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  1. Not as physically hard as the sideflow ones which are Bitch. I was assuming he already had it substantially apart. Ciao
  2. Any local car efi tuner/maintenance shop should be able to do them. They are a common injector to lots of cars. Ciao
  3. Ok cool docc. Remember I was looking at the huge change in ignition timing at the hiccup point a little while back and postulating on that as well. Did anyone adjust/play with that in Tunerpro and see if that had an affect? Ciao
  4. I'll have a refresh with the information you've provided, thanks. I was just recently reading/skimming a Lithium battery thread on a German forum and was noting the compatibility or otherwise of LI batteries with some motorcycle charging systems and this battery interested me in that it includes it's own controller which I think most quality ones do but it looked like it was designed to accommodate a wider variety of chargers and charging systems. Ciao
  5. This has some nice detailed images. Turn the sound down as the "Guesstimator" doing the commentary has nothing useful to add. Ciao
  6. I'd be interested in a review of this brand/family by the "battery brains trust" https://www.fullspectrumpower.com/products/pulse-ipt-battery-p-14s Ciao
  7. Did the Centy hiccup as well Chuck? Ciao
  8. Excellent, will be interesting to know if it has a positive effect. Chances are it won't but its a low effort zero cost situation. What could possibly go wrong:) Ciao
  9. Does your hiccup docc? I don't think you can insulate EMI unless you use specific shielding. It needs more than just plug wire insulation I believe. Ciao
  10. Might need to hold off on the "brilliant" it's just a maybe and possibly and be good if it was scenario. Ciao
  11. I just had a thought triggered by an issue on the V85TT's caused by what appears to be EMI from the ignition coil affecting the crank angle sensor pickup cable. Causes erratic idle apparently and the Guzzi TSB fix is to re route the wire away from the HT lead I'm led to believe. I was wondering if anybody with the 3000 rpm hiccup as a chronic issue on their bike might like to see if the crank angle sensor pickup cable or connector is anywhere near the HT lead to the sparkplug. Looking at old images of the wiring on my bike before the engine swap the connector and cable were right next to and touching the r/h coil HT lead. Might be worth looking at and if it's close reroute the cable to keep it as far away as possible and see if there is an effect. ( the std cable has lots of length from memory) Ciao
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