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  1. Sorry, you are the second to inquire after this batch sold out. This is sounding like a broken record, but if I get 10 that want one.. I'll take material to the water jet shop.
  2. Always good to hear from a satisfied customer..and thanks for the generous beer money..
  3. True. My 98 Centauro was supposedly the touring model with the windshield I don't think they ever made.. and the abbreviated "luggage rack." It did have the rack, but had the sport chin fairing and instrument cluster fairing. It was anthracite, which to the best of my knowledge was never a sport Centauro color. Apparently, they just used what they had that day. I've said before that the only reason they assembled them was to make sure you got all the parts. I started my long love affair with the spineys though.
  4. I have a pair of them is someone needs them Apparently unused off a Rosso.
  5. Well, the latest Lucky Phil Shifter Extender job is in the books. All have been shipped and all have paid. (!) There was an overpayment or two. One grossly over paid. (!!) Gotta love Guzzi Guys. To those guys that overpaid.. don't worry, I'll put it to good use. Most likely fuel for the helicopter that I use to take out to the yacht that I bought with Extender money.. or maybe beer. Thanks all! You guys rock..
  6. Unbelievable! 3 days to San Francisco?? DeJoy's slow the mail down plan failed on that one.. As soon as Ken PMs me his address there will be one left.
  7. Chuck

    G5 bucking

    Now it sounds electrical. Weak ignition will only fire a closely gapped spark plug or a very rich mixture. I would look there next. If you still have the old condensers, they are most likely better than new ones.
  8. Alrighty, now.. they are winging your way as we type. I've sent a PM or email to all. Please excuse the stilted language, I just copied and pasted the message and changed the amount as necessary. Thanks to all that have participated in this last run of shifter extenders. I know, I've said that before, but these are the best of the lot, IMHO. Rare and highly collectible, of course. Back to work on the airplane project..
  9. Update: All the Lucky Phil Shifter Extenders are packed and labeled. Still need to fill out customs declarations in triplicate, and the mailing department will take them to the post office. Once she gets the exact mailing cost, no fondling charge.. I'll PM each of you with the total. Whew! Kind of reminds me of work..
  10. It was just pay back to the community for all it does for V11S.
  11. For those that have been patiently waiting.. I haven't forgotten. Finished up machining and forming today, and have them in the parts washer. Still need to bead blast and powder coat. As one of our members says, though.. Comma but. I have one or two days left on the wing that is in the shop, and it has to be moved out before I can move the Ancient Airlines High Tech Powder Coater Oven (tm) in. We'll most likely ship early next week assuming the shipping department doesn't drop the ball.
  12. I'm building this thing for something to do. It has been enjoyable and has given me something to do.
  13. Material is still at the water jet shop. No matter.. I'm covering wings right now.
  14. Yeah, my sweetie loves art deco. When we built our house she was the "designer" and I was the "making it happen" person. Here are our bookends on the coffee table books area.. When she was out in SoCal, I found and pulled wires, put a new switch in, put a new socket in, found the bulbs, did some paint work, etc. for her birthday. I think is is more Jetsons than Art deco.. but she loves it, and so do I.
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