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  1. Mike from HMB Moto just dropped me an email. Here is their latest product: https://hmb-moto.de/Side-Stand-Switch-contactless-V11-all-Models
  2. https://www.motoguzzi.com/en_EN/moto-guzzi-world/news-moto-guzzi/new-v85/
  3. https://www.cycleworld.com/motorcycle-reviews/moto-guzzi-stelvio-first-ride-review/
  4. From my V11 Lemans days I can remember that also loose oil filters caused this problem. Owners did not use a tool + torque wrench + 15 Nm. Maybe the gasket of the oil filters can cause problems. This one comes with an improved one: https://hmb-moto.de/Oil-Filter-Cali-1100-V11-Breva-Griso-Norge-etc
  5. "While I'll accept the flat tappet fiasco was a disaster in many ways I don't know what he's gibbering about about electrics or lubrication?" I guess: No grease on shock linkage + startus interruptus
  6. Hallo Al, maybe know you my channel already ;-) The CalVin looks great... ... but the build quality could sometimes be really lousy. You have to invest a lot if you want a shiny bike and with the original mapping the bike is running much too lean. And even though my CalVin ended up being perfect, I think the power should be greater for such a heavy bike.
  7. The freaking thing is that Radical Guzzi was featured on Moto Guzzi's official homepage and YT channel. I am also working in Marketing (B2B) and branding is important of course. I would have offered those independent shops a kind of partnership => Keep the name but place a banner linking to MGs website. You cannot get most parts anymore HMB is selling from MG/Piaggio. But shops like this strenghten the brand because they help to keep the heritage alive. If you just look at what models MG/Piaggio has created the last ten years ... it is ridiculous => V7, V85/9, V100 and even the smallblocks are more ore less just updates. For me being a "GuzziGuy" since 1992 it makes me sad. I guess will never buy a new Guzzi (e.g. this Aprilia V100) again ...
  8. Next victim: https://www.facebook.com/radicalspeedshop Some years ago:
  9. The owner asked me if I could post this here: HMB-GUZZI is now HMB-MOTO as of today, we have changed our internet access as well as our email addresses. The shop itself will remain unchanged, the existing customer/login data will continue to apply. The new shop address: www.hmb-moto.de The new email address: info@hmb-moto.de
  10. Any updates here? Will this be fixed?
  11. 2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello | What I DONT Like About This Bike! https://youtu.be/1UAqDipHKm4?t=304
  12. HMB-GUZZI is specialized on Tonti parts. The owner is in progress now changing the name to HMB-MOTO to avoid trouble with Piaggio lawers.
  13. Did you know that the Piaggio Group is currently forcing forum and website owners and professional stores to remove the word Guzzi from their names? This is currently happening in Germany. Latest victim HMB Guzzi. This is done by lawyers hired by the Piaggio Group.
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