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  1. Welcome, Anuar.. I'll bet the Rossa is really unusual in Malaysia.. Of course, we need pictures.
  2. I would *assume* Beetle does a map for them?
  3. We would have loved to be there, but were dealing with a death in our (aviation) family.. The spine raid rocks.
  4. Chuck

    My Scura Build.

    Titanium is 1.67 times the weight of wrought aluminum, 1.64 times the strength of 7075 and 2.44 times the strength of 6061. I still would skeletonize very carefully..
  5. Chuck

    My Scura Build.

    I would give considerable thought to the structural integrity of that mod. I'm not saying don't do it, but just make sure you know what you are doing..
  6. I'm definitely no sparky, but if I were going to add another relay, I'd make it the starter relay. Fused feed to 30, trigger it with the solenoid wire, and run a 16 gauge wire to the solenoid. KR will be along shortly to tell me why that won't work.
  7. Ahem. I've looked, but I do *not* see a hammer. I see rear drives galore, and a flashlight.. but..
  8. Not good. Relay manufacturers will tell you to keep that stuff away from their relays. There is some chemistry involved, but I would never use dielectric grease on any bike that has relays, except for the spark plug boots. Period. Apparently, it can even cause gas that travels in the wiring harness and get to the relays.
  9. Is pretty much the rule on all old Guzzis.
  10. Well, you did, too, old timer.. Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you, but being a rock star with the AeroLario and all..I had to spend quite a bit of time with my fans.
  11. Well, I coulda been, but that was last year. No, this year for the first time in memory we're not going *anywhere.* I'm actually tired of travelling. Must be getting old..
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