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  1. Thank you...no rush at all on the bar ends...family first always! Happy to place an order ASAP whenever you are ready to ship out a set! Thanks again.
  2. I’d be interested in a set of bar ends, presume they would fit a Scura? Thanks!
  3. Those tire pressures are far too low...your mileage is going to suck and quite honestly, unless you're riding offroad and want some absorption from fire roads, you're going to wear out your tires prematurely. If the bike is vibrating at normal pressures, there's something wrong, lowering the pressure is just masking the issue.
  4. The items you are describing could be easily cured with a Guzzidiag session, resetting TPS and parameters and balancing throttle bodies properly. Bike should be smooth enough to ride w/o that vibration, so unless something is amiss, probably a tuneup is in order. Post some pics when you can...Stelvio's are lovely bikes indeed. Did it come with the 8.5 gallon tank or the smaller one?
  5. The guys at Baxley must be V11 fans, notice that their Black one is called "Black Crinkle"...just perfect for the engine paint on the Scura. Very appropriate! Looks like they have a whole line up of colors, might just have to get a Red one for my Red/Black Griso too!
  6. That’s the same Baxley one I have as well, only in black. I do like the yellow one!!
  7. John....if you had a high quality wheel chock, you could take all of the pressure off the side stand while keeping it vertical and Bev could be drinking a cool one instead of holding the bike for you! I always park the Scura in the chock just as a safety precaution rather than leaving it on the side stand.
  8. Having a Norge and a V11 (Scura), well and a Griso in the garage, each does its thing well. But agree, the Norge is a mileage muncher and much more comfortable for the passenger! I see you bought the proper Silver color as well...Enjoy!!!
  9. Guzzis are like that famous country song refrain: Love me or hate me, but please don't ignore me!
  10. That's a nice fun loop, always enjoyed stopping in Tortilla flat and then heading for Roosevelt lake...quite scenic! Nice to see the Scura getting exercised properly!
  11. That looks really great...the rear tail piece and skirt are wicked.
  12. and Pasta Puttanesca and Pistacchios! So that would be 7 P's!
  13. JB, I'm interested in the tail bag...can Paypal tonight if that works - package deal? Thanks, Paul
  14. I'm sure next year will be well attended! Let's hope for safer times by then!
  15. Yup..sorry about that...bleary eyed after a long week of work. Corrected now...thanks for the catch!
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