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  1. The gas cap looks very nice...bought it that way or had it powder coated or painted?
  2. We’re the clip ons sold by any chance? If not I’d like them! Thanks!
  3. Need to know basis only...why divulge unnecessary incriminating info! You look happy, that's the most important! Nothing like running above triple digits...smooth as silk!
  4. Flashback to the 60’s! We had those and then the blue plates….what’s old is new again!
  5. Very stylish as always! By the way, what production # is the Mighty Scura?
  6. Can't imagine you worrying about cops Chuck!! When you get stopped, do you stick your hand in your vest like Napoleon as well? You were offering up your Scura the other day if I recall correctly...how many miles are on it now? I'm thinking those Red grips might also be the reason for no vibrations! Hope all is well!
  7. All this talk about hand numbing vibration, I don't have that issue at all on my Scura, but I also use a Crampbuster on all my bikes to avoid any wrist strain, but I'm curious now whether the clips on have any filler in them or not. May have to take a look. I tried mounting Napoleon's a few years ago, but the "shaving" down process was overly complex, so back to standard Aprilia/Guzzi mirrors, I took off the Mickey mouse round ones, those just seemed like a couple of lollipops. My odometer is at 09999, ready to roll over on the next trip, just in time to start racking up the miles this year with this wonderful riding weather down here in Texas.
  8. Products: 1 X Gepäcktasche973260900 V11 NML This is the part number from Stein Dinse. Agree on the coating it black, that’s what I did also. If you have an email, Shoot it to me via pm and I’ll email the larger resolution pics. I don’t host my pics on any hosting sites anymore, so just posting from my IPhone directly… Cheers!
  9. Prego! Here’s the order summary from Stein Dinse with the part number for reference! Fits perfectly…very convenient to have at least one bag…hope the pics are clear enough…I have to shrink them due to size restrictions on the forum…but can send higher resolution if needed via email.
  10. You can also use a Crampbuster, I find this indispensable on all of my bikes to eliminate any wrist cramping, but it also tends to isolate some of the vibes to the palm of the hand, not the fingers or wrist. On the other hand a well tuned V11 should be pleasant to ride at that rpm level, so I'd get quite a few more rides in to see if it's really behaving oddly or just a question of bonding with the bike. However, above 6k and on up, the bike does smooth out a lot...just depends if you like to ride at higher RPM's or not...I'll call this hooligan territory for lack of a better word as the responsiveness is instantaneous, but I'm sure you're used to that also with the Ducatis. Either way, it's fun figuring it out and tinkering, as long as there are no bolts loose anywhere, and these bikes do require inspection of every bolt on a regular basis as I've been told by Chuck, Mike at MPH and others...and it's true!
  11. Corsicana….I know it well!!! What a coincidence!!
  12. A cool 45 this morning…blue skies…after a nice breakfast with the family, had to get the Scura out of the barn to run a bit. Stopped at one of my usual places for a piece of genuine Texas Pecan pie and felt that my Scura has shrunk in size compared to these modern day behemoths! Super nice ride, lots of motos on the road today, twisties galore thru the forest roads. Have to say thanks to Kindoy for the wonderful Alcantara seat he sent me…super nice on these cool days and very comfortable!
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