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  1. That is a common problem with the big blocks. Your differing amount of washers doesn't mean squat. It happened to The Kid the first time he rode his Spot in anger in the Appalachians. You'll notice the gasket gets sucked inward. His was sucked inward in the same place. Use the gaskets with metal core. He's the best mechanic I know, and he knows how to properly install a gasket. We did a field repair with gasket goo that got us through the trip, then he installed the "good" gaskets. 2017-06-04_01-31-41 by Charles Stottlemyer, on Flickr
  2. Yeah, I'm sure Scud has some. Don't worry, be happy. It was always on the back of my mind, too. It's *possible* to change one on the side of the road, but I'd hate to try it.
  3. Guzzi delivered Norges with the Bosch 3330 for a while. These supposedly cross reference. I always use the 3330. It's an ok if not spectacular filter.. Purolator PL14476 / PL14477 Mobil1 M1-102 Mobil1 M1MC-131 Mobil1 M1MC-132 (CHrome) Bosch 3330 Walmart Supertech ST4967 / 4386 AMSOil SMF 133/134/135 Baldwin B33 / B37 Fram PH4967 Hastings Lh410 / LF 413 HiFlo HF199 K&N KN-170 NAPA 1394 Purolator ML16822 WIX 51394 / 51396
  4. I used to have VDST on a Palm Pilot and it was much better than nothing. Just the same, Guzzidiag does so much more and costs so much less..
  5. Oh, boy.. an oil filter thread. You literally couldn't give me an UFI. There have been many manufacturing QC "difficulties" over the years. Bad gaskets, leaking at the seam, and poor paint prep. I'm *pretty* sure that a run of bad gaskets caused the whole "hose clamp" fiasco. Guzzi delivered bikes with the Bosch 3330 for a while during one of UFIs screw ups. The made in Mexico Frams used to be crap. Dunno any more.
  6. I repainted a rear drive one time with the Harley paint.. and to me it looks more coarse. I really doubt that it will be noticeable as a patch, though.
  7. Well, if a guy *has* to have a V11S, I suppose those two are ok...
  8. Always glad to see a satisfied customer..
  9. The old spring is not OK. It has already taken a "set" from over travel, and will break sooner of later.. your number one rule on tinkering is spot on, however.
  10. DeOxit is magic in a can. Trust me on this. Your Siemans relays are OEM, and known to fail. I have a drawer full of them that I've replaced on Guzzis. Get some good relays, take apart electrical connections, squirt some DeOxit on them, insert, wiggle around.. oh you know.. do a tuneup, and you'll be good to go. Welcome to the best place on Earth if you have a V11S, btw..
  11. ^^^^ True. For it to run really badly.. requires a massive vacuum leak. Like a backfire causing a throttle body to come loose from the rubber. Don't ask me how I know this..
  12. Chuck

    Tech Spec Tank Grip

    ^^^^Yeah, when the old farts complain about their wrists and neck hurting as they age, I always say.. "Hit the gym. Build your core strength." It put me back on sport bikes when I was 60, and I still ride em.. er, *several* years later.
  13. I have had that problem with a leaking "candle" boot.. but you said you'd checked the wires. It's really hard to diagnose this problem from a continent away, though. Only starting with the throttle open a bit is normal. Not idling, of course, is not. Coughing and unevenly firing, combined with not idling "sounds" like a vacuum leak.. but maybe not. My guess is you will find your problem there.. but maybe not.
  14. Hmmm. I've had a hard time finding anything good to say about Lazertecs. I appreciate your riding abilities, and this is a first..
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