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  1. I got my replacement knob from MG, but having a tough time getting it threaded on again...seems like the end onto which it has to be screwed is "drooping" a bit inside the case. Have to come up with an ingenious way of lining it up to the hole to get the new one screwed on.
  2. Reposting from my post above...these are the wires I ended up putting on since they had the proper coil ends already installed. Simple cut of wire, rotate on the 90 degree end cap and you're ready to rock and roll. http://www.harpermoto.com/twin-coil-spark-plug-wire-set-t-and-newer.html
  3. PJPR01

    Scura clutch

    No chance of that Peter! Your advice and guidance has aided many a Guzzi rider...deeply grateful for the help over the years. i had a visit with Mike at MPH today to inquire about getting some Norge maintenance done that I am not setup to do at home (swing arm bearing greasing and alternator belt replacement), ..and got some further clarity on what had been done to the Scura clutch, and to take advantage of the lovely weather to get a nice 150 mile ride in today... Indeed it was the lightened Cali single plate steel clutch that Mike put into my Scura, but it also involved getting the friction plate from the Cali as well, and the only other modification Mike remembers doing was putting a small ball bearing in the clutch slave cylinder, as he mentioned that without that the clutch would grab even with the clutch lever pulled all the way in. Odd solution, but seems to work...As I've mentioned above, the clutch grabs immediately upon releasing the lever, so there's no play at all like in most clutches, but it works just beautifully. I guess this is one alternative for folks to pursue if you can find that rather elusive combination of flywheel/friction plate and are patient enough to do the ball bearing trick as well, or perhaps there's another alternative available. If folks have other more technical questions, let me know as I'll be down there again on Friday to drop off the Norge...
  4. Sorry my mistake, I read it wrong...thought the list in MIscellany were all separate items in addition to the bike, no need to be a pisser about it but I'll chalk that up to a misinterpretation. Good luck with the sale.
  5. If you are inclined to price it out, I'd be interested in the Odyssey battery, the gloves and bandana. Do you know what size gloves they are by the way? Thanks! Stunning bike...that color tank is just beautiful, would be fun just to have to swap it from time to time on my Scura for a change of color every so often.
  6. Thanks Marty..very kind of you. Sending PM.
  7. Well...the red NGK's didn't come with the metal end that gets inserted into the coil, so I had to buy some after market ones by guessing looking at my originals. Unfortunately the ones I bought were the wrong size and I could not get them to insert...in the meantime, the set from Harpers had arrived and they came already prepped with the coil end on the wires, and all I had to do was attach the plug end.
  8. PJPR01

    Scura clutch

    That sounds familiar Pete now that you mention the Cali 1100, I believe that's probably what Mike did, I"ll have to confirm then if he was able to use my original friction plate and other items or had to source a matching pair for them as well. Do you recall from the conversations with Mike any other useful bits around this conversion he did for my Scura that would be helpful for the forum members here, I'm sure it was highly technical between two Guzzi Gurus, so I won't pretend to know exactly what was done, I was just very happy with the end results.
  9. PJPR01

    Scura clutch

    I believe so...but I'll double check again with Mike this week, let me confirm details so I don't unintentionally mislead anyone here!
  10. Well...I got both sets of wires as suggested above and the Harper's set, but the plug ends I tried to use for the red NGK's were the wrong ones, so I decided to use the set I received from Harpers. Basically you cut the wire in half, thread on the end caps and voila, you have a pair of plug wires in 2 minutes flat. They made an amazing difference, bike runs noticeably smoother...I'm guessing that my old plug wires may have been either originals or quite old, but happy to have a new set on...black, rather than red, but functioning perfectly! Still hunting for where I can find the right size metal end caps (the part that fits into the distributor end) for the NGK's so I can keep those as a backup...
  11. PJPR01

    Scura clutch

    Not long after I got my Scura a few years ago, I took it over to Mike at MPH here in Houston. He was able to source a steel single plate flywheel to replace the stock aluminum one, which although it didn't have any spidering or cracks, sounded quite hollow when tapped. Not sure if they all do that, but based on everyone's recommendation here, changing out that time bomb seemed like a good idea. Now...I know that Mike had to play with the length of the shaft I"m guessing, if I recall correctly he had a few conversations with Pete on how to machine this down...Pete can add specifics...but after a bit of time, Mike had it sorted. The only difference I can tell between the stock and replacement is that the clutch lever grabs immediately upon release, I mean there is no play at all and the clutch grabs right away, which took just a bit of getting used to, but the bike is silent, no clatter and shifts like a DREAM! I recall Mike had mentioned that he had thought it would be almost a plug and play swap, but it did take some fiddling to get it to work, maybe the flywheel was thicker. I'll have to ask him one day...since the bike runs like a scaled cat, I haven't had to take it back. On the other hand, related to another thread I had posted on, I finally got the new spark plug wires put on...WHAT A DIFFERENCE...bike is much smoother, and it was running well before, so imagine how pleased I am to see such a simple upgrade produce a noticeable result. Now if I could only find a spigot that work, mine always leaks just a bit, I think the internal mechanism with the filters, circlip and other contraptions just doesn't seal well.
  12. My current ones are red, not sure how to tell if they are OEM since I'm not the original owner. Either way, one of them needs replacing, so a new pair will be going on as soon as these replacement ones arrive. Thanks all!
  13. Racing Red no less! 2 hp increase...sign me up! You're right...these cables are long, and my current ones don't have anything to protect them from the cylinder heads....so a good option here. After this great option above, I also got a lead from Curtis at Harper's...recommending the following wires as well, when I read the description at first I didn't think they'd work, so will have a backup set. http://www.harpermoto.com/twin-coil-spark-plug-wire-set-t-and-newer.html
  14. Has anyone found a good source (link?) for high quality spark plug wires that will work on the 2002 Scura? The MG sites I've looked at do not specify anything for the Scura, only earlier models. The "generic" build them yourself seem to leave doubt about the resistance in the cap...bit of a guessing game. Nothing reliable on Ebay either other than used stuff, would prefer new. Thanks in advance!
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