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Mirror, mirrors . . .


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On 6/3/2020 at 11:51 PM, Lucky Phil said:

Pretty much any mirror is like a wart but you do need them on a road bike, at least until someone comes up with a decent helmet or cycle mounted rear vision LED  screen. 

Here are mine, Rizzoma bought 8 or so years ago. As small and neat as I could find and still provide a decent rear view. Owing to my massive,broad and manly shoulders I have them extending about an inch past the bar tips but you can adjust them in further and down further if you want a more stealth look. Quality pieces.





I love those Rizomas. They look stunning. Massive improvement over the stock stalks 

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Just had a look at Rizomas website. They look gorgeous, however they are somewhat pricey :o:o


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1 hour ago, Guzzimax said:

... Rizomas... are somewhat pricey


Indeed they are. :unsure:

I'm looking for mirrors for my V35 Imola at the moment. I really liked the ones that were on it, but it fell off the sidestand about a month ago, and one of them popped out of the ball joint. After much searching, I had to come to the conclusion that the manufacturer is unfortunately no longer in business.

One candidate was these, possibly the most expensive mirrors I have ever seen:


I like the look of them a lot, and they are technically very elegant: they are machined out of aluminium, and the mirror surface is the base material polished and coated to form a mirror. Unfortunately,  I think they wont work. The stem juts forwards where the joint is just above the base. On the Imola, there is about zero space between the mirror mount and the fairing, and I'm pretty sure they would collide. Bugger. One more lost chance to spend far too much money on bits for the motorbike. :whistle:


Incidentally, the best stock mirrors ever were certainly those on the Kawasaki 1000 GTR (also known as the Concours in some small, insignificant markets....).

They are unobtrusive, blend well into the lines of the fairing*, never, ever, ever vibrate (even at 180 kmh +), provide an excellent view to the rear, and are placed such that the riders hands are protected by the mirrors from the wind. B)


* Edit: one could also say that there is so much fairing on the bike, that the mirrors just dwindle into insignificance. :whistle:


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