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  1. Thanks, Docc. Found it on Amazon.
  2. Story? I was going to the Ohio rally, when I was passed by two Break My Wallets with all kinds of anti detection stuff like I was sitting still. I thought "oh boy, rabbits," and stayed behind them just far enough to barely keep them in sight. We flew across Indiana and well into Ohio at go straight to jail speeds, when I came to a corner and didn't see them. "Uh oh." Got off the throttle and was only doing 70 when I saw the trooper. Naturally, he lit me up, and I was stopping before he even made the highway. It was the most enjoyable traffic stop I'd ever had, though. He was friendly and we literally shot the shit for a half hour. Didn't make me unpack the bike to show proof if insurance. Nice guy that got a grin that he was giving a speeding ticket to an old guy on an Italian motorcycle. I asked him to take the picture. The reason for the shit eating grin?? He didn't get me about 30 seconds before.. I didn't mention that, though.
  3. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2021/10/how-aviation-pioneer-glenn-curtiss-set-a-136-mph-land-speed-record-with-his-v8-powered-motorcycle/ " All I could see was a streak of beach with wild surf on one side, sand hills on the other and a black spot where the crowd was. The machine set up a terrific and inexplicable vibration; it was so great that it did not create wholly comforting thoughts.” One of my heros.. Really good with engines. If the Wright bros. had let them be their engine guy.. oh, well, doesn't matter.
  4. Oh, I agree the old girl would much prefer that, but the Skorpion is a really sweet ride, and much lighter. (sigh) One of the prospective keepers is in Kentucky. That would be a good thing. I remember that day in the Santa Monicas well, although I was pretty under the weather. I almost called it off, but decided to suck it up. I'm glad I did.
  5. Hiya Paul..hope you are doing well, too. Well, as you can see, the Napoleon's hadn't been installed yet. The Mighty Scura has 38820 (bitchin) miles. The pro grips gel *do* make a noticeable difference.. As I..er.. mature.. the old girl is getting a little heavy. I'm thinning out the herd to the AeroLario being my "wind up" bike. The over 100,000 mile G5 went to a good home (and happy customer) last summer. Just put a new Conti Road Attack3 on the rear for the next keeper. She interviewed a couple of guys at the Kentucky rally this fall. "Oh, Gawd.. I really need that bike, but don't have the money right now." I don't need money, so I'll wait unless some other qualified prospect comes along. Another friend wants the old girl. He's an aircraft mechanic, and would be another good keeper. I want her to be kept in the manner that she has become accustomed..
  6. The Mighty Scura now has black Napoleons here in the midwest where it's more important to see if that's a cop car behind you than being narrow for lane splitting in SoCal.
  7. The Mighty Scura came with aftermarket clipons. While changing from knockoffs to real Lane Splitters, I found the clipons were loaded with lead shot. Decided to remove it, and found it had made a significant difference. Put it back..
  8. There is a little price issue, too. Looking at my navigation app, I'm seeing prices locally from $5.15 to $7.29..
  9. I depatinized the fasteners on the Mighty Scura when I brought it back from SoCal. The Skorp? Not so much. I *did* get the worst of it off, though. It's an awesome little motorbike, just the same.
  10. Well, it *was* a Boeing, but it wasn't a Stearman. The second leg of the journey last night was supposed to be on a Max but it had an electrical failure (surprise surprise) and we had to traipse over to another terminal, wait some more, then wait for an hour for our luggage to show up in Indy. It was a long day and night. Still beats walking, though..
  11. You are more than welcome, Mr. Scudder. With great power comes great responsibility.. I hope nothing washed away.
  12. I tried to be. Spent 2 days bringing the MZ out of hibernation and cleaning the biggest part of the rust and corrosion..two years of sitting beside the ocean is not kind to a machine.. and then the rains came.
  13. from California making it rain. *Somebody's* gotta do it, and they leave it to me. I hadn't been out in 2 years, so they were in pretty dire straits. They don't have to worry for a while now.. "unprecedented" rain fall and cold temps for 3 weeks in the LA area. Naturally, it turned sunny and started warming up when we left. For whatever reason.. my Galaxy Tab4 doesn't play well with this site. Won't let me post or answer PMs, etc.
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