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  1. I re confirmed my reservations today...carried over from last year. Looking forward to a great time!!
  2. I used to love riding in that area..Some of the best riding around.
  3. YAH....I worked with Ocean going racing Yachts for years..Then you have a concern..but so far have never seen the need for a Galvanic Anode on a Motorcycle......
  4. A few of my distant family members have had it, none died but a couple of them came very close.I'm still waiting to get my first shot, I scheduled it over 8 weeks ago but March 10th was the soonest I could get..My wife, my youngest Son and I don't go out except to the grocery store or an occasional ride/drive and long early morning walks 4-5 days per week, We always mask up around anyone outside of our 3 way circle and have since last March 13th, We are fine with that,We DON'T WANT IT! I've got my 70th coming up next year,,,I want to go back to Italy and ride next year. I do miss seeing fri
  5. My wild guess is inner axel bearing...
  6. I sent them 3-4 messages last week 1 hour after it was posted.....No response at all
  7. I'm sorry for your traumatic experience, could take years of therapy to put that behind you - especially if you find yourself shopping for dew rags online. I read this today in a local SF forum... "My dad used to own a Buell, until one day when he accidentally left his garage open overnight. Now he owns three".
  8. I hope you have better luck than I did, I ordered one from them 4 months ago..after a lot of drama it finally arrived last week and the Carbon looked nice but the indent where the eagle logo goes was totally off center and crooked..I told them I wanted my money back and returned it..that was about 10 days ago...I have not heard anything from tthem yet. Good luck to ya though..I bought several things from MDI for my Aprilia's in years past..and it was fine...but they were located in Georgia then, not San Diego.
  9. Sr2 Siena to Firenza
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