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Transmission recall service.


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I have been looking for a V11 to buy and have found a few close to me. One seems to have had the service done, Piaggio is still digging on that one for better confirmation and one does not have any recorded info on the service, just warranty registration in 2002.

Is the tranny repair something that still can be done? I would figure parts might be hard to come by. I could pull the trigger on a low milage greenie, but wont take the risk without the repair.

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1 hour ago, footgoose said:

any possibility of contacting prior owners? The original purchaser maybe?

Some are dead, some are not able to be located. What blows me away is all the present owners I talk to didn't have a clue about this. Are the majority of V11 owners whose bikes fall under this campaign just gambling? I dont want a bike for my living room, I want to ride it.

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3 hours ago, LaGrasta said:

Okay, I'll bite. What is the tranny recall and how do I know if my 2003 V11 had it done?

Not applicable to (2002)/2003.

Parts of 2000 and 2001:


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good condition, very low miles and with some very desirable and expensive options puts it in to the 'quite reasonable/good deal' category. If it were a LOT closer I'd gamble, or at least see if he would knock off $900. toward the service to have it updated.

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On 11/16/2022 at 10:04 AM, Twin AH said:

Hey Doc

Just curious if those machines in question might have tell tale sealant visible on the trans/engine cases if they have been done?   





On 11/16/2022 at 11:41 AM, gstallons said:

"maybe" ......


I can only think of a couple people who could say how it is possible to visually verify the status of this recall work. Guys that actually performed these recalls back in 2004-2005 . . .

@LeMaynes has shown us what we do not want . . .


And the "hose couplings":

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"Manicotto Scorrevole" . . . "sliding sleeves" (makes sense for what we were calling "sliding dogs."

Instead, "flexible hose coupling " refers to the other part of the recall, the gearbox "cushdrive" :




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I found the recall campaign Service Announcement No. 17-2003, dated October 22, 03, on Gregory Bender's wonderful site:



KIT B - 97 32 60 90 00 16 (24,36 €)
Description Code Quantity
Flexible coupling hose 04211201 1
Spacer 04212401 1
Moveable hose 04214901 2

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Can y'all help me understand these serial number ranges from the Service Announcement (also posted by @80CX100 from Dave Richardson's work):

from frame number ZGUKR0000YM112131 to ZGUKR00001M114639
from ZGUKS00001M111111 to ZGUKS00001M111147
from ZGUKS00001M211111 to ZGUKS00001M211162

I understand KR----YM11xxxx (2000 Sport) and KR----1M11xxxx (2001 Sport).

But what does the change to "KS"----1M11xxxx represent? A 2001, but what model(s)?

And the "KS"----1M21xxxx ? Still a 2001 designation ("1M"), but what of the production number starting with "211111?"


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Hey Docc,     I know nothing about the VINs and the changes,just thinking out loud,throwing it out there for food for thought.

With 3 separate VIN series, could that denote 3 varieties of the evolution in the design and specs through that time frame.

Ie something along the lines of, short frame/short tank,,,long frame/short tank,,, long frame/long tank,,,early ECU's P8?,,,15M,,,15RC,,,,?

double plate clutch,,,single plate,,,double plate ,,, or the topic of recent discussions the various front ends/triple clamps/fork/front wheel axle assemblies.

It would be interesting and helpful,,if somehow you could reference a VIN # and know EXACTLY what the OEM specs of the bike should be,,,,,

Not to slam MG,but I'm not sure that type of organization & management skills,were ever part of their wheel house,especially with the many ownership changes :D


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