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ahhhhhhhh.... German Engineering at its best!!!!

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Looking at the assembly line, I am wondering if any other brand have such an incredible industrial tool?

Noticed there aren't many females shown... this is surprising as the Ducati production line have quite a lot of them.

I really liked the test jig for the engine that only requires compressed air... the complete bike assembly data is being recorded and checked as it moves through the setup points.

They achieve zero defect, at least in the assembling process. They cannot completely check-proof the various assembly parts for quality; or do they have a quality control for the parts they don't manufacture themselves?

The robot putting sealant on the carter....

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That 2013 HP4 was an exelent 60years present.
Made 28000km with it. Some of those had some serious white finger problems. Mine was fine.
Cheers Tom. 20140328_205502.jpg

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2 hours ago, gstallons said:

I wonder if there is a bike assembly video of the M/G plant ?

I have not seen any so far. I have seen vintage photos when bikes would be completely assembled at a single post.

I think I read somewhere that the new V100 power train was not manufactured at Mandello del Lario. I could guess that Piaggio/Aprilia have better facilities and ship the units completed and tested to Mandello. This has to be verified though.

As Moto Guzzi, Aprilia's historical manufacturing plant was in Noale Italy.

Piaggio who owns the two brands has a state of the arts facility in Scorzé Italy. I would think that Piaggio's assembly line is pretty much a carbon copy of that of Ducati.

I can see that in the long term, Mandello del Lario will become more a sanctuary than a very active Guzzi headquarter. Sort of an empty shell. It may remains a Museum of the Moto Guzzi brand.

I am planning to find out this summer, as I am thinking of heading to Italy on a memory tour.


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