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  1. This is my 2000 V11 Sport. I was asked to display it. I too was surprised it qualified as "Vintage". LOL Chip Seal
  2. Chip Seal

    Chip Seal

  3. After a year on this very informative site, I finally figured how to load a photo. It's a 2000 V 11 Sport. It has 41500 on it and is solid. Bought January 2021. Someone asked why I bought it? Reply; It's sex on toast! LOL I am the third owner. Second owner is a friend. He bought it with 850 miles. He had it shipped to Oregon 20 years ago. He moved North and asked if I would mind riding it to its new home. Really twisted my arm. So, when he decided to sell, I said I'll take it. I have been riding BMW/Suzuki Dual sports since 1995. Clunky dual sport boots don't work very well on the V11. Found a pair of road boots and have enjoyed riding this machine. Added a pair of risers [some shop out of Houston] and longer brake/clutch lines. It's a kit. Really helped with comfort. Bike has several custom features: carbon fibre front fender, bikini fairing, cowl, titanium exhaust, headers and silencers, plus all stock parts and records from new. The seat isn't that bad! I love how the engine revs up to 7000 rpm and just pulls. Might be the sound... LOL
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