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  1. Funny I had to ask you..lol..Corbin Factory is about 70 miles from my house and I have ridden over there a few times to have them build seats for me, they have a ride up service...Mike Corbin is an awesome guy as well.. Looks great on your bike!!
  2. Great looking Motorcycle..What kind of seat is that?
  3. KINDOY2

    Scura build

    I don,t have any good pictures of My R.Corsa with the DyMag Magnesium wheels on her at the moment but this is one of her from a couple years ago when she was a little dusty ..still looks the same except cleaner and with the oem rear fender back on now.
  4. No..Although in the 60's when I was around 15 yrs Carlos and his brother did live at the end of my block and I would see them..but no..not hang out..:-)
  5. Just a couple local San Francisco guys from my younger days playin a little music
  6. Its a great bike, it needs nothing.....I just want workshop room., ( 3 V-11's and a Ducati in a 1 car garage..no bueno ) and so I decided to list the one I felt would be easiest to sell...
  7. I think all of us here feel the same way!
  8. Thanks.. The Magni system has grown on me.. When I looked back on the 17 years documented history of this bike with him as owner I saw that the original owner of this bike spent a great deal of time over the years trying different things ,tuning and tweeking this bike and the intake and exhaust system on a dyno to get it just right..and the thing runs very well ..so I'll not fuss with it..I admit was up in the air about whether they would stay at first, but when I look at them in the context of the Magni styles I do like them now. As far as the black drawing attention to the center of the
  9. The fires are impacting me and my family heavily..the smoke is awful and I have asthma..so cant open the windows or go outside..plus its been 90 degree's almost every day. The photo was taken on Treasure Island in San Francisco...the fake money was already laying there on the ground from someone else. Glad you are happy with the Mistrals!!
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