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UK meeting 2009

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May I be so bold as to suggest we have this in Ireland next year I'm sure Belfast is due it if he can get his V11 back togther, this would not preclude a meeting in Denmark, that will give us time to save! I have enjoyed the last two meetings in Scotland but time to move on I'm sick eating haggis!

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Normally June is not possible for me, but it could be ok in 2009.

May is still good, though I would like to avoid the NW200 weekend. I don't know what date it will be next year. The end of May should be a safe time, so how about pencilling-in the weekend of

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st May 2009?


Give your feedback on May / June and that weekend in particular...


There were some comments from folk in this earlier thread:


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Hi BFG and Jaap,


Ireland sounds fine with me for 2009. We can make Denmark, the land of bacon and loose women, the 2010 nominee.




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We could do it in September this year... :rolleyes:

I'm going to Stavanger, Norway over the weekend of 18th to 21st September. Wasn't planning to go by bike, but maybe the two things could be combined????

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I've looked at the map. It's a long way – to combine Belfast, Stavanger and Denmark and would probably take more time and money than I could afford. How would people be proposing to go from UK to Denmark?

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I would maybe do Ireland this September- we were thinking of going over to see some friends in Galway some time so could combine the two.


Can't do weekend of 19th / 20th September- we are riding down to the Goodwood revival.


Would prefer to do Denmark next year if possible.




P.S. Mrs Guzzirider would probably prefer me not to chase loose women!

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