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  1. Hhhmm...interesting color choices there...was thinking that if you're going to put champagne pieces on it, then probably the red pieces definitely need to be orange, just so this Mimosa of a V11 can be properly color coded! Either way, it's probably going by so fast, it's a blur!
  2. Nothing more exciting than a new toy! Early Xmas present...enjoy! Maybe you can "sweeten" the incentive for the shop to work on a Sunday or two...several boxes of donuts or kolaches or whatever their favorite snack is might bring you forward in the work queue. Have fun!
  3. Hi Chuck, Took some pictures this morning…this is what I have available. Mike had replaced it with a single plate California steel clutch assembly, was particularly hard to find…but he was able to locate one.
  4. What Guzzi should offer is a high interest leasing program to the skeptical ones here, so that those who don't want to keep it, can ride it for 2 or 3 years, enjoy it and then turn it in and not worry about stashing parts for 10-20 years down the road in case you didn't care to keep it longer. That should do away with all of the pooh poohing of the new bikes.
  5. 100%...Mike at MPH swapped out my clutch/flywheel on the Scura...nice not to have to worry about it grenading in the future. I've got the original in my garage if anyone wants it for an experiment of some sort...pay shipping and it's yours!
  6. Speaking of car chases...one of the best in Paris was in Ronin with Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno (another great French actor).
  7. 😀😀 So great to see you here Rodrigo and huge congratulations on a stunningly beautiful Centauro! What a wonderful small world it is! Look forward to seeing you again at one of the Guzzi rallies one day, you’ll find quite a few fellow Guzzisti in your area too! The guys on the Guzzi forums are an absolute treasure trove, fulL of humor and great info!
  8. Black would look good… https://www.eastwood.com/satin-black-hi-temp-coating.html here’s an option as well to consider…
  9. True…I was lucky to see them here in Houston in 2019! What a show!!
  10. The damage from Fred looked really nasty around Cruso area, I saw the Blue Ridge Motorcycle campground got completely washed away...I wanted to visit that on the trip out. I hope they'll rebuild! Hope Tellico and surrounding areas stay clean and rideable for the raid!
  11. Cogito ergo sum! I love it! I buy Moto GP tickets on the day I arrive...and just pick what's available then, been enough times to know where to hide out and find good spots! I do still have my Stones tickets from buying them back in 2020, I just held on to them w/o requesting a refund thru Ticketmaster, so they roll to the upcoming show in November! Luckily Texas doesn't have a state income tax...so they only get my sales tax dollars on the Black's BBQ in Lockhart!
  12. Quit jinxing it! It's a long ways away...repeat after me 3 times with feeling and enthusiasm! I will be, at Moto GP! I will be, at Moto GP! I will be, at Moto GP!
  13. Is this Rodrigo? Too much of a coincidence if it is! Paul
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