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  1. Ha ha If I ever get to the States.... I'd like to put Oz on that map with the comment about how far did you travel for Kentucky's best bbq!! Cheers Guzzler Ps might just start fasting Thursday so's to REALLY enjoy Friday lunch
  2. Sounds bloody good.... We're off to Yackandanda next Friday for a long weekend to celebrate our Wedding anniversary. The main pub in town has a smoker and does American style bbq!!! I've wanted to try this for YEARS so I'm gunna be the first in line.... Cheers Guzzler starting to salivate already
  3. My mate had a GT 1275 Mini back when we were kids... Like a go Kart with a 1300 cc motor, what a hoot !! Cheers Guzzler
  4. Couldn't agree more mate.....! Ha ha I have an ANCIENT mobile phone and it's hardly ever used much to the er amusement of friends and family. I only carry it on the bike for an emergency and to let the wife know I'm ok when out and about on it. Cheers Guzzler Ps I also love looking at maps re-living past trips and planning new ones, ha ha definitely an Analogue bloke in a Digital world
  5. G'day from down here.... Hope you're holding up in the heatwave? Cheers Guzzler
  6. G'day mate The Welsh are renowned for their ... Singing in the Valleys. Kinda hard to imagine they don't lubricate their tonsils with an ale or 3 before during and more than likely afterwards.... Cheers Guzzler
  7. Ha ha reckon we'll be hearing from the Valley's about this shortly... Cheers Guzzler
  8. Ha ha I should have known they'd become a big deal in my life when as a kid I'd pedal like buggery on my treadlie ( bicycle ) then stop and enjoy the sensation of speed with no effort ( for a brief moment )! It was a long wait till age 17 and my first motorcycle..... Jeez was it that long ago? Cheers Guzzler Ps wow I'd have loved a bike at 13 mate, my folks were not all that chuffed with the idea of them but thankfully didn't stand in the way of me getting one when I could afford it.
  9. G'day folk's Fiscally I'll never be a wealthy man... Comfortable - oh yeah! But.... Thanks to motorcycling and the memories, plus the ones to come.... I am and will be wealthy beyond any measure! Cheers Ps such is the overwhelming passion we feel the need to share it amongst ourselves.....for no one else understands!! Ride /live/love and be happy Cheers Guzzler Pps maybe I shouldn't post after 4 x glasses of shiraz...
  10. Feel like I should pop down to The Pig and Whistle over here in Rosebud for a pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar.... Cheers Guzzler Ps they do a mean Bangers and Mash too....
  11. Wow Great effort mate! Seems like opposite ends of the weather spectrum on our recent excursions.... I froze and you boiled! We do get temps in the 40's here too but I don't ride in them anymore... Hat's off to you mate Cheers Guzzler Ps I've been stung a few times and always wear a neck sock! It not only keeps you warm but it stops the buggers stinging your neck or getting into your jacket from the collar! In that heat though.....
  12. Phew, finally got it..... #1 Dave sorting electrical connection for his heated gear in Yea #2 Parked up in Yea - in search of warmth and coffee #3 and #4 The cafe in Whitfield #5 looking up the street in Yackandandah - Dave sorting ear plugs #6 looking down the street in Yackandandah after brekky on Monday Bloody hell is it wine o clock yet....? Think I need one after that! Cheers Guzzler
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