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  1. Well , this 10 wants only YOU
  2. If you own a Rubik's Cube , you are halfway there , If you own a Rubik's Cube , tore off the stickers and moved them around , a little closer . If you bought books , learned all the combinations , then finally "got it" , you are ready . If you are still able to work it , good for you . Now go gas up n go ! p.s. this is not a Japanese bike and never will be , That is what the V-Strom is for .
  3. EVERYTHING is closer than you think
  4. BTW , this kid owned two other H-Ds too . Did I mention he installed , maybe 18 tires in the first 24 months of ownership ? The front tire was barely used . He rode it like it was stolen !
  5. If you had ridden one ,you WOULD have a different opinion . I rode a White Lightning about 5 miles about a year after my buddy purchased it . I stopped it , shut it off , got off and looked at the engine at least 5 times to make sure it DID have a V-twin engine that looked like a H-D engine . YES , it did . Did it start , idle and run like a H-D ? NO . Did it take care of business . YEAH ! The reason Buell tanked . Harley owners wouldn't buy something that didn't run like a H-D .
  6. Prolly so . Do you have single / dual point ign. system ?
  7. I think I am running Race-Tech springs/oil . I will have to go out in the shop to see .
  8. Hmmm . You have about 8/9 hrs of sunlight on me h
  9. Is your test light connected to + or - when you are getting this ?
  10. No , you can pick it up by the oil pan . I am not sure I would buy it unless I had some $$$ laying around
  11. Some times my lights work , some time they don't . All that matters to me : will it start & not leave me stranded ! My low fuel indicator does NOT work . I've ran out twice this year . Come to think of it , that's the same amount of times I've ridden this *#$%^@@)((&& . At least I've learned to lay the bike over and run it until I have to repeat the procedure . Hopefully I find a gas station and refuel .
  12. Buddy , I know too . I rode 40 miles with a bad / leaking valve cover gasket . The incident ruined a brand new l.h. boot !
  13. That is good. I went back to uninsulated terminals a few years ago. Uninsulated crimp w/heatshrink tubing .The only way to go .
  14. The easiest test , remove the oil pressure switch . Start the engine and oil should spray out & I mean spray out . If it doesn't , remove the oil filter and look for a damaged or too many oil filter o-rings . Look up into the cavity to be sure no o-rings are up in the housing . Let us know what you have found .
  15. All the airhead bikes are a "safe" motorcycle for the old fart's club . Good looking ,reliable , a good membership network . Just like this one , it is divided between professionals and non-professionals . It would be a nice bike to have .
  16. You want the best connection possible . You decide
  17. Japanese metric use 12 and 14 on their bolts and Euro use 13 and 15 on theirs . There are other #s for the other sizes , but I can't remember them . Fun Fact .
  18. I looked at my red frame ( I am pretty hard headed ) a long time & short of enlarging the shield , you will have to remove the shaft . Now , I am more than ready to be proved wrong .
  19. I know this much , the people that use nitrogen in tires , will continue this process . The ones that scoff at it , will continue to scoff at it .
  20. It could be different ..........
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