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ZDDP levels in motor oil


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I'm running this in the Coppa:


Silicon = 7 ppm (anti-foaming agent in new oil, but in used oil, certain gasket materials and dirt can also add to this number), Boron = <5 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Magnesium = 46 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Calcium = 3626 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Barium = <1 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Zinc = 1774 ppm (anti-wear), Phos = 1347 ppm (anti-wear), Moly = 189 ppm (anti-wear), Potassium = 11 ppm (anti-freeze inhibitor), Sodium = 2 ppm (anti-freeze inhibitor), TBN = 10.2 (Total Base Number is an acid neutralizer to prevent corrosion.)

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One thing for sure, we want the best for our bikes. Yes have been using Castrol, my 2013 S 1000 RR HP4, recommended Castrol Power 1  5~40. My Dynotech papers says NO Castrol for my 1999 1164 V 11……  2022 Duc Multistrada, Shell oil on a sticker v visible. I think we be ok choosing top shelf oils mostly brands. Just my own simple solution, up to everyone. 
Wouldn’t  like to see my oil pressure in Oodnadatta thees days.

 Cheers Tom.

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