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  1. Yes it's called a hammer and drift. It doesn't need to be too tight. Ciao
  2. Here's some oil pressure info for you with a video that might be of interest to you John. Also on COG Ciao https://www.guzzi-forum.de/Forum/index.php?topic=55424.msg812499#new
  3. Well you certainly have the 278mm correct docc for the std shock. My bike must also be a "crossover bike" then as well. Ciao
  4. It's called gettin old:) A Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor is the best choice available today to a "classic bike" I know I'm like a broken record but seriously it's a classic bike without the expense or hassles. Ciao
  5. Greg Field quote from earlier post. Guzzimoto: You are understanding me correctly. The later triple clamps include a 1/2-degree of cant compared to the steering axis. These gray "canted" triple clamps were used through the end of the red-frames. In general, if your red-frame's forks have an axle nut, they also have the early non-"canted" clamps and if your red-frame has an axle that screws directly into the fork leg, it has the "canted" clamps. There is some crossover between axle-fixing arrangements and clamps, though, and Guzzi offered a kit of the "canted" clamps for people who wanted to reduce twitchiness of their early bikes, so any combination of parts is possible. Rosso Mandellos had black "canted" triple clamps. Starting with the LeMans, Guzzi again fitted non-"canted" clamps, but they were painted black. Still not definitive. I have see a "kit" from Guzzi with a pair of clamps but not sure of their dimensions. Note the "kit". Not sure if it means anything. https://www.stein-dinse.biz/product_info.php?language=en&products_id=60733 Ciao
  6. Gregs info was also that basically any early bike with an axle nut had the old steeper triple clamps. My bike has the later 501452 top clamp ( very hard to find number as its up next to the ignition switch) so either Gregs wrong OR my bike has updated triple clamps with the old style forks? Not sure. If I pull them off I can measure them on the surface plate. Ciao
  7. I mentioned this possibility to John about a year ago. There are different sizes and some are designed for flow and some for pressure. Tons of options. If my bike suffered hot oil this would be what I'd do but it doesn't seem to. I think John would be better investing in a redesigned 1/2 fairing along the lines of an MGS-01. Something that didn't involve hacking the original Australia fairing of course. There's a good reason the MGS doesn't have a full fairing. Reading about the Magni prototype bikes Ted Stolaski had all those years ago and their full fairing made me think how ridiculous they were running those. Ciao
  8. Yea that was on my frame side plates which was a solid colour. Having said that the side covers on my bike are resprays and are a perfect match to my tank and tailpiece. It can be done. Ciao
  9. I owned a VFR750 for a few years. very nice competent and comfortable bike. Ciao
  10. I just re read that whole thread docc and at the end of the day there seems to be no conclusive evidence that the clamps were changed apart from some numbers which at the time I couldn't identify on my bike. I'll have another look today. I only ask as I want to fit the later top clamp to my bike. I'd be surprised if Guzzi actually went to the trouble of producing a set of triple clamps with fork bores not aligned with the steering stem axis to the tune of 1/2 degree. I've had bikes with this set up from the factory ( My RC30 Honda had it from memory) but it's a bit unusual esp as an afterthought attempt to solve a handling issue. You generally change the offset to correct a problem. My 1198 has Dan Kyle 30mm offset triple clamps as opposed to the std 36mm offset to improve the steering. If anyone has a set of the later clamps or even the upper clamp like shown below I'd be interested. I can also then do a forensic measurement and put this to bed once and for all, maybe:) Same as this but without the holes open holes. Ciao
  11. How do you identify these docc? Do all the later trees have the same geometry until the end of the V11's? Ciao
  12. I tell you what, if you're that anal about a bar end weight/cap how on earth do you manage to actually ride the bike? I mean the soles of your boots on the foot pegs would have you sweating bullets. What if you owned my 1198 with these on it? You'd never sleep
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