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  1. External tooth lockwasher, is the only washer I have. No clue what the second one is. I did find an extra bolt in my stash. Paul B washer.webp
  2. Bolt Dimensions 14mmX1.5 pitch Thread length 28mm. I may have one in my stash and will look this afternoon. Paul B
  3. I measured a set I bought off Pinwall a while back, and they are the same measurement as yours Docc. Listed as 2001 V11, so it must be true. (short frame) Paul B
  4. Congrats on a successful build and flight, Chuck. Paul B
  5. I'm still working on getting that Odyssey battery in there. Need more range. Paul B
  6. You are correct Al, They are very tight. Mine has the "credit card" clearance on both sides at the corners but I wonder if Odyssey cases are held to exact tolerances. With the rubber tray and strap on mine, it doesn't move at all. Paul B
  7. Hi Chuck, looks like the fourth fuse goes to the ignition through a four connector molex plug. Should be Brown wire. Paul B
  8. I walk every morning for about two hours and my go to internet radio is Undercurrents. Community radio, no commercials and a great selection of all types of artists. UnderCurrents Radio Paul B
  9. Took a pic of a spare I have..... Paul B
  10. Early 2000 Sport ZGUKRAKR2YMXX2946. Paul B
  11. Hey, 2S-R I have her twin sister. Without the ferry tho Paul B
  12. Hi Ho Docc, You had to remind me, didn't you. In the past couple of years I've been retired and been working on our house, painting, plumbing re roofing, all the fun stuff you know. I'm almost ashamed to admit to a little over 2600 miles in that time, so I'll diligently work on increasing the numbers as my list of projects is getting shorter. Paul B
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