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  1. Bloody hell that would take you to the edge all right!! Edge of the galaxy perhaps? Cheers Guzzler
  2. I've got Pirelli Gt11 on my green one and run 35 f 38 rear. Works for me. Cheers Guzzler
  3. I also have Mistral carbon cans with no baffles! Really don't think the sound is offensive at all, in fact I love it. My wife who is not into bikes in any way also thinks the greenie sounds really good too! And she winces when ever the shotgun piped /unbaffled Harleys go past as well so does know the difference eh. Cheers Guzzler
  4. Gee, condolences on your Mother in Law mate. As for the young fella, good luck to him, they (Vic Pol ) need more good people. I gotta say though I've been bloody impressed with them any time I've had any interactions of late due to this virus/lockdown etc. Cheers Guzzler.
  5. Well not today ( Saturday ) but yesterday. I was going to post yesterday but got sidetracked! Anyways been locked up at home during the lockdown for weeks then work decided I should work from home.So the 5 week holiday ( ?) came to an end.Quick trip into the office to get the laptop/phone etc not Friday but the previous one.Well I forgot a particular file that I need so email to the CFO to get a Travel permit, Yep!To go back to the office and get it. So yesterday I did a couple of hours work at home and got togged up for the ride into the office.Nice enough morning,bloody unreal
  6. Ha ha I've been lucky enough to have been up in a helicopter and an old Tiger moth and DC 3.As a passenger not a pilot! I've also skydived, my Dad was a paratrooper in the British Army as a young man so almost felt compelled to try it! Although all of the above were truly life affirming experiences, the helicopter ride was over a glacier in NZ,tiger moth flight was over the Great Ocean road here in Oz and the DC 3 a flight over Melbourne and the Port Phillip bay at night. I have to say they can't compare to my lifelong love of motorcycling and the experiences that it ha
  7. Thanks mate, will do. Cheers
  8. G'day Tomchri. Sorry for the thread hijack folks, but where did you get the tail tidy/rear light assembly? I reckon this area is one that needs a wee bit of attention on our bikes and yours looks pretty good! Cheers Guzzler
  9. G'day I've also got the Hyperpro and am happy with it ! I tried to get the Wilbers at the time but there was an issue with supply here in Victoria so went with above. I reckon you'd be happy with either one as both are much better than stock! Cheers Guzzler.
  10. Guy's When are you going to do a REAL Southern Spine raid ?? Like the Southern hemisphere per chance!! You could call it the EXTREME Southern Spine Raid perhaps ? Seriously though, hope the planets align and it's a goer for you all.Have a bloody good time and enjoy it eh. It would be a hoot to be able to be there and catch up for a ride and a few sherbets afterwards. Take plenty of photos for us down here eh!! Cheers Guzzler
  11. I hear you about getting outa the rat race mate.It seems to be getting crazier all the time! We did several road trips and looked around all over before we made the move so it wasn't a hasty decision. I still work and didn't want to retire just yet so in the end settled for something commutable to Dandenong. The fact that we fell in love with where we are and the wee town of Drouin was icing on the cake eh.We're basically an hour from the snow, same from the beach and same from our families. It's funny I always felt an affinity with Gippsland, don't know why.I'm not a nat
  12. guzzler

    Tekno Bags

    No worries mate! Now that I have a new Tank bag - yay. The Minister thinks it a good time to clear these from the shed after 10 years of gathering dust ha ha . More than happy for someone to get some use out of them or parts thereof. Cheers Guzzler
  13. guzzler

    Tekno Bags

    G'day mate. I have a set of these Tekno bags that came with my bike. I'm not a fan of them and removed the framework from the bike.Everything was then shoved in the shed. Long story short, I'll never use them and if someone else can get some use out of them then free to a good home! A caveat though. The right side bag was ripped and the previous owner repaired the pannier with cable ties to get him where he needed to be at the time. However it's only the fabric and inside structure is intact as is all the framework.The left bag is all good! I'm not able to p
  14. G'day. I don't profess to be knowledgeable about these matters but from what I understand the PC111 was the only way to get around factory tuning issues back in the day? The ECU was sealed or blocked somehow and you couldn't over-ride it's parameters so it had to be fooled by whatever method ie PC111.If you wanted to retune it. I know when I first got my bike, my mechanic was trying to get Magneti Marelli to let him access their ECU's without success so went the PC111 route. Then he was able to alter the ECU via Tunerpro ( I think ) and now with GuzziDiag ( or a combination
  15. I've had Dan's GEI relays in my V11 Sport for years now without any issues. So a +1 for these. Cheers Guzzler
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