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  1. Mate I'm at 90,000 k's ( whisker under ) and that is still a hell of a lot cleaner than mine ! She hasn't had a good clean in ages and this makes me realise it's time to get rid of the winter grime. Enjoy the Spine raid ! I've got some cleaning to do.... Cheers Guzzler
  2. Ha ha Mate I was just thinking same before I saw your post!! I can't believe Doc's bike has 200,000 kays on it and looks like that! Mine has about half that and don't look that clean. A credit to you Doc Cheers Guzzler
  3. G'day mate No not threaded. They have an end cap with an arm,the mirror clamps on this end and is inserted into the bar, Then when you tighten the allen key the arm expands inside the handle bar and tightens everything up. I'd take a photo but as usual with these digital cameras every time you want to use them the bloody battery is flat.. Hope this description explains? Cheers Guzzler Ps being a cheaper Rizoma copy I did have to resort to a little bodgery, not much mind.
  4. I had the Napoleon type on mine when I first got the bike, never quite liked them though. It looked like it was bodged into fitting as per Scud's experience. I replaced it with a Rizoma ( cheaper copy ) type and reckon it looks great! Not quite as effective as some ( most ) but I'm happy with it eh. Cheers Guzzler
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the madness mate! Yep must get the seat cowl too... Cheers Guzzler
  6. Geez they do look bloody good with the Magni fairing eh... Cheers Guzzler
  7. G'day mate Yep they mount up just like the standard unit ! I've had mine for about 7 years and nearly 50,000 kays without an issue of any sort! Ha ha cheers James, I love this bike eh. I've owned some iconic bikes in the past but I can't think of any other bike that I've owned where the magic of owning /riding it is still there after 10 + years and 70,000 kays. Still look back at it as I walk away after a ride too... A beautiful madness ha ha
  8. True dat.. However I like Miss V85's smile betterer !! Cheers Guzzler
  9. I'd love to know the total for all the short ( red ) frames! But it would be interesting to see the breakdown of the colours too. Cheers Guzzler
  10. I have Mistral carbon cans ( no db killers ) with Stucchi crossover and open airbox lid. Some have read this set-up before and gone whoa way too much, but it's not at all. My wife who hates loud bikes ala open piped Harleys and inline 4's with race pipes LOVES the sound of the green one. Also most people I ride with comment favourably on the sound. My all time favourite bike note was a bevel duck with Conti's but this set up has nudged it from first place for me! Cheers Guzzler.
  11. guzzler


    Well, finally managed to get out on the bike yesterday! After 10 weeks of covid lockdowns ( total of 3 x weeks ) crap weather ( plenty ) family commitments ( 1 x weekend catch up between lockdowns ) and household chores I was asked to help out at one of our metropolitan branches due to staffing shortages yesterday. ( been working from home last 12 x months ) It's about 80 kays ( 50 miles ) away and I thought bloody ripper I'm taking the bike even if it fookin snows!! So 5.15am and a balmy 6 degrees I'm togged up and hit the starter.Jeezuz, she's not been used for 10 weeks and she explodes into life at the slightest touch of the button. I reckon she's looking forward to this as much as I am! So even though it was just a commute/drone down the highway it was great to be on the bike again and I can take the longer twistier fun way home after work! Well it wasn't quite meant to be, the weather decided to turn, really strong winds down by the coast not so much fun and knackered after a crazy day so thought I'll take another less fun but better than the highway way home. Bugger just before the turn off the low fuel light starts flickering on so that's out as no gas stations that way. No choice but to just drone down the highway again and stop for gas at the servo close to home. Ha ha bloke at the servo really loved the bike and could'nt get over the colour! Surely that's not a standard paint job ha ha . ( she's a greenie ) Anyways hit the back road behind the servo and gave her a taste of the redline in second third and fourth just to clear the cobwebs ! Ahhhhh SUBLIME before constabulary paranoia set in.I'd seen a few rozzers about as this is the first weekend of freedom after the latest lockdown. Home, change and a glass of Shiraz in front of the fire with the wife and the weekend to look forward to. Bloody Marvelous. Cheers Guzzler
  12. G'day and welcome to another greenie owner mate! Cheers Guzzler
  13. Thanks again Doc I was just after a rough idea of cost, nothing exact. Not knowing what parts required ( just gears or blah blah also needed ) means no idea of actual cost! Wouldn't mind doing this on mine down the track as this bike is a keeper eh. Cheers Guzzler
  14. And the currency converter will tell me... I need these gears and this and that but not the other?? And it'll be this much. Sorry I asked
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