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  1. Maybe Joe Caruso can be persuaded.
  2. Do you still have all the parts from your original single plate clutch, that was removed? Most importantly, do you still have the input hub? Looks like this: the one on the right is the one you hopefully still have (ignore the bigger one on the left): If you still have this hub, then you can use the "5 speed" single plate RAM clutch.
  3. I rode the new BMW s1000rr with the full M Power package a couple weeks ago with California Superbike School. I recommend it if you ever get the opportunity to do it.
  4. Did a little search, here is a writeup on pipeburn where they are quoted as saying the electrical system including the efi weighs "over 25 pounds", again I'm sure they are including stuff like switchgear and maybe even the clocks: https://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/04/28/moto-guzzi-v11-sport-moto-studios.html If you are so outraged maybe you should take it up with them. And there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist! I encourage if it will help you chill the f u c k out a little
  5. Funny how you feel like that was directed at you! Maybe time to go visit the therapist.
  6. Curious myself to know the real weight of the entire pile of electrical crap, as compared to what the Moto Studio guys were touting... Wouldn't be entirely surprised if they were over estimating it. I'm definitely getting rid of the stock general electrical harness this winter and replacing with new wiring and an m-unit. Still on the fence about deleting the EFI, mainly hesitating due to the cost. I guess I could always do that in a second step...
  7. The whole fuel injection assembly, correct? Not seeing a fuel pump in that hideous pile... This doesn't appear to also include the general electrical system harness (charging and lights etc) unless I'm missing something.
  8. Nothing preposterous about 41mm Keihin FCR flat slides... well other than the price of course lol Dell’Orto PHM40 are the other choice, for the more budget minded.
  9. I should probably clarify the origin of the 25 pounds claim and explain what it comprises, for those interested in this as well as for those who are in it simply because they enjoy getting into arguments on the internet The guys at Moto Studio are the ones who told me that that the stock wiring weighs in at around 25 pounds. They have built eight full ground up custom Guzzi V11 bikes of their own, not counting customer bikes. They know what the @#!#$# they are talking about. That said, in my comment above, I am sorry if I implied that the EFI system alone weighs 25 pounds. This thread is about improving and/or replacing the -entire- wiring harness. The 25 pounds number is for the whole stock wiring system, and I imagine they also included the handlebar switch gear in that number. Maybe even turn signals and tail light? So anyway, at least the relay blocks, fuses, many many yards of wire and plastic harness tubing, weatherpack connectors, sensors, switchgear, ignition switch, the ECU , throttle bodies, injectors, throttle body rail and linkage with the TPS and fast idle warts, fuel pump etc... I imagine all of that does indeed add up to 25 pounds pretty quickly. That isn't what the net weight loss would be of course, since after removing all that you'd have to add back a set of carbs, an electronic ignition, an M-Unit, new switchgear. All of that stuff would be significantly less though. Both in weight and in clutter. Is it something that everyone with a V11 should do? Absolutely not! No one ever said so. But then, go through the forum and count how many posts there are on electrical problems with these bikes. Chuck just went through an ordeal with his. Then come back to me and tell me it wouldn't be worth it to rewire the bike from scratch. Hell, keep the EFI. The point is to make a simpler, more reliable electrical system. So again, my apologies for not being clear in my previous comments, I hope this makes sense. And for those who are in it just for the joys of getting into internet pissing matches, well, I can't help there. That's between them and their therapists and/or liquor cabinets.
  10. you can be such a ninny sometimes. Edited to add: I do love you though. (and it's much much much more expensive than $700)
  11. That's a pretty nice part... I'd be leery of the small differences though, our pump base plate has a thick gasket that the screws go through. This one is cut away around the screw hole "ears" with a thinner gasket inside the perimeter, and it looks to me like the distances aren't the same. If they have a friendly return policy it might be worth buying one to see if it mates up with the tank correctly... As far as tapping the inlet holes for 1/4" NPT goes in order to use those CPC couplings, that's not looking so great. Just based on the dimension drawing of the metal elbows, they are 13mm in diameter: Hole size for 1/4" NPT is 7/16" which is 11mm. So not enough metal there to tap threads for the CPC disconnects. Will disassemble my extra pump to confirm one way or another. Right now these metal replacement elbows are looking to me like the best upgrade alternative, unless that billet pump base you posted turns out to be a correct fit. Which would be very nice, but also orders of magnitude more expensive: $84 for two alum. elbows vs ~ $450 (base plate plus pump guts) to solve the problem of the fragile plastic elbows. If my pump had failed and needed to be replaced entirely, that would be the best choice for sure, again provided it fits.
  12. Been reading up on this, apparently Ford in europe has a car that uses these same connectors on their fuel rails, here is their part number for the red one: 1330328 white: 1072003 Aprilia also used these but apparently their part number is now obsolete. Still very much interested in the possibility of installing those CPC disconnects. I have a spare pump with broken elbows, might have to take a look. EDITED TO ADD: look what I found when searching for Aprilia fuel pump related info: https://www.af1racing.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idProduct=87220 Metal! Looks like they might fit, but requires drilling and tapping the sides of the inlets on the pump base for a little set screw... Not sure if ours protrude enough for this.
  13. wow, I had no idea these were replaceable... MGCycle has them, but that means replacing with metal parts might indeed be possible: http://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5072 Funny how in the product description they mention the fact that Guzzi never listed these as individually replaceable parts These look like they snap in, not threaded, but that doesn't mean something couldn't be hacked... Now wondering if the metal inlets where these elbows plug in have enough metal in them to be tapped for 1/4" NPT threads 🤔🤔🤔
  14. So these couplings are meant to replace the red and white 90° plastic elbows? That would be very very nice...
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