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  1. Ahem. That would be Skorpion.. and kool bike for sure.
  2. In most photo programs, you will see Direct, BB (bulletin board) code.. it has the .img.. and HTML. After the latest upgrade to this site, BB no longer works, and you have to choose "Direct."
  3. It sounds to me like lack of a Roper plate may have run the bottom end. At any rate, don't run it again without pulling the sump and seeing if that is the case. Have you done a lot of WFO acceleration?
  4. Nope, that didn't work, either. Apparently, Flickr doesn't play well. I downloaded it, put it in Imgzeit and used "direct." I'll try to remember. Thanks, Docc.
  5. Normally, when we are out over Xmas, you can't get much higher than Newcomb's. That's why I stay in the SMMs. Certainly, one of my most epic rides was when Guzzi Bob, two other old farts and I lit up the crest from the bottom to the top. Perfect day, and unforgettable...
  6. I normally spend my time in the Winter in the Santa Monicas. Old riding buddy, Guzzi Bob(RIP) lived near the crest. We rode literally thousands of miles together. I still miss him when I go out to SoCal..
  7. This is normally the time I start to think about going out to SoCal for 1000 miles or so of canyon riding. Not this year..
  8. That'll buff out.. but if you would want, they are rebuildable. Cheap.
  9. I *like* Pyro Dan, and his relays are very good. That said, for the V11S, Omrons are more better.
  10. Not necessarily the same manufacturer, but definitely the correct pitch diameter and pitch.
  11. ^^^^ Sacrilege. He shall be burned at the stake at dawn..
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