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Greasing the drive shaft


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Hello there,

Being a new here, let me start by thanking you for this and many other threads I have been consuming on this forum.

I have followed your instructions and decided to take off the whole swing arm, just to grease the drive shaft. No problem with that whatsoever. After inspecting the drive shaft I have notices small flakes of paint peeling off (pics included). Nothing major, but still, me being a detailist, I would like to treat, just to have a peace of mind. I don’t think I need to go as far ar coating the whole drive shaft. I was thinking about applying a small amount of coat only locally where needed. Have you treated the shaft (or maybe other parts such as frame, et al) with locally applied paint and if so, what paint did you get the best results with?

(If this topic belongs to other thread, I will be happy to remove it from here)

Thanks in advance.



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Welcome, Miro.. really, I wouldn't be concerned. If you want to touch it up, cleaning it with some lacquer thinner, and about any paint for metal applied with an artist's brush will do the job.

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