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  1. " Does anyone know of it happening in Guzzi's? Sure it does. No big deal to fix.
  2. It's not necessary on those variants.
  3. My wife often wonders why I'm awake thinking at 3am. I've always said I do my best work in bed.. Good find, and a cautionary note to remind us that if a little sealer is good, a lot is not.
  4. Chuck


  5. I find it hard to believe by virtue of its design that this valve wont have some leakage past the seal face before crack pressure is reached. Hmm, couldn't figure out how to add a quote.. but.. it'll have some leakage. From memory 🙄 it starts about 20 lbs or so before blow off. Maybe your spring *is* sacked. Dunno. Charlie says he can get them to motorboat, but I couldn't.
  6. One of the problems I have with modern bikes is the electronics being noodled.
  7. Step son Jim in SoCal was rehabbing his garage and found a good sized granite surface plate. When we were out a couple of years ago, he asked me what it was and if I wanted it. (!) Told him I'd love to have it, but shipping would cost more than it's worth. Just the year before, we were out there with the van, and I could have brought it home.
  8. Thanks for the video. Very nice. Hopefully they sell a boat load of them.
  9. Always good for a grin in the morning..
  10. Chuck

    Ebay Greenie 3K

    You wouldn't think a Greenie would last long at 3K..
  11. Agreed. When I did the Aero engine into the Lario project, I bought a (gasp) Harbor Freight lift. Shortly into the project, I wondered why I hadn't bought one 20 years ago..
  12. The star of the show..
  13. Chuck

    Ebay Greenie 3K

    This one.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2001-Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport/264219393743?hash=item3d84b3fecf:g:NXEAAOSw0IBcePqO:rk:31:pf:0 Thread is here: https://wildguzzi.com/forum/index.php?topic=99941.0 Needless to say, I gots no dawg in this fight..looks to me that it might be a good deal for a greenie.
  14. Chuck

    Ebay Greenie 3K

    Pix on WG if anyone needs one..
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