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  1. It's the equivalent of someone hurting themselves and immediately getting up running away at full speed. The 'flight" response. If I can still run/ride away from the location of the trauma then I must be relatively ok and I leave behind the "danger zone" or trauma location. I'm surprised the Cops allowed him to ride away. Phil
  2. Bummer but glad your mostly ok. Sounds like that foreign object wrapped around the front wheel was the culprit. Phil
  3. Lucky Phil

    Greenie bits

  4. As I think I mentioned previously there's no problem which sides you have the tap and reg on except issues of enough space to effectively configure hoses etc. When I put the Daytona engine in the V11 I was seriously considering swapping sides because of clearance issues between the reg and the TPS but decided the std way was better and shaved a few mm off the reg holder. Phil
  5. I'd love a scooter. I hired one in Rome 25 years ago to ride around for a few days 2 up with the wife. It was nothing special as it was a hire scooter maybe 125 at the most and it was great fun. I'd like one for quick trips to the shops for milk etc. Phil
  6. It doesn't work. The outlet is not for a 12mm hose. So now you need an adaptor to take you from a 5/16 or 8mm hose to the 12mm pump inlet size over a very short run of hose which is extremely hard to do as you need every bit of flex over that short length of hose to align with the pump inlet. even if you can you now you have additional clamps and possible leak points. Oh and in addition the Guzzi uses a 16mm thread on the tank connection which this doesn't suit. If it was this simple I wouldn't have bothered modifying the original. Phil
  7. The main issue with the crinkle finish is it's by nature quite thickly applied. I stripped it off a gearbox a few years ago for the V10 Sport and in some locations it was 2mm thick. Took a lot of work and many applications of automotive stripper of several different brands. personally I'd get anything with this finish professionally chemically stripped where they can leave it in a tank for a few days. Phil
  8. Your are in a manner docc reading the schematic wrongly. The tank and frame are ghosted out and not really part of the schematic and are just there for "context" not absolute indication. So as an example the pump and filter assy aren't really mounted on the LHS of the frame as the parts manual image tends to show by the ghosted frame. You also have the issue at times of the optical illusion problem of "which perspective you are viewing from. You need to be careful with schematic representations of parts orders as well. In aviation it wont save you in a court of law as they are legally "representations only" not absolute indications. Same for shop manuals that are often made with images of pre production bikes that change and often differ a bit from the production versions. Phil
  9. The tap should be on the left so the odd sized 12mm outlet hose is as short as possible directly into the fuel pump. There's limited room down there and the 12mm hose is quite stiff so you don't need it taking up more space than absolutely necessary and also putting unnecessary strain on the pump inlet with it looping around under there. The taps are a good design let down by cheaping out on the seal material. They can't be disassembled and re assembled without modification. I did a thread on the modification I came up with on these so they use Viton seals which don't swell in fuel instead of the std nitrile which do and it can be rebuilt in the future. The mod also means the tap doesn't jam after time when the original seals swell. using pliers to close them for tank removal puts strain on the fuel tank fastener inserts and if you damage one of these then the whole tank is junk. Phil
  10. Argal, Italian for Ergal, lol. Aluminium 7075. Phil
  11. I love "patina". On "other peoples" bikes that is.
  12. I don't mind the use of carbon for aesthetics and weight savings where it makes sense but here is not the place as it's subjected to debris fling off the front tyre which will negate any "looks" after a few miles. The cover is also cheaply made (no metal bush inserts at the mount holes). I suppose it won't stop people using them though. Phil
  13. Not always, some you can manipulate the ABS module valving manually but if there is no air in the ABS module then normal brake bleeding procedures work as usual. Of course you can always find some deserted road and brake till the ABS kicks in. That will cycle the fluid through the module and run the module pump and force fresh fluid through the module. Phil
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