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  1. Thanks Guys...will send a PM to Meinolf for the Scura bin map.
  2. Out of curiosity, is this the same BIN file that would work on a 2002 Scura? Thanks!
  3. Nice pics...looks like you had a fun ride out and back on the Beemer. Was indeed a fun day at the races on Sunday...had a much shorter ride than you did...only 150 miles from Houston to Austin on the Griso. Perfect day at the track, good race and a nice ride up and back! Guzzi tent was quite nicely stocked too with new bikes, the V85 and quite a few lookers. Can't wait for Formula 1 now in NOvember back at COTA!
  4. I'll be riding up Sunday morning...will probably hit Blacks on the way out of town after the race with my friend Tom who will be there on his Stelvio... No tickets available at turn 1, but was able to get a ticket at Turn 15... I'll probably wander over to Turn 1 during the practice sessions...will see if I can find you John there before the start of the race. Cheers.
  5. PJPR01


  6. Nice car collection indeed!
  7. Well...there's nothing written in stone that you have to watch the race from the same spot, right? You can always meet up after the race...so each can park and watch from wherever is good...
  8. Hands off the blue one...that will be mine thank you very much!!
  9. As a friend of mine once said...one doesn’t go on vacation to save money! Motorcycle parking is free anyway no matter where you park, So he could park outside, you could park at Ducati Island...and then just walk up from there! I do hope there is a more competitive race this year, as much as I like Marquez it would be fun to see Rossi win here too!!
  10. Agreed...it's a trek if you have to park that far away...I don't blame you! Turn 15 is fun to see how far they lean...but turn 1 you do have a better longer view at the beginning and middle of the race, as you can see turn 20, the long stretch, the climb up the hill and turn 1 bunching and bumping...so it's better than turn 15/16. At the end of the race, it's usually Marquez leading by 2-5 seconds depending on how far he's stretched and that's impressive to see him cresting the hill at Turn 1 while the next guy is just making the turn onto the straightaway! Either way, the whole atmosphere is festive...the food sucks, but the environment is great. Every other year I ride the elevator to the top of the tower to watch the planes fly by...great overview of the track and area.
  11. For a couple years I sat at Turn 1, Turn 15/16, stood at turn 19 and even sat in the grandstands at COTA, now I just wander around and catch it from various angles rather than staying at one location...but depends also on the weather too... Grisos are always welcomed in general moto parking...Scuras & Grisos don't need no stinkin' Ducati island!
  12. Next time I'm in Parma, I'd like to visit these guys...great short video!
  13. Tasty!! Are you bringing that to COTA?
  14. Last I spoke with Mike Haven here in town (Houston) at MPH, he still had a couple of the Roper plates, I had bought one from Scud, and Mike had an extra couple at the time last year. Try contacting him directly...best way to reach him is via the MPH FAcebook page.
  15. I'm definitely planning to ride up on Sunday morning, and I could do a Black's run after the race if you guys want to, unfortunately the week after, I have to travel for work, so I can't join in the fun with the Twisted Sisters..
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