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  1. This. Hopefully, he'll get through it.
  2. ^^^^ Docc for the win!
  3. Dang! I have all of that stuff, including the mechanical tachometer, although it's considerably simplified. I can't believe it's all antique..
  4. A little off topic from "that" suspension.. but Guzzi Bob (RIP) and I were leading the pack on a less than perfect central California road when he motioned for me to pass. At the next rest stop, he said.. "I was going as fast as I wanted, but you were pushing me for the first time." I said, "let's face it, Ohlins wins out over your 1000S suspension on a rough road. It has nothing to do with who is the best rider." It's true. That's the difference, really.
  5. I would avoid Fram. I *think* the Walmart brand that fits is ok.. forgot the number, and who makes it. Guzzi delivered new bikes with the Bosch 3330 at one time.. I've used them for years. I would also avoid the UFI.. there have been many issues with it.
  6. There is kind of a "drill" to install them, but they fit ok on mine. Not unlike fitting up a cowling on some airplanes,.
  7. Ok, everyone that wants a lucky Phil extender.. send me a PM or email to 59dotchuck(at) g mail dot com with your mailing address. If I get 10, I'll order material.
  8. Good luck with that.. Those fall into Pete's RHS area.. maybe someone will have one, though.
  9. Hi, Kelly.. you are number 8. I have no idea about time line or if we get 10 that want them. I would have to order material from a place that may or may not be open, and get the stuff that doesn't matter done by a water jet shop that may or may not be open, either. This thread is where it all happens. What I've been doing is have you send me an email or PM with your shipping info, and when I ship them out tell you how much shipping is. Shipping has been running roughly $3.50 US to roughly $15 US for furriners, except Kanukistanians, which are around $8.50 from memory. People can either paypal, personal check, barter for beer, etc. Previously, after having material in hand it takes a couple of weeks to work into the water jet shop's schedule, then run them on the cnc, form them, bead blast and paint them.
  10. ^^^^^ That's 6 that I remember. Everybody that wants one (or several) chime in. I'll (with any luck at all) make it happen.
  11. That's a *really* nice guitar she's strummin, but I guess she can afford it.
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