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  1. I used to ride the Crest ( hwy2) to Newcomb's 3-4 days a week in my 30's and 40's...when I was self employed and a member of Pro-Italia clubhouse ( Italian bikes only)..I miss it a lot..and I miss my old riding buddies, I was down last week an saw some of them who have been riding it weekly since the early 60's ..a couple of the guys in their mid to LATE 70's with newer Italian Superbikes and they still get together and ride the crest EVERY Friday morning, unless their is snow and they still go like a Bat out O Hell"!...:-)
  2. Held "Steves Classics" are SOLD!
  3. I have 3 Great pairs of gloves for sale each worn no more than 2-3 times on 50 mile rides , one only once ..They are all excellent gloves in excellent condition but too tight for me..I have thick hands short fingers and am getting some arthritis in my thumbs due to life long wrenching, dirt bike riding and weight training, and surgeries so I have a very difficult time finding gloves that fit comfortably . My loss your gain...better you wear them than them sitting here on the shelf. Dainese "4 stroke EVO's"..size 9, worn twice, cost me $250.00....your price $75 Held "Phantom's" s
  4. KINDOY2

    New Tenni

    To save $0.25 on printing is my Guess.."Thrifty" Lads they are!!!.......lol
  5. KINDOY2

    New Tenni

    I don't have one on my V-11's but I had one made for my 07 Ducati and left it natural with a coat of clear urethane ..it had swelled..The bike was Black before.
  6. KINDOY2

    New Tenni

    Isn't that an oxymoron?
  7. Hi, I got mine thru AF1 Racing. part# GU03635700 took about a week-10 days. Cheers! Paul
  8. Red Dirt "Gird" sounds pretty rough......:-(.....I think I have that once in a while..:-)
  9. Did you look at the Belly Pan Ghezzi Brian sells?..Not sure as I don't have a Scura..but it looks like it to me.
  10. Sounds like a few women I knew in my younger days...:-)
  11. Well that is just my experience..maybe someone else has had a different one..I got the tanks pretty damn hot in the sunroom and with the hair dryer..you could hardly touch them..and they seemed to hold up fine..another tip I've learned is if you have a few little bubbles in your paint you can carefully heat them up with a hair dryer or a heat gun on low, then take a needle and puncture them a time or two and press the gasses/air out with your thumb and carefully massage them a bit and they will usually lay right down..you can hardly see the needle hole and its sure better than a bubble..I did
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