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  1. luhbo

    Calm nervs

    Impressive. That's roughly 250 Watts. That's hot. The headlight burns 60 Watts, enough to lighten cigarettes
  2. luhbo

    Roadside tire repair

    In case you're out of plugs at least make sure you have a Harley or Beemer cover with you. A bike should be trailed properly covered only.
  3. luhbo

    Roadside tire repair

    I wouldn't stress too much the vulcanising aspect. The times when rubbers were rubber are long over. I have a friend who takes tissue and super-glue/cyano for it. A plug on this basis works for 5000 km and more (you seldomly have a worn tyre pierced)
  4. Relays are ON/OFF, nothing in between, and the ECU is completely fed through relays. Quite the same for its controller. It works stable at plus minus 5V, but below that it doesn't cough or sneeze or so, it just resets -> full stop.
  5. Anyhow, the initial description was "idles perfectly as long as you don't touch the throttle". That still doesn't match the now given solution.
  6. luhbo

    V85 TT

    In Germany we actually have one V85TT on a decent trip from Germany to China, sort of Silk Road adventure. It's a private venture, a group of maybe 10 bikes of all makes, with official guides etc. pp. Guided or not, the bikes have to do the mileage and so far the V85TT seemingly does a very good job on tarmac as well as on earth roads. What I understood because its easy engine and its well dialed in chassis.
  7. I'd have preferred the P/C. A slack joint at the neutral switch is just too cheap. Reminds of my cheap and loose plug cups, shattering my elaborate phase sensor theories to silly pieces.
  8. Yep, that's true. Carbon is very prone to cracking, shatters to knife sharp peaces and so on. That's why it's allowed officially only in combination with Aramid fibers. Consider investing in Omega or Rolex or Sinn maybe, one for every single day of the week if you like.
  9. Check out the nipples once it has arrived. People break them, don't get spares, then put it on ebay
  10. Main actress "Deborah Van Valkenburgh" - guess I'll have a look, too
  11. Why not. Besides that the pump below the seat looks a bit ragged and homeless it's not a too bad position for it. Well away from any hot parts. Do you know the guy in your Avatar, Mikko? Or do you just fancy his Che attitude
  12. On the runway, ready for take-off ...
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