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  1. The only issue I see is that one lead is awfully close to the ECU and/or ECU ground wire. Yeah, I know.. it's insulated, but I'd get it away from there just the same.
  2. When I got my Rosso Corsa, the rear rotor was blue and cone shaped. (!) The bolts sounded like a gun going off there was so much pressure on them. The brake line was routed incorrectly. I'm thinking it was too close to the exhaust system, got hot, and held the brakes on. Dunno. I bought a new rotor and caliper and made sure the line was routed correctly and totally bled. I've read of improper bleeding causing this issue too. Yes, you should be able to push the pucks back into the caliper.
  3. The analog is definitely easier to read.
  4. Your translator is *very* good. Much better than when you first came here. I'm impressed..
  5. Unfortunately, riders..just like pilots.. are human. That's why there are check lists for airplanes. All it takes is for something to interfere with your "start up" routine, and you *will* forget to put up the sidestand. I don't disable that stuff.
  6. You are no doubt the first guy that has discovered that..
  7. Chuck

    Unread content?

    Hmmmm. I just click "unread content." There'll be a list of that. I'll look for the last reply time/date thingy.. Edit: Nope, don't see anything like that. Ok, Gots it. There is a little clock thingy.. It's hard to teach an ol dawg new tricks.
  8. Chuck

    Riding gear

    Ear plugs are a necessity. Period. The wind noise alone will damage your hearing. Trust me on this..
  9. Chuck

    Unread content?

    Nope, on my computer. Win 10.
  10. Chuck

    Unread content?

    No matter how many times I click take me to the latest post, it defaults back to showing the first post in the thread.
  11. Chuck


    Yeah, I've dealt with those things. Just use a cap screw, and consider yourself lucky it fell out.
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