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  1. Yes Pete "super wick-in" is the 290 green stuff. Low viscosity. And yes Araldite is another fix. Many round case bevel drive Ducati's back in the early 70's had Araldite in the cases from the factory. When I put Desmoquatro engines together with new cases I used to go to the importers and they would bring out their whole stock of crankcases and I'd go through them and chose the one with the least porosity. Not, no porosity but the least! Ciao
  2. He was, I'm not sure the gearbox was though Ciao
  3. I've experienced casting porosity quite a few times over the years with Italian motorcycles so why would the V11/V10 be any different. I thought I'd do a piece on dealing with it in the case of the Daytona engine, specifically the cylinder head. It's of course of no real import to anyone here V11 wise but may be of general interest. My original V11 engine had an issue with the oil drain back gallery in the l/h head apparently which the original owner had rectified with a sleeve. I've not had the opportunity to look at it but it has never leaked in the 10 years I've owned the bike, so I'll call
  4. Here's some interesting information from Beard ( who invented Guzzidiag) on the German Guzzi site with regards to map applicability between different 15M ECU's. http://www.guzzi-forum.de/Forum/index.php?topic=50506.0 From 15M to 15RC goes.From 15RC to 15M does not work.In PC jargon:You cannot copy a (full) 8GB USB stick to a 1GB stick.The other way round is not a problem.The comparison lags slightly, since the same IC with 64kB FLASH is built into the ECUs.But the 'BIOS' of the 15M only erases and writes 32kB,the BIOS of the 15RC erases and writes 48kB. Ciao
  5. Really, you haven't spent much time in motorcycle repair shops obviously. Do you think the fool riding his bike around in shorts, singlet and thongs has any better idea of mechanical maintenance than safety awareness? Some of the mechanical sights I have seen. Ciao
  6. I'd love to hear his commentary if he rode something that actually made genuine power. Sounds like it needs the mapping sorting between 3-4k from the commentary. The V11 needs a technique to shift cleanly even without the extended shift arm. Ciao
  7. No docc, bigger is better with me. I don't want no stinkin, skinny arsed 4.5" rear wheel:) Ciao
  8. Nope, not even close to fitting. Gearbox mounts are different as is the engine offset in the frame. Ciao
  9. No docc mines had the wider rear wheel for years. Ciao
  10. Yep, thats what mines got. Ciao
  11. I wouldn't bother with the internal lines personally but if you do here's a link for replacements. Does Guzzis as well. https://www.euromotoelectrics.com/product-p/fp-hosekit.htm Ciao
  12. Inner city Melbourne before the transformation to V11/V10 Ciao
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