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  1. guzzler

    Another V11

    They also sound pretty bloody good too. Even with the stock pipes! Cheers Guzzler
  2. Bloody hell! Not my cup o Darjeeling either. Cheers Guzzler
  3. G'day again. Update # 2 Well headed off into the gloom Friday morning to get the GT11's fitted.About 70 kays away. The forecast was for MISERABLE but was hoping to get away early and back before the worst of it. Well got there before the front came through and got them fitted.It took Rob about an hour and it was good to chat, also met the Pirelli rep whilst there. I also got to meet a bloke with a new v7 Milano who is very impressed with it after downsizing from his Aprillia.He had the luxury of dropping his bike off there and being driven home by his wife! Well now for the moment of truth, I get to find out what these things are like. Of course the weather decides to take a turn for the worst at this stage but hey temp has crawled up to 8 degrees.Yay. Wow these make the bikes steering feel lighter and quicker.At the first roundabout I was reminded of the time I got off my 900 Honda rolladoor and took my brothers Honda 250 wet dream out for a spin and nearly threw it on the ground at the first roundabout.Wee bit of a weight difference between the two. Anyways by the time I had 20 or so kays on them I was getting used to that. I can't give much of an impression as by the time I'd gotten to the 40 kays of fun and interesting the weather was pretty shitty and there was mud and cow shit over the road in parts making life on new tyres a lesson in concentration. They never gave a moments concern though, no slips/ slides, plenty of feel and grip! I reckon the Pirelli rep is right in that they are an improved version of the original ! Got the feeling I'm going to love these and looking forward to more riding! Cheers Guzzler Ps that weather system got quite a lot worse later in the day too ( it's lasted the whole bloody weekend) but by that stage I'd gotten home had a hot shower and some lunch ! The glass or three of Shiraz by the fire at wine o clock just made a bloody good day all the better.
  4. Ha ha sounds like we're all a lot alike eh! I first saw a road test of a mark 3 le mans in Two Wheels mag about 1980 ish and fell in lust then! You never saw any Guzzi's in ChCh ( NZ ) in those days! Anyways fast forward a bit after travelling for a few years and lobbing into Oz, and getting back into bikes big time ( big jap sports bikes ) I test rode a mark 5 LeMans in 89! I didn't buy it as I was seduced by a Black and gold limited edition Zook GSXR 1100 instead, but bloody hell did that Mk 5 leave a lasting IMPRESSION ! Like many got out of bikes, married house etc ! Then about 10-12 years ago when the disease reappeared I thought, THIS TIME IT WILL BE A GUZZI. I couldn't make my mind up which one at first but circumstance and the universe brought a GREEN V11 SPORT into my life!! Love the bloody thing and I too will not part with her . Enjoy your bikes folk's while we're all still able. Cheers Guzzler
  5. Update. Still not much info about these eh! Anyways decided to bite the bullet and ordered a set.They go on 3/7 hopefully. Only one way to find out. Will let any other inquiring minds know what I think of them ! Cheers Guzzler
  6. G'day Ken Thanks mate, I'm dubious about them because of this tendency on grooved pavement.I like my front end planted! Then again we don't have much ( if any ) of it here in Victoria. I have heard that it's cheaper for the counters of beans in government so it'll be everywhere at some point! Maybe I'll just give em a go and see , but I too love the the original GT. Got maybe another 2ooo k's my originals so more time to cogitate. Cheers Guzzler
  7. My heart and I dare say all other Kiwi's hearts go out to all Canadians! Condolences Guzzler
  8. Thanks Chuck. Actually just checked the odo on the bike and it works out I've got about 10,000 K's on them. They still have life left but the front is now starting to follow the odd road irregularity ( slightly ) and we have a few irregular roads round here ! Cheers Guzzler He he was still a bloody hoot yesterday though, and that road is a little ordinary in places!
  9. G'day folks I've run a set of Angel GT tyres for the last 8000 k and will be coming up for replacement soon. Gotta say i'm very impressed / pleased with them and would run another set. However I'm interested in the new GT 2 version, but there is bugger all in the way of reviews online or magazine info out there. The limited info seems to be they're brilliant or crap if you live in the States where you have grooved pavement?? Anybody tried them on our V11 beasties? Interested in any feedback you've got. Cheers Guzzler Ps Managed to get out for a ride yesterday 150 k's of BLISS !! Weather perfect and had the great twisty bits to myself, bike ran perfectly ( think she was glad to get out and stretch her legs too!!)
  10. Ha ha I'm actually on 2 weeks annual leave at the moment but confined to barracks due to this bloody virus and lockdown! It's week two and Jeezus i'd love to get out for a ride!. Especially when you sit here in the study looking out on a bright sunny 8 degree ( c ) morning! Hmm I'll have to keep working on my excuse ( s ) me thinks.At least I can ride to work next Monday. Hang in there though folks as the isolation caper seems to be working here in Oz and hopefully will do in your world as well. Cheers Guzzler Ps it's a worry when the highlight of the week is a visit to the supermarket eh!!
  11. G'day I wear a pair of Daytona Roadstar GTX Pro boots. Yep they are pricy about $600 Australian $ I think from memory about 4 years ago. I'm pretty happy with them and reckon they'll see me out. Mine are a size 9 ( or 42 euro ) no mention of any narrow or wide fitting though. I bought them from the Oz importer and tried them on at purchase. I have a narrow foot size anyway and euro sizing works for me but I think I would have bought a 9 and a half if they had it in stock. They are a snug fit and are FANTASTIC once you've BROKEN THEM IN ! It took me about 12 months or more to do so, so be prepared for that. They are extremely well made and tough ( hence the long break in period ) and are what they claim to be! Money well spent I reckon! Cheers Guzzler
  12. Those Agostini's do look good ! Gotta say though I love the sound of mine with the Stucchi x and open Mistral Carbon ( Oval ) cans! Cheers Guzzler
  13. All the best mate, and get well soon! The whole community is hoping you kick this things arse. Cheers Guzzler
  14. As I only have the one bike, most of the time it's the bike or the Guzzi. However she has been called the ole tart or the strumpet on the odd occasion! Cheers Guzzler
  15. G'day and a Merry Christmas to all V11 addicts out there!! Hope you all have a great festive season. Stay safe and enjoy these bloody great bikes as much as possible. I know my new year resolution is to get out on it just for the fun of it more next year instead of the commute ! Cheers Guzzler
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