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  1. I wouldn't need it back.
  2. What I could do is send you the one off of the Mighty Scura, and use one of my non QC approved blanks, form it up and save it for myself. It would have to be after the Wisconsin rally, though. Maybe later this fall after the rally season is over?
  3. I have three of the original prototypes that I hand made if Scud is out.
  4. Wow. I'm surprised at that. Did Ron K get his? We talked at the Virginia rally, and he said he'd get with you..
  5. So *that's* what that cable thing is for..
  6. That sounds like the Mighty Scura. The light starts coming on around 160-165 miles. There is a little less than a gallon useable at that point.
  7. Since you have nothing to lose at this point.. try this.. Take your Copper Hammer and a small prick punch, and put a gazillion punch marks around the ID of the bore. Leave the outer 1/8" unmarred so the bearing will start straight. Lube the outer race, (Lubriplate is good) and press that bad boy in there. The worse thing that can happen is you will have to sleeve it anyway, and this will probably work.
  8. Internal spacer length should be 113mm.
  9. Pulling off the lead and grounding it will test the bulb. Uh.. with the key on. Checking resistance between the two wires on the sensor will show *some* on a good one, probably open on a failed one. It's a thermistor, and resistance varies with temperature.
  10. No doubt your are the first to have this happen. I believe it has to do with conjunction of the planets. They are aligned when the grease gun finally slips on.. then while pumping, one of them wobbles on it's orbit a bit.
  11. Of course it's possible that you knocked the pressure sender wire loose, and it's grounding out.. but I'm betting on Luhbo's 2 gasket issue. Don't worry about not pre filling the filter. That really makes no difference. There are many old wives around, and this is one of their tales..
  12. Welcome, Jim.. the fairing works well, the paint may or may not fall off/look bad. The Ti exhaust sound is sublime. Billy Bobs are scarce on the ground, as you well know. I, personally, prefer the Ohlins bikes.. but the 'Zook bikes aint' chopped liver. As we both know, life is too short. I'd grab it, play with it, and keep my eye out for that BB that may or may not turn up.
  13. Yeah, once you get to the Ohio river there are many choices heading south. It all depends on how much time you have to get from point A to point B.
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