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  1. ^^^^^^ Red Foxx on a "behind the counter" record back in the day.. On the same one, he had a pharmaceutical called "Rise." For men over 45. Made by Upjohn Laboratories. You have to swallow it fast, or it'll make your neck hard. (rimshot)
  2. I personally think it is involved with fueling.. or maybe needing to be a little rich in that area to cover up poor ignition.
  3. Yes. That was the *last* issue I had after I finally had it running perfectly, except it would hiccup very occasionally at 3400 rpm (from memory) The final solution was the brass temp sensor holder. When I was playing with the CO setting on the Mighty Scura, I could get the hiccup when it was too lean, FWIW.
  4. Sorry, I've forgotten your name. From Leafman:
  5. That was one of the things I tried when sorting the Centauro back in the day. It didn't help.
  6. Just what does that include, Paul?
  7. I *think* they lightened the Centauro flywheel a bit. I did a lightened flywheel assembly for The Kid many years ago, but apparently the assembly is the only one I took a picture of.
  8. Of course, the Mighty Scura isn't stock.. but when I first checked it, it was at +40. (!) Set it at 0 and rode it for a bit. There was a some lean stumble. Set it at +20. Had a hiccup at low rpm. Back to +40. Plugs look good, mileage is around 40 mpg. Whether or not the Power Commander affects this.. IDK, but it runs beautifully.
  9. What footgoose sez. A buffing wheel, rouge, a little elbow grease, and they'll look like a pewter dollar in no time. Wipe them down one last time after installation, and they'll eventually turn golden. Fingerprints, oil, etc. will have to be looked after, or they'll get splotchy. (technical term)
  10. I would think so. I wouldn't think so. It's a corrosion inhibitor, not something that removes corrosion as far as I know.
  11. Aircraft spruce are shipping rip off artists. They'll ship for free with a $350 order, though. They wanted $140 to ship a piece of 1/32 X 48 X 48 plywood. I called them and said they could roll it and put it in a cardboard box. Only $46 for that 3 lb. box. What are you gonna do? They pretty much have a monopoly. Fortunately, I can get 4130 tubing in Indy. and ACS can kiss my.. oh never mind..
  12. The first time I saw the valve train of a Guzzi, I thought.. "Aircraft engine." The bottom end is .. uh.. sturdy. I'd fly one any time.
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