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  1. Saw him a few times many years ago( 70's) with Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt...David Lindley..good shows!
  2. Over the past 10 years I have personally done 4-5 tanks for myself and a 2-3 for friends , Aprilia,Ducati,and Moto guzzi V-ll "Plastic" tanks( they are actually a Nylon formula if you read in depth on the subject on posts over the past 10-20 years on Ducati websites like " ducati ms)) tanks that were Swollen..a couple REALLY swollen so swollen you could barely get them off the frame, On all the ones I did I took them off for at least three or four months.. ( I have talked about it here before). I always did it over the winter months to not lose as much riding time..unless I had a spare tan
  3. Happens to the best of us...unfortunately..Oh well make lemonade out of lemons...and keep on rollin!
  4. After I get the Scura together, probably another month, maybe we can get together for a ride...Enjoy!
  5. I think maybe Scud.. but in anycase it worked! Great! I usually wash them out good with hot water and joy and leave my tanks off for 2-4 months over the winter, that seems to work pretty well.
  6. I take my family out there to the actual point every couple of years, their is no place like it..beautiful, almost other worldly at certain times of the year...and yes..Some great riding around there !
  7. If it was many many..like in the early 70's..when I first went there ,its not the same at all..La Honda its self has very empty..not like in the 70's when I went to the "Boots and Saddles" bar was there and Neal Young used to live behind the building and when he was in town he would come in on Sunday nights, sit at the piano with his little son and play for a couple hours for free.., Alice's is still a good place for decent food and a short weekend ride though. Alices is open every day and night ..but getting too $$$$$ for my blood. Nice trip..I used to ride all thos
  8. I had a great ride today up the coast to Jenner ( on the Pacific Ocean ) and back..about 220 miles all in all. Beautiful day and this is a beautiful route once you leave the FWY in San Rafael...on the way up you wind thru Lucas Ranch road and up HWY 1 past Pt.Reyes Station..then at Jenner you cut back east on 116 along the Russian River and thru beautiful Sonoma wine country all the way back to HWY1 Only thing missing was my Scura as she is still in the middle of restoration...But at least I did have my S4RS which runs awesome!
  9. My wife and I spent a week in Mandello del Lario 3 years ago on our 3 week riding Vacation of Italy and the Alps...One of the best memories of my life, I cant wait to go back!
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