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  1. How do I keep my Bub exhaust headers from bluing like yours Chuck?
  2. @kantmakm I dropped mine yesterday too for the second time in three years. My most dropped bike for sure. The best part is it fell on another Guzzi and my helmet. Shes ugly, overweight, not the smartest but she’s all mine... Ha! edit: Truth be told there are few people that will feel sorry for a guy when one Italian motorcycle falls onto another Italian motorcycle...
  3. Another piece of collateral damage when having these heads done was the head temp sensor housing, bakelite thingy broke. When looking for a new part I ordered from AF1. Those guys seem to run a great business! I don’t normally go to them but I should. thats all.
  4. Guzzi torque specs! That’s frustrating, well done.
  5. I went with Fast by Ferracci valves. Looks like he’s liquidating ($22 US each). The step is on the top side visible when valve springs/spacers are removed. It is the same color of the guide itself.
  6. All is right with the world. She’s back together and probably running better than ever. Left side valves seems to make more noise than before so I’ll be checking them soon. Hopefully that oil in the bell housing is from my recent breather hose leak. Two things the machine shop asked me about. One is, the original(?) guides look to have a step on the top side. Does this indicate a liner at some point? The other question. The shop asked me who did my porting? Do all Guzzi’s have these shaping/grinding marks in the intake and exhaust ports?
  7. I’m sorry Phil, I was referring to Kibblewhite. I don’t see V11 Sport size valves listed.
  8. @Phil, I’m not seeing any 39.5 or 46.5 valves listed on there website. Have you bought this size from them? Thanks
  9. These are the stock size valves. Well the same size as what’s in there now. When I get that low mileage Scura I’ll get all the expensive hop up parts.... That’s when. Ha!
  10. I dropped off one head and got a call the next day from the machine shop saying the valves are way too worn to work with the guides... There was a noticeable step on the valve stem. So at this point I figured I better do both heads. Checked the usual suspects for valves, everybody had to wait for a long slow boat for Italy. I remembered that Ferracci was blowing out there inventory since they closed. Sure enough they still carry some valves and are doing an online business still. After pulling the right cylinder (plug came free with little drama) the cylinder tried to come with the head. So I know I have to atleast do the right side base gasket. This thing is stuck to the case like you wouldn’t believe. Arduous task to remove this thing. All the while trying to keep garbage from falling into the case.... Maybe I should drop the sump? Then there is the Roper plate...
  11. As Gstallions said, I had a friend from work weld a nut on it. He said it didn’t resist much after the welding.....
  12. I just keep falling in love with this old slow girl. It disappears underneath you and lets you go where you want. 5k miles in 3-4 months and I no longer am shopping for Lemans tanks and rear sets. It does what it does. My 70s 2t seized badly awaiting another massaging, my v11 is in pieces. I feel pretty lucky too!
  13. Plug is out, head is at machine shop. Hoping to be back on the road in a few days!
  14. I’ve been stressing about my driveshaft ever since Docc’s failed. This is an awesome solution. Thanks Pressurenagle!
  15. Careful eh?... I’ll have a base gasket on hand.
  16. Got the nut, got the welder. Should I replace the base gasket while I’m at it?
  17. Check your main ground! Clean and grease. Typically behind the seat lock.
  18. I guess I need to get a welder out here.... Do you worry about warping the head?
  19. Sorry, Docc will tell you I’m no photographer. Yes you are right that’s a broken no5 easy out and the outer rim of the plug is breaking away. These don’t have loc-tite on them?
  20. No 5 spiral bolt extractor gave up after I put an old fork leg on it for 3/4 of a turn... ground a nice flat on the plug to give some good smacks, then the plug split. Now I’m getting nervous
  21. I’m going to try and get some purchase with a punch. My 7.5a impact gun didn’t touch it. That thing will take a counter shaft sprocket off in neutral! 350ft/lbs or something... I’m not hopeful.
  22. Yeah, my electric impact gun made the key nice and round.... These things are funny, during the break in/re-torque of the heads on my T3 I purposely didn’t snug these plugs up tight. Sure enough when it came time to remove them they were next to impossible....
  23. My poor v11 has been neglected lately and I got around to doing some maintenance on the old girl. One of my ongoing issues has been low compression on the left cylinder. So I recently got a leak down tester and I figured I’d take look see. Right side was darn near perfect! Left side was right around 20% loss. Not surprising, but not good. Sure enough a nice hissing sound could be heard coming from the exhaust. Rubber mallet in hand I bumped pressure up to 100psi and gave it a couple of whacks, then the loss side dropped even further. I check the pushrods and notice no play in the exhaust side... Savvy mechanics probably no what happened by now. I was wondering if I wasn’t on compression stroke?? Turn engine over a few times and verified I was. Was my valve so burned? I made adjustments until I got some play, but it was a lot. Finally I realize a valve keeper made it half way out..... Well I might as well make lemonade out of this. So I get to tearing down the top end to take it to a machine shop. I’ve had Guzzi top ends apart a few times and run into issues on this plug that gets access to the top nut before but this one is a major pain! Does anybody have any tricks to removing this stubborn POS? This one is completely screwed now and getting heat on it is a bit dicey considering all the petrol in between the cylinders. Thanks for any input
  24. That my friend is love! No towel throwing here.
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