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  1. ciao hai per caso i codici colore originali dell v11 spot scura, grazieĀ 

  2. The one that just failed me was Motion Pro..it lasted about 3 years of infrequent use. The one I had before that was Blue Point Digital..I think it held together 1.5 years.... Not like I abuse them..I don,t throw them around..I want them to last..but this last Motion pro has just decided last week to read 9-12 lbs high every time..:-(, The needle wont go back to zero anymore
  3. Sadly, I havn't had much luck with any of the Blue-point stuff I have purchased over the past 10 years, I used to think it was very good.
  4. Is there a consensus of opinion on what is the best quality tire pressure gauge. I have tried so many different ones over the years, and have always tried to buy the best quality..but so far I have never been able to find one that will last more than a couple years before it becomes inaccurate and worthless....very annoying! Has someone found an accurate and dependable one they like?
  5. The Graphics can be found in this forum..the paint is very difficult to match, cost me $500 us..but it looked perfect.
  6. side stand switch ? they can be finicky and cause weird problems.
  7. This same scam is going on over on the AF1 Forum... I was looking for a part and put up a WTB..a new member to the forum contacted me thru PM he knew a guy who had it for sale and referred me to his e mail ...I e mailed the person he recommended and that supposed seller sent me a pictures of the parts supposedly on HIS bike. The thing he didn't realise it was one of MY old Aprilia's ( Ha Ha Ha) which I sold to a friend in Phoenix 5 years ago and still talk to all the time, so I called him and asked if he had sold the bike?..He said heck no...the guy had pulled the pictures off the internet!!..to use in his Scam..I didnt reply I just I reported them Both to the Moderator....
  8. I had a similar situation after putting the Ram Clutch in the Scrua..The friction plate is slightly thicker..One of the things I did was to zip tie the clutch lever pulled to the bars and leave it while not riding it for the first several rides..I've done this with other bikes and it does help a little bit if their is any air bubbles in the line in clutch or brakes...over night they can slowly rise to the top. Another thing is , How many miles do you have on the new clutch? after I rode mine I noticed mine would just get slightly better and not drag as much and it began to find neutral a little easier.., I even intentionally slipped the clutch a little more than usual on occasion, It was suggested by an older and highly regarded mechanic friend of mine that it would get better after a couple of hundred miles..and it did...its about 80% better to the point it doesn't bother me at all anymore...... My 2 Cents
  9. Thanks guys...It was a labor of love...( and $$$$)
  10. Probably not ideal for the rear brake master either..imo
  11. They were out of my normal budget as well , but now, over the past 2 years since I seem to prefer wear them the majority of the time when I ride I don't feel to bad about it ..I hate when I fork out the money and then they just sit in the closet.
  12. The the Klim K42's have great armor in the knees and shins and removable hip armor as well and the jeans are kevlar.. And what I like is that they arent bulky and clunky looking like most armored jeans Klim K Forty 2 Straight Stretch Riding Jeans Blending road-ready protection with off-bike casual comfort, the K Forty 2 is a well balanced everyday riding jean. Bridging the gap between lightweight comfort-focused jeans and Kevlar protection-focused jeans, the K Forty 2 is built to compliment your motorcycle lifestyle. From your commute, to the office, to the garage, a weekend ride or a night downtown, the K Forty 2 has all your bases covered. Features: Straight cut fit 5-pocket style jeans 13oz abrasion/cut resistant stretch denim Partial front leg mesh lining D3O IP Ghost CE level 1 vented ultra slim knee/hip armor Knee armor is adjustable / all armor is removable Hidden reflective bottom hem Subdued leather branding Riveted construction w/ zip fly Stretch gusseted crotch area CE AA rating certified to EN 17092-3
  13. I have owned most every major brand riding jeans...imo the best in fit and protection by FAR are KLIM K42.......
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