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  1. G'day( or good evening in the Northern hemisphere ) mate ! That sounds right ( I'm not that well versed in these matters ). It was Brad Black ( Brad the Bike Boy), a well known ( world wide actually ) Ducati mechanic who suggested putting it on when my original one gave up the ghost many moons ago.He swears by them so I figured if he recommends them they must be the way to go! Never had cause to even think about it again and I ride year round here in Victoria ( well Covid lockdowns excluded ) and don't ever charge the battery. Anyway mate you shouldn't have to think about y
  2. G'day mate I 've had a Shendengan Reg/rec on my bike for about 10 or more years! Yep they are good! Anyways I don't have the battery light on mine as I remember Brad ( mechanic ) mentioning that this couldn't be connected!! Something about 3 wires and only 2 connections?Or something along those lines. I look at it as a small price to pay for not having to worry about reg/rec's again. Cheers Guzzler
  3. Parked up / rest by the Tambo river ( just below us ) after dropping down off the plateau from Falls Creek.Cheers Guzzler
  4. Bugger, mucked up the text again ! Anyways this was me at the bottom of the garden looking up the street. Checking the weather before we set off on a 3 day long weekend up into the high country. We were lucky in that we only ran into murky crap on the Sunday on the climb up from Mt Beauty and across the plateau and back down to the Blue Duck Inn and back to Omeo. A big part of the Eastern seaboard was hit with MASSIVE rain and flooding not long afterwards, but we managed to avoid the worst of it and got to the Marlo pub on the coast where we had a great afternoon/evening wi
  5. The car park at Falls Creek Alpine Village before heading back over over the top to Omeo. Cheers Guzzler
  6. Seem to have buggered that up a bit! Meant to caption with Parked up behind the Marlo pub for the night ! Cheers Guzzler Ps might need to get out and take a few photos and post before I forget how to do it ha ha
  7. That looks really good mate! I've got a good mate over in Perth that keeps going on about getting back into bikes with one of these!! Wouldn't mind one myself for meandering round the English style backroads out here! Reckon it would be about perfect for that with a nice set of pipes as you mention. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers Guzzler
  8. Yay, another greenie! I haven't had any issues with the Odyssey batteries myself. I just put the third one in her about 18 months ago, so not bad for a 20 year old bike. ( I know this as I replaced the original Spark 500 back when) My bike has had a Shendengan Reg/Reg for nigh on 12 years though and this plus she gets ridden year round may have something to do with it ? ( Maybe ) Welcome to the nuthouse mate but I see you're well versed in the Guzzi way already ! Cheers Guzzler
  9. Lookout on the Great Alpine Road. Cheers Guzzler
  10. Bugger, not sure what I did to the above post but it didn't quite come out right ? Anyways meant to add that I don't recall seeing any Austin Healey's on the trip eh! Cheers Guzzler
  11. Well here we go down memory lane again folk's. I'm blaming Doc for posting his Big thumper! Here's a shot from 1990 trip Melbourne to Darwin and Kakadu National Park on a Yamaha SR500.The road to the Olgas from Ayres rock was unsealed and ROUGH AS GUTS back then,so much so that we lost a footpeg ( had to share pillion one with GF ) header and muffler went separate ways blah blah. We effectively had a straight pipe from there on. This shot is at Fogg dam, a local and popular wildlife viewing spot not far out of Darwin on the way to Kakadu.When we got there the LOUD bike scared o
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