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It seems like lack of "covered" space is a determining factor in our two wheeled acquisitions?

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More often than not, I inferred that some of us have to pass on purchasing "another one", or is it "one more", because they do not have the garage space for it. I am unfortunately in that category. But wait; I am not completely in that category... the HOA where I live has determined that nothing can be permanently parked outside our garages, to not make the community look like a used car parking lot.

I often read in this forum, that some of you need to make room to purchase their next one. The Quota I went to see in Boise earlier this year was also surplus to requirement, and occupying coveted space.

So I am here, Buenos Aires, and while I walk the avenidas, I see motorcycles of all sorts parked outside apartment buildings. In large cities, parking space is expensive indoors, and most of the buildings never were conceived to garage cars when built. I mean the old buildings.

All the motorcycles I have seen are left outside, not even covered. The majority of them are small capacity ones, 125cc, 250cc; but I bumped into a few GS 1250 and other KTM. I also am aware there are many HDs here too, but those I did not left out in the weather.

So, why can't we leave our motorcycles outside ourselves? why do we need to have them pampered inside? surely, they were made to take on the harsh or good weather? I give you that I would not leave my Le Mans out in the Texas sun all day long without a cover. I know what the sun does to colors, and plastics.

But why is it a no starter for you? theft? degradation? no way my bike is going to be outside?

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I suppose for me it's simply adoration. Even my 'junk' bikes have had a place inside. No way could I leave a prized bike in the elements, even covered. I've built an addition to my shop/garage that's large enough for 4 and is well insulated and no exterior openings. I use an oil radiant heater in that space in winter which is very economical and keeps the temp from going below 45f. This prevents the destructive condensation that Indiana weather and humidity tend to inflict on metal surfaces.

I have in the past brought a motorcycle into the house for winter. Parked in the dining room.

A heated garage or outbuilding is as necessary to my life as a living space in a home. My profession required it, and all my tinkerings and hobbies revolve around having a shop of some kind. So there will always be a place indoors for toys.

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8 hours ago, p6x said:

So, why can't we leave our motorcycles outside ourselves?

Mine live in the courtyard under covers. The V11 is in my garage around the corner at the moment, but that is only because it needed some work that isn't quite finished.

I don't like leaving them outside, but I want them available. If I had to go somewhere to get on the bike, I'd probably never ride. If they're here, they get ridden. A house or flat with a closed garage would be nicer, but we don't have that, and aren't likely to get one here in Leipzig. So the bikes live outside. :huh2:

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