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Saw it in Marble Falls, TX. I saw the last one in Oregon in 2017 with my oldest daughter. My wife took my other daughter to PA for her first year college move in, so they both missed out. Flash forward to now. That same daughter is a grad student at UT Austin. My wife's birthday was the day of the eclipse. Visting my daughter in Austin and seeing the eclipse was her birthday present. It was a great trip!

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The photo is just more a commemoration rather than an accurate portrayal of the experience. The appearance to the eye was a completely black dot with a bright narrow white ring around it. The ring was almost like round neon or fluorescent light. Totally bright white with sharp edges (no yellow). It got cool for perhaps a half hour as the sun was shadowed and it was dark enough that stars were visible. At full eclipse you could look at it with the naked eye, in fact you couldn't see with dark glasses regardless of the bright ring.

This was my second try. I had gone to Kansas City in '17 and we got cloud cover that obscured totality. Finally got to see it this time in Dallas.

The amusement park shot fireworks, played 2001 theme, the Floyd (Eclipse) and then 5th Dimension (Let the Sunshine In).

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8 hours ago, activpop said:

@LowRyter Looks like a great sky and venue for it.  There must have been some whooping and hollering going on!  Being local is nice.

actually we traveled to Dallas and got an airBnb apartment across from Texas Stadium, about a mile from 6 Flags.  We were worried about the weather.  And more so, finding a venue since my wife is recovering from knee replacement.  My youngest son ordered 6 Flag tickets on the drive down.   

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Our hometown (Barlow) had a solar eclipse in 2017 and 2024 . It was in a pathway for both eclipses . This year's eclipse was spectacular v the one in 2017.  I did remember where my Pink Floyd CD was and went back home , retrieved it and put in to play when the big show was taking place . Incredible as it seems , it was the first time hearing it w/o the influence of illegal substances .... hmmmm . 

The sky was DARK whereas the earlier eclipse turned everything hazy like someone was burning wheat fields . There were people ALL over the place around here from Oregon , Canada , etc.  I thought The Beatles had reunited !

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I experienced an eclipse, I think it was a total, in Australia when I was about 15, and one in Germany in around 1998 or '99. Weird, interesting, exciting, lots of words for it. I'm very glad I had the experience. :)

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On 4/10/2024 at 3:13 PM, LowRyter said:

My youngest son ordered 6 Flag tickets on the drive down.   

Well that's a trip he'll never forget!

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Well, ok.. I'll photobomb you..B)

We were in the path of totality, so had a cookout/eclipse party.

My last apprentice, Austin..now the Indiana MGNOC rep, took these pix. As we approached totality, I went to the house and got my birding binoculars. It "appeared" that we could see eruptions around the corona.



The temp dropped 12 degrees, colors changed, and the breeze we had been having dropped to dead calm. Crickets cricketed. :) I thought, "I wonder what it would look like from the air?" Quickly opened the hanger door, did a preflight, grabbed my flying jacket, silk scarf, and aviator cap, kicked the tires and lit the fires.


The spring greens were a different shade, and it looked like a wall of rain 2 miles to the west. The above picture is looking west. When we got there, though, it still looked like rain ahead. Not a ripple in the air. Awesome.

You can see some of the effect in this picture taxiing in. Shadows appeared to be cut out of cardboard, and the colors were still "off.:



Truly a once in a lifetime experience.. it was good for me. :)

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