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  1. Thanks Guzzimoto It's a valuable contribution to the archives of V11 info! It's info and observations like this that make these ole tarts the better for all of us to enjoy eh! Cheers Guzzler
  2. G'day mate I too had a heart in mouth moment years ago with the standard V11 forks! Hammering hard into a left hand sweeper which tightened a fair bit then unbeknownst to me the bloody road ends in a t junction!! As I'm heeled over the front hits a pothole and the bloody front end bounces up and deflects to the right a good 12 inches or so it felt! Managed to get it under control and HARD on the brakes and stopped JUST in time. It scared the crap outa me at the time eh. Ha ha that was about 8 years ago and remember it vividly. I got the front end resprung/ va
  3. No worries mate. No way in hades will P.S ever touch my Greenie!! Cheers Guzzler
  4. G'day again I only really notice it on crappy roadworks where overbanding is present! This is where they pour new asphalt over the surface but not over the whole road ( or lane ) so that effectively the tyre can be riding on two different height surfaces. Fortunately we don't have grooved ( or much anyways ) roads here and only rears it's ugly head in the above situation so I'm not too concerned eh. They are a good sporty tyre but I may opt for a slightly slower steering tyre ( maybe ) next time? Cheers Guzzler Ps I was tempted to try the lasertec 01 but went with
  5. G'day mate. Let us know what you think of them after you've got a few K's on them. I found the very light steering a bit weird to start with especially as the first ride was in pretty ordinary conditions! But you get used to that pretty quickly and I do like them. Cheers Guzzler Ps oh they do track road imperfections a little ( read crappy road works - the car does it on the same stretch too! ) as noted by some but that doesn't bother me.
  6. Thanks Pete I meant to mention that Brad would likely be booked out for ages! Yep, both blokes are bloody good and great to deal with as well. Cheers Guzzler Ps I'd better get get back to work ha ha
  7. G'day mate. Welcome to the fold! Once you've got it sorted you'll love it eh. I'm no mechanic but I can highly recommend a couple of local blokes who are VERY VERY GOOD! Brad Black ( Brad the Bike Boy ) in Oakleigh is closer to you. Rob Grant ( Guzzi Repairs ) in Cranbourne. Cheers Guzzler
  8. guzzler

    Tank bag

    G'day mate. Yes I did buy the Oxford bag and am quite happy with it! Having said that I have yet to get out on a trip to try it out ha ha. I have fitted it to the bike though and it fits with no apparent issues and can't wait to get out on the road with it. Hope to get away for a 2 x day ride sometime this month and test it out now that the planets seem to be aligning to enable this! He types with fingers crossed! Cheers Guzzler Ps if I can get away will advise how it goes.
  9. Yep I won't put anything but the PC 545 in mine ! The ole tart is turning 20 years old this year and I replaced the original Spark years ago with the PC 545 which as Doc says is same thing. That lasted until about a year ago. So in 20 years she's 12 months into her third battery ! They never get charged but then again I ride all year round here, But having said that she sat unridden for 3 months ( still can't believe that ) when we moved house about 7 years ago and still fired up no issues!! So I'm sticking with the PC 545. Cheers Guzzler
  10. G'day all. After the madness of 2020, ( and unfortunately for many, it continues !) Just wanted to wish all V11 addicts a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Stay safe and I hope that 2021 lets us all do more of what we missed a great deal of this year Spending time with loved ones and riding our V11's!! Cheers Guzzler
  11. Bloody hell that would take you to the edge all right!! Edge of the galaxy perhaps? Cheers Guzzler
  12. I've got Pirelli Gt11 on my green one and run 35 f 38 rear. Works for me. Cheers Guzzler
  13. I also have Mistral carbon cans with no baffles! Really don't think the sound is offensive at all, in fact I love it. My wife who is not into bikes in any way also thinks the greenie sounds really good too! And she winces when ever the shotgun piped /unbaffled Harleys go past as well so does know the difference eh. Cheers Guzzler
  14. Gee, condolences on your Mother in Law mate. As for the young fella, good luck to him, they (Vic Pol ) need more good people. I gotta say though I've been bloody impressed with them any time I've had any interactions of late due to this virus/lockdown etc. Cheers Guzzler.
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