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  1. As important as it gets. You cant fully bench test it. You can check the continuity and coil resistance but sometimes they work cold and then break down with heat when the engine gets to operating temperature. Generally when they fail the engine wont start. Incorrect phonic wheel to sensor gap can cause erratic running. Ciao
  2. Yep, around 100 RWHP is about all you can use on a road bike I think. I'll trade anything over that for reduced weight every day of the week. A mate and I used to ride with a guy that owned a Blackbird then a Hyabusa then a ZX1400. He couldn't ride out of sight on a dark night but just had to have whatever the latest bike with the most horsepower was. Me and my mate were on Older Ducatis etc and would see him about 10 min after we got to the coffee shop. I pointed out to him that we had half the HP and 2/3 the weight so what was the point in a big lardy Hyabusa etc but he couldn't tear himself away from the latest and greatest syndrome. Although those that ride them tell you how you dont feel the weight when you're moving they tend to be lost for words when you point out that you tend not to feel the bulk until you're in a sketchy situation then the weight comes and bites you on the ass. Ciao
  3. Yep that will fit the V11 except for the gearbox input drive spline and MAYBE a slight mod to the clutch push rod. Ciao
  4. Hmm........I've never even considered doing this and now I do consider it I'm thinking "why would I". Cant really see any advantage and plenty of disadvantage. Ciao
  5. I've maintained for maybe 15 years now that the most sports bike anyone needs on the road is any of the current crop of 600cc Super sports bikes. more power than you can sensibly use and light weight. I stopped riding my Ducati 1198 on the street about 8 years ago when I realised it was just too much bike for the road. Best fun ever had on 2 wheels period.......a day zipping about Rome 22 years ago on a hired scooter. Dont even know what the engine size was,didnt seem to matter. Ciao
  6. If the fuelling has been overly rich for a long period then oil dilution would be an issue which wouldn't be doing the already dodgy lifters any favours. I guess this was Petes point? Ciao
  7. I regularly do this thing I described when I'm riding my usual local road. There are 2 places I do this due to significant road lumps and bumps. just like riding on the dirt the bike and rider seem to handle these particular patches better with the weight on the pegs as opposed to the seat. I had a serious back injury a few years ago from a big crash at Phillip Island and my spine doesnt like sharp jolts so this works for me as any impact is absorbed through my knees. I'm usually doing 80-90 kph at the time. Ciao
  8. Does this mean you're not a fan Chuck? I'm not myself. Ciao
  9. Ok I'm late to this thread and excuse me getting on my soap box but I sometimes wonder whether people realise when doing these type of peg location mods the backward step they are taking in the performance and safety of their sports bike. Those of us that have spent time track riding and thinking about the process soon understand that a massive amount of bike control comes via the foot pegs. When you start moving them forward to an extent that is indicated in the images on the opening page of this thread then you're loosing a major amount of bike control. My yardstick for sports bike foot peg location is this. While riding in a straight line at say 60kph you must be able to lift your but off the seat (say an inch) and maintain that position without using the bars for any type of support or assistance. If you cant do this then you cant effectively weigh the foot pegs during shall we say serious cornering and if you cant weigh the pegs then you diminish the control to a major extent. People may say that this doesnt apply on a road bike and its true that you can ride around in cruise mode and not be effected but at some point which may end up being an overcooked it moment in a corner you will need this to survive. You cant ride any bike especially a sports bike through the bars alone and this is part of the reason a cruiser is a cruiser and lacks the dynamic control of a sports bike. Riding the bike through the bars alone is also tiring. The times when I venture onto the track and thinks arent going well its generally because I've slipped into the road riding cruise mindset of not weighing the pegs and riding it through the bars, that and sometimes not looking far enough forward. Both road riders bad habits. If your a road rider and hit the twisties regularly then you should be consciously applying the principle of loading the pegs so you can have proper control. Unfortunately you wont be able to do this effectively or at all with a feet forward position. Ciao
  10. Maybe docc he means the header link pipe? CO set at zero isnt right either is it docc? Ciao
  11. Just thought, Ford has made quite a few good engines, 429 The Cosworth/Ford DFV. I know not strictly a Ford the DFV but they financed it and owned it so us Ford guys can claim it surely:) Ciao
  12. Adjusting the shift lever down probably wont help as the lever will hit the pork chop. What you need now is this. Ciao
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