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Unused Roper plate


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On 7/22/2023 at 8:50 AM, Frenchfrog said:


As new and unused :50 euros plus freight from France.\

chris at loondon.co.uk


You are a French Frog? still are?

I was for a long time too. Actually it is a pleonasm, because in the 60's when an UK person spoke about "the frogs", it was the French of course.... because the French liked to eat "strange things" such as Frog's legs and Snails.

However I think this nickname has fallen in desuetude today. I think that with globalization, it was discovered that the French are not the only ones to eat "strange things". I know of friends who like "Foie Gras" too.

When I was living in Paris, there was a pub named "The Frogs and Rosbifs". (For those of you who did not guess, "Rosbifs" was the counter nickname given by the French to the English people. "Rosbif" has to do with the presumed culinary habits in England.

Anyway, good memories.

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7 hours ago, p6x said:

However I think this nickname has fallen in desuetude today.

Maybe in the US, but I dare say most Australians and Brits would still know it. Probably NZ as well, but I'm guessing there.


However, it is generally used with a favourable wink. ;)

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I'm ethnically challenged p6x !!!!

A foot in both camps and brought up in both...now settled in France for good .

It's always amused me to se that both nationalities have real issues with the others culinary culture but most of those are founded in ignorance.Out of the two , French cuisine is far more refined,varied and rich but personally there are as many French dishes that I don't eat as English ones.Offal and fish based meals in particular.

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