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  1. Your in the right place then..I think everyone has been nominated at one time or another !
  2. I have a little shop in my area in the inner city so to speak....its a one man hole in the wall independent shop..the owner is old school rider who rides Husky ADV bikes now....He has been running the shop for years..he has an excellent old Coats tire machine and an excellent spin balancing machine ..He specializes in Japanese bikes..mostly Honda. But he will change a tire for me on anything I bring in, I have brought him BMW, Aprilia, Norton,Ducati's, and most recently my Scura wheels..He doesn't always jump up and down for joy when I show up..but he stops what he is doing and does it ...and always accepts the cash with a thank you and a handshake. I feel very fortunate to have him around..this is a dying breed.
  3. One of the easiest bikes there is to change a tire on… lol
  4. Not trying to say you wouldn't or couldn't or make any comment about YOU personally..Just relating my own experiences over the last 55 years riding..I have paid some would think were ridiculous prices to get just the bike I wanted ...but I did get what I wanted...thats all that mattered to me. I hope you find yours!
  5. As they say “Money talks” .. if you really want a pristine one …anytime soon you’ll have to step up big time to pry one out of someones hands “. That’s how it works.
  6. When I was younger we had a saying..." There are two things you never ask me to borrow or use...#1 My Motorcycle #2 My wife"...guess I'm just Old School...
  7. just cant find parts that last these days...13 yrs?
  8. Where my wife’s Family is from and where we used to live.. great memories
  9. Its confirmed you have the V11 Virus, Stage 4...
  10. Vince Gill mostly wrote his for Keith Whitley and his younger brother who had passed away from alcohol abuse not long before...but dedicated it to George Jones
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