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  1. Bloody hell, I'm surprised at just how good the Greenie looks with the Le Mans fairing! It would probably also put a wee bit of weight over the front too, which may not be a bad thing either. I'm still kinda smitten with her with the wee Stucchi model though! Cheers Guzzler
  2. guzzler

    Riding gear

    I wear Mars Leathers Le mans jacket and separate pants. These are old school leathers made locally in Melbourne and still in the old motorcycling mecca of Elizabeth st. Been there for a very long time too. Rukka gloves and Daytona Roadstar gtx boots with a Shoei helmet. Usually ride with a Kreiga backpack which contains my cheapo wet weather top and bottom. Thats my set up. Cheers Guzzler
  3. G'day mate. That might look interesting when you get it on and painted. Be good to see a photo when you're done? Cheers Guzzler
  4. guzzler


  5. These two Vinnies seem to be Gippsland locals ( an area of eastern Victoria here in Oz.) I bumped into them the other year when they were heading to the All Brit rally. ( I assume as we stopped at Drouin and they kept heading West ) I'll never forget it, ha ha . I was coming home to Drouin from a romp up in the Victorian high country with a couple of mates. The girls followed behind us in a car and we all met up at the end of the day.(s ) Anyways I digress. We were on our way home approaching Traralgon when the unseasonally warm weather for the time o year decided to call enough! It RAINED BIBLICALLY and by the time we ( me on the V11 and wife behind in car ) were sat at a set of traffic lights in the town I was drenched and no point in putting wets on. Then there was an almighty explosion to my left and then a second just after. Then the sound of two duelling GATLIN guns!! WTF? I looked over and these two jokers had just filled up at the servo and fired up and were inching out to join me at the lights. What a bloody sight and sound. I had the pleasure of riding through Traralgon and a few kays thereafter with them. The Norvin was one up but the other had his girlfriend/wife clinging on behind him trying to stay dry ( no way ). The three of us riding along ( they too were soaked through ) must have been a sight. Even my wife who isn't into bikes tells me that she thought it was something special. It certainly was from my perspective, riding with two Vincents and the unspoken camaraderie of 3 x very special bikes being ridden in very adverse conditions! It's just one of those VERY SPECIAL motorcycle moments that we get to experience in our riding lives! Ha ha I'll never forget it. Cheers Guzzler.
  6. I'd even take the pillion seat cover off for her! But she'd have to wear red shoes though. All for the colour coordinated look of course. Cheers Guzzler
  7. G'day. As I've just treated mine to a new set of shoes ( Pirelli Angel GT ) I kinda felt compelled to add to this thread. Holy shit !!! I'm seriously impressed by these tyres. I've run Michelin Pilot roads 2, 3 and 4 and was really looking forward to the new 5. However the importer here in Oz stuffed up and I had to try something else. So and this is not just new tyres compared to knackered old ones. The Angels are still quick on turn in ( slightly slower which I like ) but a hell of a lot more stable FEELING. Speaking of FEELING there's tons more of it and the bike just plain handles so much better because of it.Much more confidence in her handling. Don't get me wrong she was good before but just soooooo much better now! Another thing and this is odd.They must be more compliant as well? I have a buggered neck.Its bolted back together. Ha ha Seriously C2,3,4 and 5 have been fused, rods screws plate etc . So since I got back into riding again about 10 years ago I've always been susceptible to wind, helmet buffeting, bumpy or crap roads. So much that after a ride most times the first thing I reach for is a Panadol ( pain-killer ). Ha ha now I've only had 3 x rides and about 800 k's on these but I haven't had to reach for the Panadols yet! And two of these rides were on notorious 2 x Panadol roads!! Anyways I reckon I'll be sticking ( pardon the pun ) with the Pirellis from now on. I've yet to ride in the rain yet and get the feeling that the Michelins are probably a little better in the wet but the Pirellis are a lot better in the dry ! I can give up a little wet performance for the Huge gains in the dry. Well this was supposed to be a short plug but I've gotten to waffling a bit! Anyways folk's I'm chuffed with the Pirelli's. Cheers Guzzler.
  8. Just my tuppence worth. I also had that bloody annoying stumble! Mine was between 3 and 4 k and yep on a whiff o throttle. It used to piss me off rolling through a town at 60k's in third ( 3 thou ). The thing that cured it was when I had the useless standard tensioner replaced with the Stucchi unit. I was with the mechanic when it was done and can verify that it's CRAP!! That was about 30 thousand k's or probably more ago and no stumbles. We found the issue because my timing gasket failed and noticed how little tension the original had on the chain! Cheers Guzzler
  9. Yeah mate Great fun to ride and great to grab a glass o your favourite tipple and just admire her after the ride as she cools down! Cheers Guzzler
  10. Never seen a white one before! Looks good Cheers Guzzler
  11. They're coming to take me away ha ha They're coming to take me away ha ha Lunacy at it's very best Cheers Guzzler
  12. guzzler

    Titanium V11

    Stiletto's has my vote Doc !! While you're bludgeoning the originator of the Pork chop with steamed asparagus and boiled potatoes,how about lobbing a few brussell sprouts in his general direction as well ? Cheers Guzzler
  13. It does doesn't it. I know what you mean about the Laverda fairing as well Someone put one on a V11 and custom painted it dark blue awhile back which looked pretty good Anyone remember that custom Scura ( Japanese bloke I think ) also from a couple of years ago? I think that had a different fairing on it too That bike was a beauty I couldn't find the thread when I was looking for it before Cheers Guzzler Ps Bru, I have a bloody Ducati clutch lever on mine which is the cause of some consternation!!
  14. Wow That's a hell of a deal for the buyer! I really really wanted one of these when I first saw them and photos of them on a green V11 The price made it prohibitive, would have been about $2500 by the time it got to Oz Then there's the issue of the lower bars to consider! Don't think my neck would have coped for long and then it would've made speed easier! This in a land where 3 k's over and you're fined, 30 over lose licence and anything silly they crush the bike!! Even so I continued to lust away unrequited Then one day I started to really appreciate the greenie with the little Stucchi flyscreen and realized that if I did get a Magni I'd be forever swapping back and forth between the two. Now I really really love her as she is ( with Stucchi ) and will leave her as she is! Still think a Magni looks good though.Makes it look like a 900SS bevel Duke that's been living in a good paddock! Hmm I'd still pick my greenie over the Duck if had the choice. Now a set of wire spoke wheels on the green one that's a different story! Maybe if the lotto numbers come up eh. In the mean time she's still a stunner who melts the heart every time! Cheers Guzzler
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