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  1. Dorcia thought she's take me to this for Valentine's day. Maybe hit another brewery, go out to eat, stay overnight. She's such a good girl.. Any recommendations, Tim?
  2. Yeah, some sort of vent tube, not standard. Needs Roper plate. $3500.
  3. Good choice. They would probably screw up the shimming and trash your new stuff to boot.
  4. Attaboy. The material looks like glass filled polypropylene that we used to mold high strength parts out of at GM. When making prototypes, I used much the same process. I had a big hunker soldering iron that would make (sort of) a bead that I filled with the same material.
  5. You'll look good on it..
  6. Oh yeah. 5-6K in the canyons.. Careful, now..be *very* smooth with the throttle as you add it through the turn. Whew! These things sound amazing.. Chuck, Deacon Church of Guzzi
  7. Congratulations. Now, I won't have to find that picture of the same thing I made up. I put the nozzle on the lathe and turned a little taper and chamfer on it to help. Third attempt is pretty good.
  8. A friend brought a swingarm to me because he couldn't get the bearing out. I brought out my blind bearing puller and tackled it with a grin. I couldn't get it out, either. I ended up welding a (don't remember) nut or bolt on the bearing and jacking it out. Nasty job, probably took an hour.
  9. From my maintenance records.. Rear suspension Rebound 24 clicks from full soft, compression 12 clicks from full soft. We're "about" the same weight. This was on the Mighty Scura.
  10. Must....keep....wallet....closed..... Red...
  11. Chuck

    Scura clutch

    Thanks for that, Phil.. I'll relay the info to Mark.
  12. I think there is a possibility of this stuff working. Guzzi Bob (RIP) used to slime his tubes on his T3 and Green frame. He said, sometimes the tubes would come out looking like a porcupine at tire change, but he never had a flat.
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