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  1. And where is this pic taken ? This looks better than the baloney sandwich I just had for lunch !
  2. I hear that is THE place to go . A few years ago , "the other place" was listed as one of the Top 10 BBQ places in the United States . Boy , we were let down . When we were asking for directions , the man said "you want to go to Old Hickory" . I was on a quest and had to go to Moonlite . The Smithsonian Magazine can't be wrong . Well . I should have hung around another day to get another appetite ready . Around here , I (and my dog) make a daily trip to Leigh's at Future City . Chopped , on bun and she gets the bone . BTW , the dog has to stay o/s . They also have great ribs or the best chicken but , you have to order the day before . There are a bunch of other BBQ stands (that is what they are referred to here) and have their personalized character . BBQ and sauce are personal opinion . I'm gettin' hungry .
  3. Been there , done that . On a BRAND new pair of boots !
  4. Verify the buttonc (that connects the rotor to the mount) are free to move .
  5. A PC III is the worst device ever manufactured PERIOD
  6. The choke is nothing but a throttle kicker to increase the idle speed .
  7. Thia is why I sent mine off to a rebuilder . They sent them back with a bunch of specs. Flow , pressure drop , etc. They will send you a matched set if yours do not match or come (and I mean) close .
  8. The day I lay my bike that far over is the moment before I lay my bike down !
  9. When you are working on this , you want 12v on one side of the harness and the other side of the harness is triggered (grounded) to cause the injector to activate . This takes place one time every other stroke of the c/shaft .
  10. Same here . On my way back from Jonesboro ,Ill. Brand new boots and one shoe was oil soaked by the time I got home . The gasket was so messed up , I wondered if the wrong gasket was on it ? Never knew it til I got home .
  11. You can get s "noid light" to plug into the injector harness . Crank the engine and it will flash when the injector is triggered .
  12. I am going to try and surprise myself and get to the South n Spine . Docc is usin' a mutual friend to work on me 1
  13. What do you need to know ? Greasing the driveshaft (I know from experience) will require a contraption to grease the front joint . The other fittings are trial and error . The valve adjustment , you will figure out . Remove the rear , put the bike on a centerstand , spark plugs removed ,bike in gear and spin the rear wheel to get the piston where you want it . Keep it simple and work on one cylinder at a time . Each TDC will get you into the valve overlap stroke or compression . This is where you want to be . You will get good at using feeler gauges and clearance . Snug and loose . Do this procedure until you get confident doing it ! The rest , stay on board and stay involved.
  14. Yes , these injectors are available at better/best vendors . I use my injectors and have them "reconditioned" . The places I use will test , recondition (ultrasonic cleaning procedure) , flow rate / test pattern and match them up w/another if it is out of specs . They will return them w/a printout of the results .
  15. No , this job has me working 5-10s and an 8 on Saturday . SORRY . George Jones again .
  16. This is directed to everyone . If a shop working on your aircraft (rotor or fixed wing) bought parts from these Chinese no name and installed them , would you be good w/that ? I have had to start buying things from vendors who sell to aircraft suppliers to have good quality stuff .
  17. If AliXpress were selling parachutes.........would you buy one . You get what you pay for . get YOUR injectors serviced . I am sure MG used quality parts when they built your bike .
  18. Unless you have these injectors cleaned at a fuel injector service facility , you are "pissin' in the wind" . They will clean these in a ultrasonic cleaning tank , test the flow pattern and flow rate them to see if they are a matched set . You want them to be as close to identical as possible . One of mine was so jacked up , I had to do something . I sent the first pair off and had them reconditioned . after getting them back , I did the same to the other bike . Long term sitting and crummy fuel can do lots of harm . from now on , non-ethanol gasoline and fuel stabilizer . It is a free country and a person can do anything they want .
  19. That is possible . I would GUESS the operating fuel pressure to be 45 lbs psi. Somewhere in my shop I have a Kent-Moore fuel injector trigger mechanism to trigger GM and Bosch style fuel injectors. You would have to remove the TB to manifold boot and trigger the injector to verify the spray pattern . And this pattern will be an atomized pattern .
  20. You need to Google/YouTube for a spray pattern , you should see a conical mist . the more fine / finer spray pattern is what you want . The finest spray is what you are after .
  21. At least you didn't glue your hand to a painting .
  22. If it matters , I do my best to run nitrogen in bike tires .
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