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  1. Found this today also randomly browsing....well put together!
  2. So this is on Huzo's Norge I presume based on the CARC description, and not something to be worried about on the V11...am I right? Given Huzo has close to 200K km on his bike, I'm hoping that mine at a paltry 65K km so far should be fine, no unplaced sounds or any indication of a problem so far, but will bookmark this reminder! Thanks!
  3. Precisely...I haven't even attempted to do it again. I just use my memory now...to track mileage.
  4. Moto Inspections cost a whopping $7 bucks in Houston...MPH did my inspections for years but any car place can do them as well. Sometimes where I take my cars they don’t even charge me for the 3 Guzzi inspections
  5. Well...in that case, we shall have to throw a welcome party Docc and have a proper escort at the Texas / Louisiana line! My suggestion wasn't to prescribe anything specific, other than some OTC pain killers as I sure as hell can imagine the kink in the neck after a few hundred miles on an unfamiliar bike in a new riding position... Anyway...by all means disregard the suggestion if it causes any harm, just speaking from experience here...
  6. ...and a pocketful of Advils as well as preventative (take them before you start to hurt), and plenty of hydration. Personally, I would avoid I-10 as much as possible and go on parallel highways. First thing I'd look at would be the tires too, and check their pressure AND age (so maybe bring a small plug kit and mini air compressor that hooks up to a cigarette lighter with you as well), and possibly a mini Lithium jump starter.
  7. No...but you're going to need reasonably good abdominals and back muscles so that you can support yourself in that riding position comfortably...if ever there were a bike that encourages "core" muscle development, it's the V11 Variant.
  8. You're looking far too happy there John! Surely you're not drinking that fine Macallan out of a King Henry VIII coffee cup!
  9. Ok...good to hear. Boots are definitely out then. I have a practically brand new Nolan XL that might interest you (not modular), and if it fits, it's yours for a coffee and pastry at Fellinis and a small donation to the site here. The guy who owned it (also Guzzisti, passed away a couple years ago) wore it two or 3 times and he also wore glasses....It's as if it were brand new. Can send pics if you are interested. Spring Valley - got it! I lived in Spring Branch less than 1/4 mile away from Spring Valley for about 5 years, still have my house down there, but we live now on the NW sid
  10. To be fair, it's only hot and humid here in Houston during the summer months, which is why you'll likely need to have gear for summer (lighter weight or mesh) vs. gear that works the rest of the year or can be used with layers. Anywhere else in Texas will be hot, but much less humidity once you get away from the coast a bit. If you're looking for good brands to try, you can find lots of good gear on Ebay also, whether that's Fieldsheer, Kathmandu style jackets, Aerostitch, Joe Rocket, Alpinestar or Klim gear. Best way would be to figure out if you're sticking to a budget. Depending on
  11. Thanks Footgoose! Nice history there! Indeed...I just did a major garage overhaul (sealing the floor, painting the walls and installing some overhead racks) and now going thru a few hidden pockets of items, I may even find a few more "goodies" to offer up...although some of them will be for other Guzzis not just V11's. Happy to help these items find a good home for items I am sure I won't use. Cheers and Merry Xmas all!
  12. I've got a set of the original Scura lollipop mirrors in case anyone wants one or the pair. Small donation to the forum requested and you cover postage and they are yours. Thanks, Paul
  13. Great video! Formidable on peut dire aussi...did she write any books...will have to see, would be a good one to read if she did. The cartoons looks interesting...a bit of the same drawing style like Asterix combined with Lucky Luke!
  14. Thank you...no rush at all on the bar ends...family first always! Happy to place an order ASAP whenever you are ready to ship out a set! Thanks again.
  15. I’d be interested in a set of bar ends, presume they would fit a Scura? Thanks!
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