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Moto Guzzi brings the V7 III with a 850 cc engine for 2021 -

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I wanted to delete text in a reply and I deleted the whole thread.... sorry for that.... I will put back the pictures tomorrow.

I was answering Docc's question about the differences between the V85TT engine and the V7 III engine for 2021.

It is "derived" from the V85TT, as it will comply with the EURO 5 pollution European protocol.  Here is my source from Moto.it














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@Lucky Phil

I believe that it was you, yesterday, who answered about an opinion that Guzzi was going to bring back the Le Mans using the 850 cc engine.

The media I follow for Italian news are based in Italy. Those media are often lead by former motorcycle racers.

My main source of information for anything Italian is Moto.it. There guys are my age, and they are just as passionate as we are about anything and everything motorcycle. They don't usually make click bait articles, and I came to respect their insider's views.

Nico Cereghini, who was 17, that 55 years ago, and on a Gilera 68. This is one of the main guy behind Moto.it.

I don't pretend to convince anybody, but there are still some good guys that write about the stuff we like. Sure, they still need to make money, but I don't think this is their only concern in this case.

So back to a Le Mans with the V85TT engine, why wouldn't Moto Guzzi expend the line? wasn't the very first Le Mans a 850 cc powered one?

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6 hours ago, docc said:

I like that they say the V11 Sport makes 91 horsepower. Not that it does. It's just cool to say . . . B)

Docc, I'll tell ya that my V11 makes 77 horses at the wheel.  And those guys are Clydesdales.  They ain't shetlands.   

OTOH, I don't know how many horses are in my Ducati but I'm thinking they are Thoroughbreds.  

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