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  1. Beautiful bike..what exhaust is that?
  2. Thanks again docc..I loosened everything up but between the front balance tube connecting the header pipes together, and he Stucchi crossover connecting everything else together underneath, , their isn't much room for "give"..anyway..I loosened everything, I had to squirt a little "Breakfree" on some connections, then took my plastic mallet and tapped and moved everything around as much as it would budge until it seemed like there was the least stress...hard to tell if I accomplished anything but it seemed the muffler I moved from the outside mounting to the inside moved its angle just a little so the mounting tab is a little inboard and the there isn't so much torque on the 2 mounting bolts which go into the can. I Ran it until it was hot..I couldn't detect and leaks..so WE WILL SEE..I have barely ridden this RC as I was waiting for new rubber since I bought it , the old tires looked like new but the date on them told me 13 years old!!, The bike has been sitting the last 5 years so I wasn't willing to roll the dice on that rubber. Comparing it to my Greenie and my Rosso Mandello it does seem to shake a bit more when Cold and Slow idling but that may be just because I'm not used to having that big Le Mans fairing up there with the mirrors on it moving around..it revs smooth and crisp...further riding and a basic tune up should tell the tale!
  3. Thanks docc..I did loosen some of the connections ..but not at the heads..sounds like I have a little more to do..it was still pretty stressed ..more than I liked.
  4. I'm glad you mentioned this..I went out and looked at my Rosso Corsa after reading it today ,,,One side was an 'Inny" and the other side was an "Outty" I guess the P.O. did that..Now they are both "Inny's"...My OCD feels SOOOO much better..!! How could I ever have missed that?...I'm slipping!
  5. Mine or outside for now ..but that may change today!
  6. The exhaust is just the regular Mistral Aluminum that has been highly buffed..once in a while I use a little "Mothers" on them to keep them up.
  7. My Greenie has an LED Headlight that the PO "Scud" installed in it, I'm not sure what it is but it works awesome!! Everything is contained inside the headlight bucket.
  8. I know it wont be a fix in every case but I have used these with great success on Aprilias with Ohlins that were weeping..for the money not much to lose. https://sealmate.net/products/seal-mate?variant=1414409453587&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItrrnq6aW6gIVRdbACh2FrwWsEAQYAiABEgIK2_D_BwE
  9. Here are a couple pictures I just took..the Rosso Corsa tank is definitely shaped different than either the 2000 sport or the 2001 Rosso Mandello..those two appear to be the same. Maybe its because their is no provision for a " Chin Pad" on the Corsa...the tank has more of an indentation where I am holding the pen and rises up a bit higher and the "nose seems narrower . My two cents!
  10. I’ll take a couple more pics.. but even sitting next to each other they seem different.. When you sit on the Corsa the tank seems longer and narrower at the top... maybe its just the paint.. I’ll have to take a closer look. Cheers!
  11. Thanks Kane, you know when I first sat on the bike the tank looks different to me from either one of my other V-ll’s and I commented on that to the seller.. I’ll have to look closer today. I know what you mean though.
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