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  1. Yes they will fit. My bike has Grisso 2 valve rocker covers. As will the front timing cover gasket which I have also used on my engines both the V11 and the Daytona. Ciao
  2. You cant reskin Staintunes as they are an all welded SS muffler. Just buy a new one or get the dents pulled out and maybe some weld and grind and polish. Ciao
  3. Is that a HP2 in the background of the first Image? Ciao
  4. these are what you need. Don't waste your time with anything else. These metal core/base gaskets are light years ahead of anything else even fancy silicon gaskets thats why modern engines all use them where gaskets are required. May as well take advantage of new technology such as it is them being around for like 20 years. Ciao
  5. I'd like one of the new mid engined Corvetts. How much is a kidney worth these days. Ciao
  6. So I got tired of trying to find a paint match for the Greenie frame. Did a lot of research mainly historical here and on the interweb and anything that was suggested as really good wasnt available here so I went bugger it and got 500ml of 2 pack matched. My r/h pork chop was faded and polishing it didnt help so I thought now was the time to address it. The main frame isnt too bad and I need to paint the front frame support where I removed the horn and regulator bracket as well. Here's the result from an automotive paint supply places special machine. The top 10mm where my fingerprint is (doh) is the new paint. Good enough for me. I asked if he could cross reference what the machine came up with to a code or particular car model with the same shade. Unfortunately not. With the piece in your hand its only the surface finish due to my fingerprint that gives it away, the colour is as close to perfect as you'll get. BTW the guy didnt tell me about the wet area just handed it back to me with the tin of paint. Must be some old paint guys party trick:) Ciao
  7. This ones AWD 6 speed manual with 260kw (350HP) and goes around corners like a gocart. Recaro shell seals and stiff suspension. Sunday drive car for the wife and I Ciao
  8. That's the sound of big cams with lots of overlap and high compression, I love that cranky loping idle of an old fashioned performance engine. They sound ANGRY. The other thing they do is they like to rev. Old school worked engines just want to climb onto the cam and rev. Modern engines are better in just about every way imaginable but they seldom give you that hairs standing on end feeling. I'd love to get to Goodwood one day but for now I'll need to be satisfied with the best Post Classic event in the world at Phillip Island this weekend. Ex AMA multi Superbike Champ Josh hayes and his Wife ex US Supersport Champion Melissa Paris will be racing along with stars from Australia,England,New Zealand. Best part.....everyone gets to wander around the pits and chat to these guys and I get to catch up with some racing friends. looking forward to it. Cars, oh yea hears mine. Ciao
  9. You can pull the front subframe with the engine still in. Just support the front of the engine under the sump with the front wheel still on the ground. Undo the cooler mounts and let it hang by the lines and then all the rest of course including fuel tank removal. Ciao
  10. Probably easier than the high cam engine into the V11. Wouldn't look as good though. How about a grisso 8 valver in a Centauro. That might work although the alternator might be an issue. Ciao
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