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  1. A person would have to spend time looking at all parts catalogs to see part #s and what fits what .
  2. Now ,a lot have mentioned " the cold " or a "knockdown , I'm gonna die" event , I have not heard of any women and very few young being hit hard by this virus , only men over 50 . Most have resulted in a loss of taste and smell . What has been your experience ?
  3. gstallons

    Birthday Cake

    That cake took some time !
  4. If you have never replaced the breather hose , inspect it & inspect it again , then replace it . MG cycle will give you the best price .
  5. Bram , search for a used unit for your bike on eBay or something similar where you live . Read this entire thread for a good education while you're not doing anything . Whatever you get , make sure it has the same connector !
  6. Whew , in four days , this conversation will be six years old ....
  7. I just checked my old( IDK if it is good/bad) one and it checked 1.4k ohm and nothing on capacitance scale . The resistance wet up to 1.8k after a dunk in gasoline . 0 in cap range . INSPECT your connector terminals before doing anything . Yes , I got a used one but it had a different connector/terminals than the 03ish bike I was working on . I was going to change the connector/terminals to Weatherpack and couldn't find ANYTHING til I got finished w/the job .
  8. To the best of my knowledge , this is a capacitive type sensor and you don't test with a meter or the way you normally test . I replaced mine because of fuel leak and irregular operation . The terminal contact was broken on one terminal . After getting a used one with the wrong connector . I tried swapping connectors , wrong terminals & all kinds of mess , I went through about 10 wiring harnesses and found a terminal that somewhat worked . Hmmmmm . I will check the old sensor by dipping it into fuel and test it & I will let you know what I find on how to test and what is a good
  9. My best friend contracted it after denying the power of this virus . He lost 30lbs and every day and thought he was going to die . He caught it from his wife and she barely was sick . After recovering from (his words) the illness of a lifetime , he resumed watching his favorite news channel and has forgotten all he learned from his experience . I do NOT waste time with this hot topic because everyone's knowledge (if you want to call it that) comes from news channels only . My wife , step-daughter had it while I was in Ind. working . They had symptoms with hardly any illness . My step-
  10. You have like : it is on your bike or It is for sale ?
  11. My fear of this , would be TRACTION . We were (1975) messin' around at Donnie Porter's house and he was on Les Houston's Yamaha MX125 playin" around in this large mud puddle . We were all sitting in this two car garage watching Mr Motocross putting on a clinic , when he decided to hit the mudhole a little faster than normal . he came out in a wheelie , 2nd gear WFO into the garage where his audience IS sitting . He came to a stop on top of Bobby Pearson's freshly plastered broken leg as it was propped on another chair . Porter had entered the shop so fast no one had a chance to flinch .
  12. gstallons

    lucky phils V11

    What are the chopped up wrench and sockets for ?
  13. You (in cars) feel more in control when making left hand turns..... Maybe you feel more confident in a left hand turn ?
  14. gstallons

    New Tenni

    Has anyone anodized their fuel tank ?
  15. Alrite , get your meter and go to town . See what these connectors are connected to .
  16. How similar are/is the wiring to all the other bikes ? It seems like there are two wiring harnesses . Tinus89 , do you have your wiring diagram with your owner's manual ?
  17. And what year is your bike ? These are coming out of the "pocket" ?
  18. T don't think I would buy a used R&P gear set & I don't know how much new is . It may be best (if it is a good price) to buy another assy. from someone parting out V11s . Keep us posted .
  19. gstallons

    V11 wanted

    I rode one Buell one time . I had to stop , shut it off and get off the bike and touch the engine 4 Xs to be sure it was a H-Dish powerplant . I will never forget that 30 mins. of POWER . The owner had installed like 10 rear tires the first year of ownership .
  20. After the throttle body R&R / fuel injector rebuild / TPS sync. / all the other wok ( I can't spell ancillary ) I took it for a spin . Ran out of fuel , sorta . It worked excellent after I turned the fuel on . Parked for a month . The week I left for Indiana to work I found gasoline on the floor again . I removed the tank about 10 Xs trying to fix it . The last same leak was all I wanted . I had all the MG I wanted . all I do is tinker with these things ALL the time . I am gonna load both onto the trailer , go down to the pond and make submarines out of them . I finally got t
  21. gstallons

    V11 wanted

    You cannot operate this bike w/o this forum . Make sure you have a large wiring diagram , an analog and digital meter , a degree in electricity / electronics , a good shop , $10k worth of tools , the strength to push a bike 1/4 mile ( 0.4k ) and a good attitude . Oh yeah , a Japanese bike too .
  22. That is where your skills come into play . If I wanted to get on a bike , to start , get there , come back and pull in the shop w/o a hitch , I'd ride the V-Strom !
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