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  1. BPS is not so good compared to Euro from the USD buyers point of view..but better right now than it has been in recent years...
  2. Too bad Phil is not around...
  3. The heads are on the wrong side's though
  4. Doesn't look like a tall mans bike, that seating position and foot peg location...exhaust is nice.
  5. Mg Cycles is only about 100 miles from where he lives in Chicago.
  6. Pecadaro, Ca....west of Alices, south of Half Moon bay...about 1 mile east of the coast highway..one of my frequent favorite rides.. its an old west town of about 200 people, It one main street 3 blocks long..A bar, a church, and italian reasturant and a bank and a gas station and an art store or two. The owner of this little known by tourists , funky nice old earthy coffee/Expresso/bakery shop is into old Guzzies..Has a couple on display in the Coffee shop, and they have good home made Bakery,and a couple nice girls working .Also has some other Vintage motorcycle stuff on display, leathers, helmets, trophy's, memorabilia . You can park right in front and sit at a table outside with the locals..or inside looking out over your bike, and catch up on the local chat https://www.facebook.com/downtownlocal/ P.S. They play good 60's records on their turn table too :-)
  7. I was worried about Hwy 6..I have done that route....its a long way...unfenced cattle crossings etc...Welcome Home siddhartha!
  8. Weren't we all Chuck..Weren't we all...
  9. I think I need some stronger reading glasses then look at these pics later!
  10. Weird...PigPen,Jimi Hendrix , Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain all died at 27 years old.
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