm, Honda and Yamaha have signed a letter of intent for the creation of a Consortium operating from May which will have the task of developing interchangeable batteries. This will also lead to the birth of international technical standards, with the aim of reducing costs for the entire supply chain. Returning to the numbers, in February the market showed strong differences between motorcycles and scooters: while the former recorded a significant growth (+ 18.89%), with 11,037 vehicles registered, motorcycles recorded a decline of 7.4%. , corresponding to 8,226 registered vehicles. Overall, registered vehicles totaled + 6.04%, equal to 19,263 vehicles placed on the market. Double-digit decline for mopeds, with 1,268 vehicles sold and a loss of 24.66% compared to the same period last year. In the first two months of the year, registered vehicles - thanks to a negative January and the poor performance of the motorcycles in February - recorded a drop of 3.79% equal to 31,569 registered vehicles. The good performance in February brings the scooter market in parity (-0.22%) equal to 17,055 vehicles, while motorcycles remain in negative territory with a decrease of 7.67% and 14,514 vehicles sold. The total market partially recovers the volumes lost in January, but nevertheless closed negative with a decrease of 6.35% and 33,978 vehicles placed on the market. If on the numbers front we will have to wait a few more months to be sure of the recovery of the market, good news arrives on the exhibition front. Honda has confirmed its participation in the next edition of Eicma, the International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition scheduled from 23 to 28 November in the pavilions of Fiera Milano, in Rho, and soon other manufacturers will announce their presence. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp24.ilsole24ore.com/pagina/ADoD2xOB
  14. Here I’ve selected recent pertinent quotes from translated links indicating current thinking/plans: The birthday present? "It is a very secret model, it will have a new engine and many other innovations that Guzzisti expect". “Yes, we are studying whether to go to lower displacements but not soon, also to meet young people. An entry level is not planned for the V85 TT enduro, rather we could think of variants of motorcycles with smaller displacements on crossovers. We work to create engine and chassis platforms on which to adapt different models. This next bike will be the basis for others. The new course of the second centenary will be seen in Mandello and Eicma " "But no, California does not die, sooner or later it will come back", Zanolini reassures us “An electric Guzzi? Nobody will escape from this - Zanolini tells us again - even if today we are still far away as a concept for the brand. We are certainly working on it with a dedicated division of the group and, when we consider it a mature technology, we will do it seriously ". https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.repubblica.it/motori/sezioni/moto/2021/03/12/news/cent_anni_da_guzzi_storia_e_futuro_di_un_fenomeno_tutto_italiano_diventato_globale-291908675/amp/ Communications Director of the Piaggio Group. “The Guzzi World Days will conclude a long series of events celebrating our centenary. On that occasion we will kick off two very important projects. The first is that which concerns the refurbishment of the Mandello production site. There is no other factory in the world in such an iconic location and so tied to the territory. We will present the project for the new plant and a very important experiential area within it, which means that the Piaggio Group believes in the production of Moto Guzzi in Mandello and has no intention of taking it to India, China or Thailand as many do. our competitors. “, reveals Zanolini with legitimate satisfaction also for this last not just underlining. What about the vehicle fleet? “We are working on the Moto Guzzi of the new centenary, the first of the second century of life. We will unveil it in Mandello, it will be a new bike, with a new concept, a new engine. Something that has never been seen in Guzzi until today. We want to start our second hundred years with product innovation, always remaining faithful to the heritage and values that have always inspired Moto Guzzi. " Mandello is confirmed as the true and irreplaceable heart, industrially but also from a philosophical point of view. .... Let's go beyond Guzzi and talk about what the bike represents today. Perhaps the strongest symbol of a desire for freedom that we have never felt so strong as today. “People no longer take public transport as before, those who have to come to work in big cities want to move with greater autonomy. After the first lockdown where many people have returned to the bike or have arrived at the first bike to enjoy the holidays in a slightly different way. It was difficult to use trains and planes. What is the best way to travel? The motorbike. Over time, this desire to use the bike for the pleasure of having fun, for the pleasure of riding it, is reconsolidating. It was a feeling that was getting old. The average age of the motorcyclist was rising alarmingly in the Western world. This wind is bringing fresh air that we love so much. Guzzi has always been synonymous with the journey in the mind of the momcyclist. The Guzzista has always been considered a great traveler. This moment shows us a positive light for motorcycles in general. " Do you expect the numbers to grow too, which translate into more sales? “We expect positive numbers Although we do not have a huge range, perhaps we are in the best condition compared to the period. With the V7 we have an excellent entry level, an easy and non-demanding bike in terms of costs and performance and can also be ridden by a motorcycle novice. Or it can be an excellent return bike for those who have temporarily abandoned them. With V85 we go into the world of more structured travel. This compactness of the range, which for us is a starting point for rebuilding the range of the future. " .... Is it still possible to attract millennials? "The authentic old-fashioned Guzzi driver is there and will always be there. In recent years Moto Guzzi has done a lot to rejuvenate its target. When I arrived at Piaggio in 2013, I told my 19-year-old nephew that I was starting this new experience and told him about the brands that were part of the galaxy. And when I named him Moto Guzzi he said to me: does it still exist? Then I started thinking, namely that if a 19-year-old knows what Moto Guzzi is but he doesn't know it still exists, then we have a problem, not even a particularly small one. The work that has been done in recent years, focusing heavily on the V7, which was perhaps the least Moto Guzzi, given that the classic Guzzi drivers were thinking of California, paid off. Many new drivers and many girls were very attracted to the V7. It represents a different language. We found ourselves speaking a language much closer to young people. Not having made radical innovations but having ridden the true Guzzi nature, that is of a simple, beautiful, not too expensive bike, with a style of his own for many years has been a winner. On top of that, the ease of customizing it, things that were only the preserve of Harleys, helped. We have created an official accessories catalog, something that previously only existed for American or British motorcycles. We have created quality merchandising. We invented the Moto Guzzi trophy, we brought the bike back to the track. Ten years ago the average Guzzista was over 50, now we can say that we have lowered this average by 10/12 years. " How important is it to be part of such a diverse galaxy as the Piaggio Group? “The technical engineering advantages are evident. We can afford to invest on a large scale in technologies that are used by all. Cultural contamination is fundamental. We remove ourselves from the risk of being too self-referential, from the tendency to feed only on that world. We are very multifaceted, we go from the 14-year-old scooter to all the higher targets. We have assigned a function to all brands. Vespa is life-style, Aprilia is the adrenaline of racing, Moto Guzzi is travel, Piaggio is commuting, or mobility, above all metropolitan. Everyone draws from other worlds what it takes to complete their own. If Guzzi had not been part of such a group, guaranteeing its survival would not have been possible. Everything contributed to making Guzzi grow. Six years ago we invented the "motoplex", we already have 800 in the world. They are stores that bring all four of our brands together. We have given many points of sale the chance to survive that perhaps with the Guzzi brand alone they would not have had. " Happy birthday, dear Moto Guzzi centenarian. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/mobilita.ilfoglio.it/mobilita-in-arrivo/moto/moto-guzzi-compie-100-anni-ma-si-sente-giovanissima/amp/
  15. Also, in the spirit of fairness let’s add these as another point of reference...
  16. “...the most butt ugly fairing.” Pfffft! A Hollywood helmet comparison? Really? Seen worse. (Eg.) Guareschi’ Carc platform Varano effort is laudable and as close to the MGS-01 as the brothers can adaptively get. Of all people they with their racing history should know! Colaninno’s description of the new 2021/22 engine as extraordinary in terms of performance & technology simply sets the bar higher for the new bike. What’s not valid or understandable in that concept? Conceptual discourse in relation to Colaninno’s announcement makes sense but nitpicking over details yet to be revealed can be a bit like can’t see the wood for the trees. What the devil is the point? Open to enlightenment tho... 🥸
  17. Peering at a fuse box in a Scottish factory, he said: “It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.” He later backtracked: “I meant to say cowboys.” ...I remember well the media beat up outrage at this infamous Prince Philip quip - but the deft recovery reported a few days later made it all the more infinitely hilarious - an absolute classic!! He was a great irreverent wag - the Queen will miss that for sure! End of an era HRH.
  18. https://m.facebook.com/guareschimoto/videos/1022466584936905/ This is the music! Still the benchmark Colaninno’s recent announcement has to exceed - anything less would put lie to the claims of ‘extraordinary...’
  19. FYI: ULEB The Ultra Low Emission Bike is a cooperation between GET Gas Engine Technology BV and htm-moto. The decisive factor for the development of the Ultra Low Emission Bikes was that the number of newly registered motorcycles worldwide increases every year, but the requirements for the "cleanliness" of the exhaust gases are disproportionately low. Source: Federal Environment Agency Germany The basis for achieving the EURO 4 standard for a motorcycle is the use of the most modern exhaust technology, which includes the following components: - heated, regulated three-way cat - secondary air system - own engine management system - heated lambda probes for each cylinder with cylinder selective Mixture control A Moto Guzzi V11 with an air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke engine serves as the basis for development (90 ° -V), longitudinal crankshaft and two OHV. Engine output of the original: 67 kW (91PS). The following were measured: - ECE-40 city cycle - EUDC Extra Urban Driving cycle - ADAC Autobahn cycle - MVEG (incl. Cold start) car cycle - WMTC New World Motorcycle Test Cycle After 3 years of development work, we reached an important interim goal in December 2000 - the EURO 3 standard. Only one year later in December 2001 we reached our real goal: Compliance with the EURO 4 standard under the conditions of WMTC driving cycle. Drivability and consumption The drivability of the Ultra Low Emission Bikes was rated by riders from the magazines Das Motorrad, Moto73 and touring riders, with the result "very good". The fuel consumption has been significantly reduced: 16.5: 1 [km / lit] ULEB 3.9 lit / 100 km @ 100 km / h 6.8 lit / 100 km @ 160 km / h 12.6: 1 [km / lit] standard V11 5.0 & 4.8 lit / 100 km @ 100 km / h 7.3 & 8.1 lit / 100 km @ 160 km / h Comparison between WMTC and MVEG driving cycle - The high-speed phase is significantly longer in the WMTC cycle (approx. 400s between 100km / h and 120km / h) - the MVEG cycle contains more idle phases - the WMTC cycle contains more acceleration cycles - the WMTC cycle is much more dynamic - the WMTC cycle requires more throttle opening - because of the longer measuring time, there is a longer one in the WMTC cycle Exhaust gas dilution instead Below you will find some measurement records of the cycles run: (click link) http://www.historical.get-bv.com/german/uleb.html
  20. If I can find the right link I’ll post it...! 👍😂 🍻 The courage to go further”, the whole Moto Guzzi story On Monday 15 March, on the exact day that the Moto Guzzi blows out its 100 candles, the Automotoclub Storico Italiano presents the preview of the documentary film entitled "The courage to go beyond". An independent project conceived by enthusiasts Massimo Zavaglia and Bruno Nava, produced by Alboran and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan. “The courage to go beyond” (written by Laura Motta and directed by Maurizio Pavone) is the story of the life of the three men who gave rise to the myth of Moto Guzzi: Giorgio Parodi, Carlo Guzzi and Giovanni Ravelli. It is the story of a fraternal bond from which, in the difficult years of the first post-war period, was born a project that became a successful entrepreneurial reality, which wrote important pages in Italian and world motorcycle history. Moto Guzzi is not just a brand that identifies beautiful, fast, technically avant-garde motorcycles and protagonists of memorable sporting victories. It is the expression of the human and professional history of those who made it possible to achieve a goal common to the men who have associated their name with that of the Mandello del Lario company.
  21. Speaking of looking in the right place.... all enterprises have to be concerned about what will be in the marketplace vying for their customers too...
  22. http://www.fuoritraiettoria.com/2-ruote/moto-guzzi-va10-dm10-superbike-potenza-storia-caratteristiche/
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