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  1. Automotive trim paint works well also, sticks real good, can be had in satin black. DonG
  2. Don G

    Don G

  3. Don G

    MPH Speedo

    Does the odometer need to be working? I have one my 2004 Café Sport, speedo reads fine just wont add up mileage, I have a new speedo to replace it. Let me know. DonG
  4. I have found that the fuel nowadays has no shelf life, it could be as simple as that, the shite wont ignite. DonG
  5. The lifts from Princess Auto are good quality, used to have two choices, foot pump or pneumatic. I took the clamp system off and installed a chock, much better now. DonG
  6. Bring on that pie! I have one similar on my Cafe Sport, different muffler. I run it with out the DB killer, sounds good, dont know if it affected HP or not, give it a try whats to loose? DonG
  7. Changing out the washers will not even be noticed, they will have no descernable effect on anything. I would just flip them over and carry on. Oil pessure relief valve should be inspected as well as sump gaskets as there may be a leak there which could be the culprit(cavitation). DonG
  8. I never bother to check the level in any of my Guzzi,s between changes, what for? DonG
  9. OOOpppsss! If it is not I meant, Sorry DonG
  10. Pull the alternator cover and see if your rotor is loose, if it is , pull the oil sump and drop the rod caps and check the rod bearings. DonG
  11. Motrhead: No problem, I am working on getting them all under one roof! That Helicopter Jim dude wanted to see the collection too, hopefuly we can start a Guzzi get together out on the bald arse praries sometime next summer, what would be the interest in that I wonder? DonG
  12. Yeah! Nothing better to do, we get approx. 6 or so months of winter here, need an indoor hobby! I buy and restore them, also have quite a few modern ones as well, even bought a couple new. Was heavy into Brit bikes and 1940's HD. Cleared that stuff out during a divorce and started anew with Moto Guzzi, nothing else like them. DonG
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