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Stelvio gear shift arm bent and cracked-along with my ankle!


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I dropped my Stelvio in sand on a backroad (twice). Apart from buggering my ankle under the pannier box, (note to self - you cant ride in sand and certainly not on a Stelvio with full gas and loaded with camping gear. Stop kidding yourself);

In the crash, I bent the gearshift lever and cracked the end fitting where the pedal attaches. You can see in the pictures the bend and it is cracked and bent at the bolt hole for the pedal. The light is hopeless but you get the idea. 

I presume,3FAFBA37-AD97-4992-A6FB-1770E433FD63.jpeg.daf59b997907f5645956806e8dd8b8f1.jpeg looking at it, the arm is toast; but just on the off chance, can the arm be straightened and the crack welded, or does anyone have a spare I can buy or steal, or do I have to go to Guzzi for a replacement?  


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Never had one in hand, but your lever *appears* to be forged, in which case it should be easy enough to have straightened and welded. 

If you have the desire to overthink and overengineer, you could have one of these cut and welded on, or weld and machine your lever tip to accommodate the replacement tip only; 


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You might ask over on Wild Guzzi too. Somebody there may have a spare or know of a suitable aftermarket replacement.

The Tusk levers are nice quality. I just got one for my "mighty" Yamaha TW200.

And yeah... the Stelvio is a handful in the sand. It might benefit from a steering damper, but I have not ever seen one fitted. I'm leaning toward street/touring tires at the next tire-change for my Stelvio.

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Many thanks for the responses. I managed to find an OEM replacement on e- bay.  For Pete R, I was curious as to which pivot pin?  I presume it is the one that mounts the lever.
Like Scud the conclusion I reached at the end of this trip (apart from being thankful I was wearing long touring boots) was that while the Stelvio is a great touring bike and load carrying Mule, it aint no back roads ADV; at least not with me riding it. So my next tyres will likely be Conti Trail Attack 3,s.

Oh dear, is that the start of a tyre thread!

Thanks again. 

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Yeah, the pin the lever is mounted on part#884033. The problem is the 6mm threaded bit that mounts in the footrest hanger, (From memory on Stelvios?). When it takes a biff it tends to over stress the part where that turns into the 12mm(?) part that the lever mounts on. It may not fracture immediately but there is a good chance it will down the track. If that occurs way off in urine drinking country and you don't have a spare it can really spoil your day. We nowadays replace them on any bike that has taken a tumble and give the original back to the owner to carry as a 'Spare'. It's not like they're super expensive or anything.....

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