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I read his book, "Ghost Rider".  It was a melancholy autobiographical story of grief, Canadian winters, drums, GS Beemers and scotch.  And lots of nice people and travel.  It was a great book.  I tried to read his next book but couldn't get into it.

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NEIL not Neal :-) 

[doccedit: edited topic title spelling]

The story behind Ghost Rider is very sad. He lost his first family within a short period.

A big Rush fan here.  My first album was "Power Windows" in the 80s and I bought every Album which was released aftwards.
Years later I discovered the whole

My favorites: "Permanent Waves" and "Moving Pictures".

I always link Jaap to Rush ... the Starman avatar and ... :rolleyes:



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The very first post in Jaap's popular "What do you listen to?" thread is Earthshine-Rush:


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15 minutes ago, gstallons said:

Would you like to give us some history on what inspired you to get this forum started .......

This is deserving of a topic of its own! :mg::cheese::nl:


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  • docc changed the title to NEIL PEART

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