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    Why is there a chain and padlock on that poor bike? Was it naughty?
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    Da'gum. Here, I just replaced my axle nuts and totally missed the opportunity to say, "I have titanium nuts."
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    If its any consolation, I have 125,000 on my LeMans. Original timing chain,tensioner,oil pump, etc...etc...etc... and it still has the 2800-3000 rpm hiccup !!! I think I will keep her
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    Maybe from the USA? So ... it's not easy: Vehicles, motor vehicles and trailers registered in a foreign country and which have already fulfilled customs formalities or those referred to in article 53, paragraph 2 of the Legislative Decree 30 August 1993, n.331, if prescribed, are allowed to circulate in Italy for the maximum duration of one year, based on the registration certificate of the State of origin. As you can see you can circulate for a period of one year with the American bike with original plate but you must have these original documents with you: a) TITLE (vehicle registration document) B) Custom Bubble (shows that the vehicle is your property and you have fulfilled the customs duties and therefore VAT and DUTY) c) Purchase Invoice d) REGISTRATION CARD (it is our respective Italian stamp or property tax) e) Insurance VALID ON THE ITALIAN TERRITORY Obviously if you stay more than a year you must provide for the registration of the car with Italian license plate otherwise there is the immediate seizure of the vehicle with the relative administrative sanctions. as for you, you must have the INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE (VALID).
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    Seems to me this is the right place for a little introduction.... Alongside my V11, I used to own a Honda Transalp 650. For in town, bit of offroad etc. With my car ageing and starting to be troublesome, I decided I wanted to do my commute by bike as well. But my Transalp is no fun on the highway. I sold the Transalp and bought another Italian*: *Funny thing: the Honda was secretly also built in Italy, in the same year as my V11 was, 600km elsewhere...
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    Wonderful. Yes, from USA. It's my intention to attend the TT at the Isle of Man in the next couple years, and I thought that rather than shipping directly there, I'd land in Italy a month early and ride off to IoM to finish the trip. The paperwork doesn't seem unbearable for the reward. Thanks!
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    A later "document holder" will not fit the earlier tail section. The tail sections are totally different too - even the rear subframes that the tails (and pockets) mounts, too, are different. With the earlier tail, the pocket comes off with the tail section. With the later tail, the pocket stays on the frame and tail has to be slid over the pocket for removal or installation.
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    Yesterday...searching for a better air...
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    I'm down to one V11 and a cabinet full of parts.... Kind of regret trading my red LeMans for the Ducati ST3 sometimes... The ST3 is for sale, but I rode it 400 miles yesterday including two passes through the Santa Monica Mountains - and it is a fabulous bike. Love 'em all, can't afford to keep 'em all. I'm enjoying the Stelvio and the Husqvarna 701 the most right now since there are so many dirt-road diaries to be written. (country song reference)
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    Dave - have you ever considered an Aprilia Tuono? They catch my eye periodically and I think the older ones are reasonably priced. Here's one near me: a 2008 for $2,750 - needs tires and battery. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/wildomar-2008-aprila-tuono/6894426377.html
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    Titaniumed bikes tend to float ...
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    True, I dont think there would be much more than a kilo or so to be save if you replaced every bolt with a ti one on a V11. I use them for their ability to stay looking nice forever. The weight saving is just icing on the cake. Here's the Titanium axle nuts I use on my bike. Next time I have the front wheel off I'll machine some thread off the front axle. Ciao
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    Haha! Well, Spine Raiders keep coming from further away and more States. We have yet to host a Raider from any really far-flung place like Varsseveld, Bungendore, Eindhoven, Coburg, or New Zealand. Or even British Columbia! We'll make room at the inn, y'all!
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    ^^^^^^^ Shouldn’t we be allowed to vote on that? Bill
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    Oh yea...I live south of Grand Rapids. Lots of good riding up here..and the wildlife adds just the right amount of "life affirming" moments I relish!
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    So... I wanted to wait until I had something a little positive. While ordering an oil pump gear from Joe Caruso I asked him if he would have any interest in making a transmission input hub that would fit the Ram clutch and he seemed genuinely interested. Before you get your hopes up he is going to confer with his gear guy if he has the tooling. This might be a no go right from the start, but if he does is there any real desire for this hub? To me it sounded like there was but once people start talking money things can change real fast. Some people have made the conversion but I didn't see any real feedback is the Ram clutch a worthwhile mod? I know its too early to come up with a price it cost me 600.00 for the clutch and with the hub it could push the cost to a cool grand for a six speed conversion. Any way just putting it out there still testing the waters. I hope sp838 took some good dims.
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    They are built to be used with timing gears. The tolerances are tighter and from what I understand, just made “better”... Joe said in his email to me that the stock pump works fine and doesn’t fail. He thinks it could use a little improving. I think you really have to be a bit of a technical nerd and enjoy the pride of ownership in knowing you have something in your engine that was made by someone who is equally passionate about stuff like this. In a stock to mildly tuned engine... this is Gilding The Lilly no doubt. Then again, if you are already planning on installing a set of gears.. why not just go ahead and go for the full monte? I am planning some radical engine work, so this stuff seems right on the money. From a strictly hard core race engine view... oil is a power robbing necessary evil. Getting the parts that move it along dialed in and slippery like 2 sheets of buttered glass can only help reduce friction and promote oil circulation. Now if you’ll excuse me, my cup of 110 octane coffee is getting cold
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    The pump is designed to go with the steel timing gears. I know that people have opinions on the effectiveness/worth/etc about switching over to a gear drive. I myself think it’s a great idea and plan on having them installed in my engine. These motorcycles like most mass produced vehicles are built to a price point. Once a target range of durability and cost is reached then it gets built. Revisions are often made to lower cost and or improve reliability. When you are dealing with bespoke custom parts such as gear trains, then those restrictions are not an issue. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question. Will it be something that everyone should have? No... It’s fun to to take a design and see it evolve into something bigger, better, faster etc.. at least it is to me.
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    Mountain roads open and passable only with mounted chains
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    After a bit of googling, I found the protocol for Marelli P8 ECU's is documented by Fiat. These are used in many cars as well as bikes. Some guys on Ford Cosworth forums have made add on gauges using the Fiat documents. A guy on a Ducati forum is using a modified ECU with his own software running on another processor, combined with AFR sensors to play with fueling/tuning of his bike on the move! So there is a modest set of info that you can request from the ECU and this would be displayed on a small OLED screen. Adding a GPS (which are cheap these days) will give speed, or could use a mag pickup on a wheel or shaft. From that and RPM, I should also be able to show gear position. Will post a few pics when I get a prototype knocked up! If anyone is interested in the ECU document: http://download.fiatforum.bg/Diagnostic/Eobd/fiat_marelli.pdf Not found one specifically for the Guzzi ECU, but I believe the command and responses are similar.
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    I went with the mechanical gauge, call me old school Tapped the oil line that feeds the heads with a double banjo. The location of the gauge in the lower fairing on the LeMans was an easy choice for me as the previous owner had a drilled a hole for a non existent switch. Here are some pictures of the parts and such. I do like to know that I have oil flow and what it is. Hope that helps. Kosta
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