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I'm in marketing, not sure why this surprises me, lol. With this said, I'd opt for the KTM, rather than the Gas Gas or Husky.

To further complicate things, consider SWM. These are Italian designed, rebranded Husky.

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I haven't seen those.

I own an old school KTM, a two stroke 440 EXC. While I would buy a KTM, I don't care for their origami styling. Too many edges and folds, too angular. I like the Husqvarna styling better. But that is what it comes down to, which one of the three looks best to you because they all perform the same.

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According to Crash dot net, Liberty Media, the owner of F1 is in the closing states of purchasing MotoGP for 4 BN dollars.

Some are saying they will face antitrust inquiry from Europe before that transaction completes.

What struck me was the comparison used between F1 and MotoGP in terms of profit. This is what was used to compare the two. Money....

My only query is, should Liberty managed the purchase, what will they come up with to gather more income? they came up with the Las Vegas F1 Grand-Prix, which was more circus than sport.

Maybe a MotoGP Grand-Prix in Manhattan?



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Yeah, as bad as things are now it does not seem like this is a move for the better of the sport.

I guess this is the world we live in now, where things like sport are just a vehicle for those with money to make more money. It is not just MotoGP, many sports have fallen into the same trap. MotoGP is one of the holdouts, perhaps.

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I watched an interview of the returning Davide Brivio, now running the other Aprilia team.

He said the departure of Valentino Rossi from MotoGP made the sport less popular and visible. The gimmicks he introduced in his early days and kept coming up with were never matched. I don't necessarily say MotoGP should be a freak show.

Today's motorcycles are a lot more demanding in terms of physical preparation. I think almost every rider in MotoGP has been doing the "arm pump" surgery. Last information I got, Pedro Acosta may have to go through it too.

When I started racetracks hoping, I was 14 years old, on a moped. You could see the racers from up close and personal. The "Parc Fermé" was anything but "fermé".

Today, the racers have bodyguards when moving from their RV to the Garage. You hardly get a glimpse. Only at the Grand-Prix de France, the organizer has a tribune where the pilots come on stage and answer the public's questions.

I am a few hours drive away from COTA, but I am not feeling the call...

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I hope to go to COTA.  I'm prepping the Duc and hope to get the Greenie in the shop in the next day or two. 


So far as LM?  Well, I'm not a fan given to how they were complicit to deny Andretti an F1 slot.  The entire F1 sport seems corrupt and inept.  The latest is a harassment claim against Christian Horner.  

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We are April 1st, this is not an April's fools...

Liberty Media has acquired MotoGP, and would therefore manage both F1, MotoGP and WSBK. The official announcement is anticipated to take place in Austin for the next MotoGP.

Subject to approval from the European Union. Therefore, not a done deal just yet.

Lot of opinions expressed so far, many are negative. F1 is deemed more a show than a sport (some say), and there is a train of thoughts that Liberty Media will turn MotoGP profits using the same tools that worked in F1; such as organizing commingled F1/MotoGP races, not together on the racetrack, but together on the racing weekend.

There is also a strong possibility of clashes between the existing bodies within MotoGP, FIM, MSMA, IRTA; in plain language: the promoter, the sports' authority, the manufacturers, the teams. Interestingly, there isn't a body that represents the pilots, excepted in the safety commission.

Liberty Media may hamstring the others by using their dominant position.

Too early to say, and in any case, while Dorna has agreed to the deal, the European authorities have to put their stamp on it.


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I am not a fan of this move, but I don't want to bitch and complain until they start F'ing it up like they did F1. There are a number of possible outcomes here. But rather then speculate I will wait and see.

Of note, this is both MotoGP AND WSBK. So it affects pretty much all top level international motorcycle racing. If it goes bad, you won't have much alternative.

Personally I think letting one company control almost all the top level motorsports is a bad idea and should be prevented with anti-trust rules and regs. That is what those rules and regs are for.

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20 minutes ago, GuzziMoto said:

Personally I think letting one company control almost all the top level motorsports is a bad idea and should be prevented with anti-trust rules and regs. That is what those rules and regs are for.

Pundits are predicting the deal will not be condoned by the European Union. They base their judgement on a previous attempt from a different group. The principle remains the same. Those groups are purely money motivated, and the sport in itself is not their main concern. Profits is.

We will wait to see what will effectively happen, or not.

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2 hours ago, p6x said:

Pundits are predicting the deal will not be condoned by the European Union. They base their judgement on a previous attempt from a different group. The principle remains the same. Those groups are purely money motivated, and the sport in itself is not their main concern. Profits is.

We will wait to see what will effectively happen, or not.

CVC was forced to sell Dorna when they decided to acquire F1. That was back in the mid-2000's.

We will see how it goes this time.

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The Liberty vision for MotoGP has been revealed:

  • Leverage Liberty’s Ability to Scale Leading Global Sports Assets
  • Expansion Opportunity Especially in Key Growth Markets including US
  • Amplify Marketing Support and Storytelling Capabilities
  • Broaden MotoGP Reach and Appeal to Drive Competition and Boost Commercial Partnerships
  • Expose Sport to Wider Fanbase and Fuel Value of Entire Ecosystem
  • Improve Hospitality and Fan Experience

Sounds like someone with an MBA has presented the 3 years look-ahead plan to substantiate revenue.

One of the way to expose the sport to a wider fan base would be to diversify the pilots' origin. The majority of today's MotoGP is basically Italian and Spanish, with a few exceptions. If we exclude Brad Binder and Takaaki Nakagami, all the riders are European. It is natural to want to support someone from your country. Moto2 is a bit more eclectic, with a larger span of nationalities, however the MotoGP material seems to always revolve around the same countries.

Jorge Lorenzo offered a very good point. Rivalry captures interest. Doohan versus Criville; Biaggi versus Rossi; Rossi versus Lorenzo; Rossi versus Marquez;

Today the field is more leveled; Bagnaia, Binder, Martin, Marquez, Acosta, Bastianini, Bezzecchi.... it feels aseptic. Maybe it is going to change.

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Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP

Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP: New commercial rights holder Liberty Media aims to combine MotoGP and Formula One.
www.cyclenews.com www.cyclenews.com

Liberty Media announce sweeping changes to MotoGP
Rennie Scaysbrook | April 1, 2024

New MotoGP commercial rights holder Liberty Media has announced a raft of changes for the two-wheeled series as it aims to more closely align it with the crown jewel in Liberty’s portfolio, Formula One.

Liberty Media purchased approximately 86 percent of Dorna, the Spanish-based enterprise that has been in control of MotoGP since 1992, for €4.53 billion ($4.51 billion). Liberty will also take over as the exclusive rights holder of Moto2 and Moto3, the FIM Enel MotoE World Championship, the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship and the new FIM Women’s Circuit Racing World Championship.

Liberty Media has confirmed Pirelli, the Italian brand responsible for the control tire in Formula One and in WorldSBK, will become the sole tire supplier for MotoGP, replacing French company Michelin who will be demoted to supplying the tires for the Dorna personnel golf carts seen in the MotoGP paddock.

🤪 🤪 🤪 🤪
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I read some of these details in this week's CycleNews, I'm not sure how I feel about some of these proposed changes. I feel the traction and wheelie control should stay. Or anything that helps bring better products to market.


MotoGP, now American owned, but no US pilots, hmmm…

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I am not a fan of the traction control and wheelie control aspects, but it has been much better since they switched to the standard ECU. Before then, traction control and wheelie control was too big a factor in who was fast and who wasn't. Now, with the standard ECU those systems are much less sophisticated and how good your electronics guy is becomes less of a factor. The playing field is more level. It still matters, look at Yamaha. They haven't been able to get the same level of performance out of the standard ECU, in part likely because they did not immediately hire a Weber/Marelli guy like everyone else did.

While I think the ride height control is seriously cool, I don't think it helps the show. And the aero stuff clearly hurts the show. So I will be happier if those things go away.

I do think the reducing engine size idea is stupid. If they are serious about slowing the bikes down, they have already proved that isn't going to do it. It will only make the bikes less exciting to watch, as super high corner speeds are less impressive visually then slower corner speeds followed by brutal acceleration. Better to slow their corner speeds down. Slowing them by reducing engine capacity doesn't make them safer. And it really doesn't slow them down. Speeds in the corners will likely be higher, and final speeds down the straights may only be slightly reduced. Again, they already tried that and it didn't work, it didn't make MotoGP safer. Didn't these guys pay attention? What is the saying? Those that fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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I do agree with removing launch control, both in Street and Dirt. These things are unsafe and causing many accidents when it doesn't disengage. With no suspension, they approach the turn and have no control. It happens so often in both MotoGP and SX/MX that many are opposed to them now.

I believe it was on https://www.youtube.com/@gypsytalespodcast9369 the many changes that can be made for better spectator experience, without anyone noticing it is slower, or less jump heights, etc. The changes would result in closer racing, more lead changes, etc. and far more safer for moto-pilots.

(pilots– this is my preferred term for riders.) I'm hoping it will catch on. :helmet:

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