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  1. This riding jacket was purchased in person at the Moto Guzzi Factory in Mandello, Italy..it is not some cheap mail order knock off from Pakistan Excellent Quality rich ,very soft Black leather..( it smells great) worn one time on a single 50 mile ride..always kept in a plastic bag in a non smoking home with no pets No blemishes, or marks or scratches or bugs...very comfortable and fits beautifully Has shoulder and elbow armor and a rear pocket for back armor if you choose to add it later Adjustable waist straps and button down wrist snaps and quality zippers..Nice leather collar with snap Good spring /fall jacket imo, I did wear it once on a regular summer day in the high 70's and it was fine I Normally wear an EU 56 / US 46 ..and it fits me well. Cost EU $ 465.00 $539.19 US at the Factory I want $ 250 firm plus shipping for it. Please PM if you are interested Thanks!
  2. Most of the time...its " Sweetheart".. Occasionally .. it's "You heavy bastard"
  3. I run them on my California ( M.Shocks) ..so does my friend...We got ours here..came in 3 days https://shock-factory.co.uk/
  4. The anniversary of Tom Petty's death was 4 years ago yesterday...truly missed
  5. Mick Taylor on Guitar As well...I like the Bass players ?playing as well.
  6. I believe the windscreen is spoken for..just have to send him the shipping costs..but if it falls through later I'll let you know.

    The seat is still available if you want that I can go tomorrow and get the shipping costs if you pm me your shipping address..



  7. I was going to do a 6 speed Centaruo so I would like the rear drive and I would lose the speedo ratioso. I would like the Rear Drive and Shaft, the speedo and tach, also the rear tail light.

    1. Kevin_T


      It said submit status instead of send message

      Lets try this

      Gauges(speedo + tach), Rear drive and shaft, and the tail assembly.

      sent to 

      Kevin Trapp

      8979 Pettysville Rd.

      Pinckney, MI 48169

      send E-mail address for paypal and you have my address for a shipping quote. Also the knob for the odometer unscrew it and tape it to the glass please.

  8. U Ship....I've used them a few times..noo problems..prices in line with the rest
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