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  1. Good advice above. Especially don't use WD40 on brakes. Scud did a test to show why: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19330-fluids-and-brake-seals-test/&tab=comments#comment-208819 You could also look at https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18158-rear-brake-binding-and-master-cylinder-brembo-ps11/
  2. No, sorry I didn't make it clear, one single coil sensor detects both TDC & RPM. The phonic wheel has one odd tooth that tells the ECU phase/TDC, and the rest of the teeth tell the ECU the RPM/revolutions. A oscilloscope trace shows one offset pulse per wheel revolution (which is half crankshaft speed).
  3. I don't know what the ECU does with the sensor signal. All I know is the sensor RPM & TDC signals go into the ECU pins 7 & 12, and the ECU output to the tacho is from pin 3. Meinolf has delved into the ECU, so perhaps he can help you.
  4. Mad bunny showed an oscilloscope trace of the sensor output here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20673-mgs01-no-spray-no-spark/ It's a different engine, but the sensor is the same.
  5. I always wondered what a worn cam chain and tensioner could do to affect timing of the camshaft and phonic wheel. Perhaps a loose chain whipping about could cause the glitches you see?
  6. MartyNZ


    While you have the ignition switch out, it is a good time to clean and lube it's guts. I have some ignition switch grease you can use.
  7. Here is Ventura's NZ website if you want to order something direct from them: https://www.ventura-bike.com/product/moto-guzzi/V-11-Sport and the USA distributor is in California https://www.ventura-bike.com/distributors/13034
  8. Yes. A power commander just alters the engine sensor readings going to the ECU. The ECU then (usually) injects more fuel based on falsified sensor data. There is a PC accessory that uses a wideband sensor to change fuel air ratios on the fly, which is a good thing, if you want to go that far. Some people like PCs, but they can become unreliable as they age. A Meinolf ECU map has improved injector and ignition timing, injector duration, and altitude compensation, so is better than a PC. That's what I chose anyway.
  9. Ya go a couple of hours past the Ettamogah pub towards the black stump. If you get to the old Murphy place you've gone too far. There's bugger all out there. Take water.
  10. I made a female housing using a TPS salvaged from a dead Fiat at a wreckers yard. I cut off most of the TPS, soldered on leads, some epoxy and heatshrink sleeve, and presto. The male plug is cut off the Fiat engine loom to the TPS. It looks like hell, but works well.
  11. Those relays look OK. 30 amps is plenty of capacity. It would be worth getting a set if you have trouble geting Omrons. Try them and report back. That is what this forum is great for. One of the relays needs to be a 5 pin SPDT (also called SPCO) in a V11, and the rest can be 4 pin SPST. The relay sockets can take 5 pin relays in all positions, so you should forget the 4 pin relays. When you have a set of 5 pin relays you can swap then around on the side of the road when things on the bike go quiet or dark. Some people call this swapping relays trick "troubleshooting" but when it is getting dark and rain is threatening, the troubleshooting can look more like "wild flailing" to an observer. Just say to yourself "at least it isn't a Harley". Seriously though, as Docc said, the Omrons work well, and the relay base repair suggested by Kiwi_Roy solved a problem on my bike. After tightning all the spade connectors in the relay bases (a really fiddly job) some intermittent problems disappeared. I put dielectric grease on all the sockets before I put the relays back. Then I put some foam tape between the relays, thinking that it would reduce the movement of the relays in their sockets.
  12. I lubed my rubber bits. I sprayed the cush rubbers and the pockets with molybdenum disulfide dry lube spray. Greg Field wrote about a good idea you can do to the cush rubbers here: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11820-making-a-cushier-cush-drive/&tab=comments#comment-125587 I think this link might be interesting too: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20331-cush-drive-lubrication/&tab=comments#comment-230956 For the spline to the wheel, you might think about Kluber Staburags NBU 30 PTM. BMW part #. 07559062476. Expensive but good.
  13. So, Roper, you started with an inspiring comment, which gradually became advice on picking a pub fight. Awesome story telling there.
  14. Sadly, the only people who notice my bike are old farts (like me).
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