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  1. My bad. I blame Buffalo Trace..
  2. Uhh some kind of glitch when posting..?
  3. Let me preface this. I like and respect both Todd and Pete. Both have treated me like family. Rox's LeMans is the best running stock LeMans I've ever ridden. That's all I'll say about that. Todd has always been more than fair with me, and that interaction is all I have to go on. For instance, I took two tires and wheels to his shop to be installed, and he tried to charge me $40. That's not going to happen.. the local dealers in Indiana want $40 a wheel.. so I bought him a beer. Or two. I've never had any financial dealings with Pete except he gave me the Mighty Scura. (!) I *did* write a check in the suggested amount to one of his internet friends who's son was dying of cancer, though..
  4. A Monza is like that.. and you look cool doing it.
  5. ^^^^The Mighty Scura is *quite a bit* higher than that, so I wouldn't worry about bumping it up.
  6. I have a hard time thinking of anything good about reusing an oil filter.
  7. The drain hole is an elongated slot where the oil is running out. I'll have to admit that I had a laugh when I saw the pictures. Sorry. You are *not* the first, though. It'll be ok. Do what Pressureangle says. Maybe a little over a quart of mineral spirits..
  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you've just lubricated your clutch. The transmission oil fill is just aft of the speedo drive.
  9. I *think* that oil filter is the stainless screen that you clean and reuse. If it is, I'd give it the flotation test.
  10. The 429 was an up sized Cleveland. After all, an engine is just an air pump, and those Cleveland heads were really good at it.
  11. You'll probably be shocked at idle oil pressure when hot..
  12. For making horsepower per cubic inch. Back in the day, the Cleveland ruled..
  13. ^^^^^I built a 351 Cleveland, turbo charged it, and had a 600 Holley double pumper. It wasn't enough carb. (!) Ended up with a 750. Bad mofo, that was.. Used a primitive water/alcohol injection into the secondaries metered with an aquarium needle valve. Used a windshield washer pump triggered with a pressure gizmo (technical term) in the intake manifold when the manifold came up to 2 psi positive.
  14. No, they're Shinkos. They are..uh.. ok for what I use this bike for in the plains of Indiana.
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