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The Commando returns? really?

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19 minutes ago, audiomick said:

Docc, you're a very naughty boy. :grin:

"That's what she said!" :grin:

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1 hour ago, audiomick said:

Did you have to leave town?:whistle:

Haha, I think I had to tell that story once before . . . :blush:


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11 hours ago, audiomick said:

Ok, so he noticed the qualities of the bike, and gave it a good report. Mostly.

The bashing continues: he says at the start that he never was interested in adventure bikes, but for the test he miracuolasly has a retro enduro helmet to wear. :huh2:

Further: as in the last video, brand new spiffy clothing appropriate to the bike in question, and meticulously aged boots. And he is constanly striking poses.

I'm pleased that he liked the bike, but I still reckon he is a bit of a twat. B)


And Monica is a shit camera operator. :whistle:

Concur on "poses,"  etc.  Much else is overstudied, too, but a few beers at the SSR would fix that.  :drink:

For me, however, always charmed by a woman's laugh, Monica's giggle at c.18:40 makes it all forgivable.  :wub:



11 hours ago, docc said:

Perhaps they should swap positions.

I remember doing that with girls (in the distant past) and it worked out swimmingly . . .:o ;) :whistle:

Do tell.  Please.  Tho maybe waiting for the Lodge's pavilion at Tellico might be wiser.  ;)


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Ha ha, speaking of Nayook and Noojee!

The planets have aligned and me and ole mate Dave are off on a wee jaunt to the high country again in about an hour or so and will be heading through here on our way out! Of course, after great weather the last 2 weeks it decides yesterday to turn to SHIT.

It's been about 2 years since we got away and in fact the last time ( Xmas hols in Jan.) the planets aligned for a day out on the bikes ( and it takes a planetary alignment for such these days) the bloody breather hose called it quits and put paid to that idea...so heres hoping no such bs this time. 

Cheers Guzzler.

Ps not to mozz it, but it's looking likely to happen now!

Woohoo bikes got new shoes and Tank bags packed and ready so I'd best get togged up myself. 


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