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  1. Sadly, the only people who notice my bike are old farts (like me).
  2. MartyNZ

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    Yeah, Nah mate, Neill said it helps with handling. And anyway, it is not July yet.
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    Here I am trying to overtake a two-up 850 T3.
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  5. Brexit is still mithering on 2 years later, with UK politicians wanting to have their cake and eat it. New Zealand just had some bad news last Friday too. Our biggest mass shooting ever. A white supremacy nut killed 50 citizens and hurt lots more. The police caught him while he was on the way to kill more, within 21 minutes, without firing a shot. Good job NZ Cops! Then the NZ government, within 6 days, outlawed military style semi automatic rifles, and high capacity magazines. Now I'm a gun owner, but I think we failed badly not to copy Australia's lead on gun control 2 decades ago. Good job NZ Government! Even if too late for 50 people. Now they need to get to work on the reporting and treatment of haters who enable/encourage mass shooters.
  6. Docc is right (again). You need an electronic flasher [21] which will flash the indicator lights irrespective of current draw from the lamps. I did this, and found another problem. The instrument panel [6] turn signal light is connected to both left & right indicator light circuits, so if you have all four indicators fitted with LED lamps, all four lamps will flash when you indicate left or right turn. That [6] indicator provides a path to ground via the side opposite the side you selected. The fix is to replace the little incandescent bulb in the [6] panel with a facing pair of LEDS, with a common ground. Until I follow my own advice, I have only LEDs in the front indicators, same as Docc's bike.
  7. Injector cleaning by adding a cleaner to the fuel will help by disolving varnish/wax deposits, so can give good results. However some insoluable particles which get past the filter can lodge in the injectors, and only back-flushing or disassembly can clean that. I had brown fuzz in the inlet screens of my injectors, so I suspected some could be inside the injectors. I made two injector back-flushing kits, thanks to some help from Scud, and can mail you mine if you want to use it. ...and the 5 Dec 2016 post here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18805-brand-new-scura/&do=findComment&comment=215317https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18805-brand-new-scura/&do=findComment&comment=215317
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  9. Hi Nigel, I see a reference to a supplier here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20337&do=findComment&comment=231113 You may have to paint the red finish black for your bike.
  10. As I understand it, you need several workshop manuals for the MGS01 Corsa. One for the original MGS01, and then another for the MGS01 Corsa which just covers the differences, but also states "the following information should be intended as variant to the Workshop manual - engine - for version V10 Centauro". The MGS01 Corsa manual refers to use of the V11 gearbox & rear transmission, so that leads to another manual. Gregory Bender made these manuals available here: - http://www.thisoldtractor.com/moto_guzzi_misc_workshop_manuals___shop_manuals___service_manuals.html
  11. When Pete says something, it pays to listen. He has worked on Moto Guzzis before. Looking at your first post, it seems like pic 1 oscilloscope trace shows a lower sensor voltage and lower speed than pic 2. The SENS813 is an inductive pickup, which would put out lower voltage pulses if the gap to the phonic wheel was large. I think you could try reducing the SEN813 sensor gap to the minimum, and temporarily leave the o-ring seal out, just to check. As I see it, the sequence of events in the ECU are: 1. ECU Power on, self test, sensor check, and pump prime. 2. The ECU then waits until SEN813 pulses reach a "run" threshold. 3. The ECU will then turn on coils and injectors as instructed by the BIN file program. If the SEN813 sensor is faulty, or if the gap is too large, the ECU will not power the coils and injectors. As Chuck mentioned, electrical connectors can cause problems, and it is a good idea to remove and clean the connector to the ECU. What does your instrument panel RPM display show during cranking when it is sparking and not sparking? Be aware too that your manual says "If in the wrong position, the bank angle sensor may lead to sudden engine stalling". You mentioned this at the start, but you could try disconnecting it.
  12. thanks Marty. but i already tried to air gap clearance. I have 5 each size shim. Can I suggest checking the gap by putting a bead of modeling clay or plasticine on the tip of the sensor, installing it when a tooth is lined up centred in the hole, removing and measuring the thickness. I know that it is easy to get that gap wrong, with shims and o-ring in the way.
  13. From your video, we can see good spark when the engine cranks without compression, but then with the plugs in, there is no spark delivered from the coils. There are two changes to the engine from cranking with the plugs in or out. 1. The engine turns over slower with the plugs in. 2. The battery voltage is lower while the starter is working hard to crank with the plugs in. For effect 1, perhaps your SEN813 sensor is out of adjustment. Also called phase/revolution sensor, crank position sensor, or timing sensor. The workshop manual will give a specific clearance for the sensor from the phonic (toothed) wheel. If the gap is too great, the sensor voltage pulses will be low, below the threshold set in the ECU, so the ECU will not allow a start. This clearance is reduced by removing shims. I know of an '02 California that ran fine for 4 hour trip, then refused to start until the sensor clearance was reset. . This picture attached is for a V11. There should be something similar for your bike. Shimming V11 RPM Sensor.pdf For effect 2, consider ground connections. I know you checked the ground wire, but the ECU is sensitive to battery voltage. A poor connection at the battery, the gearbox, the frame, or pins 23 & 24 on the ECU could interfere with it's function. I'm assuming that you have a 15M ECU from the picture. The change in starter load between "plugs in" and "plugs out" will be matched by a change in voltage sensed by the ECU, and resistance in any connection can make a difference. If you can't fix it, and you want to get rid of it, just ship the whole bike to me. It would look good in my garage.
  14. Nice try, no cigar. More elevation means richer mixture. In your normally aspirated airplane, you have to keep leaning the mixture as you climb. Chuck is right again. Scud asked a similar question here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19977 GuzziMoto is right too. The V11 ECU auto corrects the mixture as altitude changes. Yes, that little black button on the top corner of the ECU.
  15. My 03 V11 Sport runs well without any pinging. I use 95 RON fuel, Meinolf's ECU map #42, and Titanium cans with everything else stock. It also ran well without pinging on the Titanium ECU programming. See https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19682&do=findComment&comment=214669for explanation of fuel ratings. The fuel I use doesn't have any alcohol, but as I understand it, ethanol improves the octane rating, so should be more resistant to pinging than straight petroleum fuel. When I first got my bike, it had NGK BPR5ES plugs instead of the correct heat rating BPR6ES. A hotter plug than specified can cause pinging. You should check your plugs, look for intake air leaks, and correct lean fuel trim, all of which can cause pinging, along with other ills. And as Docc says, the tune up is mandatory. Don't miss a step. I had to do the tune up twice before I was happy with my bike.
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