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  1. That's a fact, and I've seen it. During the annual inspection of an aircraft, one of the things you do is remove the fuel line from the gascolator to the carb and carefully look through it.
  2. I don't know about it running fine stock. The Kid's Greenie was hard to ride..
  3. Are the two steel "ears" with it?
  4. Que Roper in 3...2...1. A Power Commander works, but is really old technology. With GuzziDiag, you can load a new map, which is a much more elegant solution.
  5. Thanks, Bill. You really should take care around that rowdy bunch, though. They might lead you down the path..
  6. I'm cautiously optimistic. They've been in service long enough by now that if they were going to break, we'd have heard of at least one.. Unlike the OEM design, the spring calculator says they "shouldn't" break.
  7. I think you are on the right track by draining the tank and getting *all* the water out of it. Of course, that may not be it, but.. (settling in to camp chair around the fire) Let me tell you a story. One time a guy asked me what was wrong with his Luscombe. His little 65 horsepower Continental would purr along.. hiccup.. then continue purring. He said he was getting afraid to fly it. I said, "You didn't drain the carb at the annual inspection like you are supposed to, did you?" "Uhh, no." We did that, and he lived happily ever after. Water is funny stuff.
  8. Weird. Dorcia and I have sat in stop and go traffic at the Daytona bike week and clown show with the Centauro for extended periods without any heat related issues at all. I dunno..
  9. Chuck

    2000 Sport

    At the Indiana Guzzi lunch Sunday, a guy told me he knew of a Greenie with bags for $2500. I told him buy it..
  10. I dunno.. I had a 64 when I was a kid, and I couldn't kill it. Need I say I'd like to have it back?
  11. Like Mark Etheridge said to me.. " You going to put that money in your casket, are ya?"
  12. When I was going through the Centauro, I used the depth measurement end on the calipers. I would no doubt permanently affix the sensor to the flywheel using the JB method.
  13. ^^^^^Like I said, I have a dollar riding on it. I had to let the moths out of my billfold to make sure I had one.. (Guzzi content)
  14. The thing about machinery is it won't give you grief on purpose, unlike (ahem) some people. Patience and Perseverance *will* get to the bottom of it.
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