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  1. I believe that cracks in the intake rubbers are bad. The V11 is sensitive to air leaks, and you should renew those cracked parts soon, even if this is not the cause of your problem. You could test if the cracks are causing air leaks by spraying the rubbers with starting fluid (diethyl ether/propane) while the engine is running. If speed increases, then you have a leak. Be careful if you try this, I don't want to see a picture of your bike in flames. You could smear sealant over the cracks as a temporary repair.
  2. It looks like a great system, I'm looking forward to pictures of it installed. A comment on pipe size: as exhaust gasses travel out, three changes happen. 1.The pulses smooth out slightly as they expand into a larger volume. 2. The gasses cool down due to both expansion and heat loss radiating out of the system. 3. In a constant diameter pipe, the gas flow speed slows due to effects 1 & 2. This explains why motorcycles with two headers leading into one muffler (eg Griso) do not suffer any power loss caused by exhaust system restriction. Bigger pipes are less restrictive to gas flow, however, with all other things being equal, gas flow in a big pipe is slower than in a small pipe, so the negative pressure pulses, or extractor effect, can be reduced. Your aim of 42mm dia pipe all through could be a great idea, or it may just add weight. It will be great to hear how it works out.
  3. I see that you have already ordered the bearing set, but for anyone else thinking of checking their own RH side bearing, it is made up of standard parts that may be cheaper to buy from your local bearing shop. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19514-encyclopedia-of-compatible-parts/&do=findComment&comment=216691
  4. There are pictures of a bevel box in bits here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15908-rear-drive-seal/&do=findComment&comment=231729
  5. A picture of the O-ring, so as Docc said, part of the "cush drive".
  6. There are lots of little variations in the V11 family, and everyone has their favourite. Clip-ons vs handlebars, fairings vs naked, chin pad tank vs in-tank-fuel-pump, white face clocks vs black, silver engine vs matt black vs satin black, green vs silver vs red... You are going to have to make your own choice. They are all good.
  7. Cash1000 & I with others about to set off on a cool Autumn morning.
  8. Hi John, I noticed your comments on overheating. I don't want to second guess the expertise on WG, but I hope that you are aware that a common cause of overheating is timing. Retarded ignition, injection, or valve timing cause overheating faster than lean mixture. The engine will run smoothly but sluggishly, and the headers will glow red in short order.
  9. TPS voltage affects more than just injection duration. Injection and ignition timing are also affected. See https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17865-v11-ecu-diagnostics-and-reprogramming/&do=findComment&comment=207884 The engine is transformed from smooth & sweet to brutally rough if you set the TPS wrong. Try it, but be ready on the kill switch.
  10. You could start with Docc's advice here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19610-decent-tune-up/ There are other improvements, but this is step 1.
  11. Hello Doug, My fuel cap has a rubber seal. See picture. The seal is 2.5mm thick, and when the cap is latched closed, it can be pushed down about 3mm and springs back when released. It is worth checking that the little vent seal beside the main seal is in place too. If the seal was removed to cure "tank suck", then you might want to make sure that drain hoses connected to two nipples under the tank are open, clear, and long enough to carry fuel and vapours away from the hot bits of the engine. Marty
  12. A new one for €33. https://www.ebay.it/itm/MOTO-GUZZI-1100-Sport-cali-3-IE-Daytona-Contingente-V11-Benzina-Carburante/352055765103?hash=item51f828a86f:g:uscAAOSw241YbR67&redirect=mobile
  13. New Zealand has just had a second COVID-19 death. We have all been asked to stay at home for 4 weeks unless we are essential, like staff in supermarkets, medical, police. We are now in our 2nd week of "lockdown" and it seems to be working. The recovery rate is now greater than the new cases rate. The borders are closed to all except returning residents, but they have to spend 2 weeks in their hotel room at the arrival port. Good job NZ Government, you have saved lives. Downside is working from home is not great. On the plus side, I found a woman living in my house who claims to be my wife. She seems nice.
  14. I think the Daytona hangars, and the V11 titanium kit hangars, are shorter than the standard V11 hangars. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19278-hi-ti/&tab=comments#comment-207822
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