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  1. The latest information on this lamp is that it is not asymetric - so it can be used on vehicles driving both on the left and the right sides of the road. The sale is cancelled. Rolf
  2. A friend of mine here in Norway bouth this insert for his V11 Sport Rosso Mandello. He bought it from Australia. Forgetting that they drive (mostly) on the left side of the roads. After a few days testing - he found out that the light did not work well when driving on the norwegian right sides of the roads. So this advertisment is mainly for UK and Australia (pluss any other country that drives on the left side of the roads). Price would be 75 Euros + shipping. According to the box, it has the following text: D2D Honda CB LED 7" replacement Headlight with Park light (Honda: CB125, CB400, CB500, CB900, CB1300, Hornet 250, Hornet 600, Hornet 900) According to what he paid for it - this price should be very attractive.
  3. In general - a simple paper gasket between 2 very small surfaces where you have a a varm oil pressure, are not the best choise of materials. A reinforced steel gasket is in my oppinion the better solution.
  4. The 1400 models uses a steel reinforced bottom gasket - to prevent a "blow out" of internal oil - resulting in loss of oil pressure. This gasket has No: B063861 I will advise this gasket to be used on all big Guzzi's from 1965 and up.
  5. No, @rossoandy, I do not have any more such decals.
  6. Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans [2003] - Getriebe in Niedersachsen - Wennigsen | Motorradersatz- & Reperaturteile | eBay Kleinanzeigen (ebay-kleinanzeigen.de) Moto Guzzi le mans v11 Getriebe in Bayern - Ingolstadt | eBay Kleinanzeigen (ebay-kleinanzeigen.de) Getriebe Moto Guzzi V11 Sport / Le Mans / Scura /Ballabio etc. in Bayern - Memmingen | eBay Kleinanzeigen (ebay-kleinanzeigen.de) Rolf
  7. Pete I am to purchase the 8V Griso 2010 - which needs the C-kit. I have found the C-kit in Europe, but price around 1200 GBP. The B-kit is available for around half this price. Since you informed me that the B-kit can be made to a C-kit - if you purchase some extra parts. Which parts are needed - and can you tell me the article numbers for these parts? Is it wise to buy the B-kit + the extra parts, or is there any "problems" connected to this? Rolf
  8. Have you destroyed your rotor? I might know of one in Norway that can be for sale, I will have to ask the owner if you are interested.
  9. And another small thing: The 4 shims - I have noted article number 487127. But searching for this number - gives me nothing. Do I have wrong article number?
  10. Pete My friend has a Griso 2010 without a drill mark - so he needs a C-kit. I understand that the difference between the B and the C kits are the 4 shims + 4 valve caps + 2 intake sealings + 2 exhast sealings. If you have a B-kit with only 3 shims, I could still be intersted. Anything can be made. I suppose it is a steel shim of a specific thichness - this can me made by a machinist friend of mine. Please send me an offer on my private mailbox: rolf.halvorsen@mail.com In the meantime I will ask my friend if he would buy yours - or "wait" for an application to the factory to get a free kit. Regarding the computer stuff you are talking about - I have younger people around me for that "thing". I am 73 and started my hobby with the restoration of a 1923 Ford model T some 45 years ago. Computers is not my favorite. Swingarm and shock linkage bearings - I understand - and it will be delt with, together with the 2 drains from the air filter box. Is it more difficult now than before to "find" these A, B, C and D-kits? Rolf
  11. I think my friend needs a C-kit for his Griso 2010 with non floating head. I have an A-kit myself. Lets wait a few days to see whats pops up. Is it correct that you need to update the software when you put in roller tappets? Someone from a dealer told me this. Rolf
  12. Searching for a C-kit: 1A002082 and maybe also for a B-kit: 1A002063 Anyone - anywhere? Rolf (In Norway)
  13. The one one my 2005 Coppa Italia seems to be made of aluminium. Use a 6-corners pipe of 20mm (not a 12 corners pipe). Then you could clean it from the inside. I think pressurized air would do the job. (Not acetone - since that would destroy the window of plastic) The part number should be 01205730 according to my book. Rolf
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