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  1. FWIW.. I can't remember the last time I changed the battery on the AeroLario clock, but it's been years..
  2. Sure it can. You *do* need to tune up the pre selector, though. I'm out of Lucky Phil Shifter Extenders, though.. so you are SOL there.
  3. We get our second shot tomorrow. At our advancing (how could that be??) years, we have been erring on the side of caution. We know several people that have had it, some almost died, and a couple of them did. For others, it was almost a non event. I'm thinking that things may never return to "normal" whatever that is.. but by fall it will be much better. I'm certainly missing rallies. (Guzzi content)
  4. Just put an ohm meter on the leads. "Some" resistance? It's ok. Naturally, open or shorted.. not so much.
  5. Welcome, and looking at your list I'll bet you would rather have an 1100 sport. They are more "mechanical." Nothing subtle about them. My Kid has a carb Spot and says it's the best credit card sport touring bike ever. The V11 Sports are definitely more refined, and the last of the *real* Guzzis. Both are kool..
  6. FWIW, pilots seem to like left hand turns better, too. Routine traffic patterns are left turns. I always assumed it was because the driver was sitting on the left side of the ship. I prefer sitting in the middle if possible, and really don't care. Same same with motorcycles. Either direction is fun. Just the same, for whatever reason.. people just seem to prefer left. Maybe it has to do with "handedness??" Dunno. I use each hand equally poorly.
  7. ^^^^ To the best of my knowledge.. no.
  8. With our straight high crowned chip and seal roads in Indiana, tires wearing on the left side more than the right is common. Sad, but true..
  9. ^^^^ I don't either. I could tell a tale, but I won't.
  10. Griso Girl.. a retired French fashion model. *Much* older than she looks if you look closely. Good rider, too. No, better than good.. fast.
  11. Rule of thumb: if the knob sticks out of the left side, it's left hand thread, and vice versa.
  12. A couple of years or so ago, The Kid on his carb Spot and I on the Mighty Scura spent a week hooning around the Smokies. Arrived at Wheels through time on a slow day (fortunately) and when he realized we were serious gear heads gave us an all day tour. (!) It must have been the Guzzi shirts.
  13. Lay down the tools, back away from the machine, and nobody gets hurt.. That sucker is super easy to cross thread. It's perpendicular to the block, but there's an optical illusion of sorts when eyeballing the sump. This very thing is what caused me to buy a metric thread file 20 some years ago..
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