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  1. $2200 shipping ? Yeow !
  2. It works for any MG . You just do not want to leave any fasteners in the pan when trying to loosen / remove it .
  3. Make SURE you have EVERY bolt out of the pan before you try removing the pan . Get under the bike and verify all the bolts/capscrews or whatever you want to call them are out of the pan .
  4. The seal driver is the way to go . You will install the seal perfectly and squarely in the bore of the fork leg .
  5. I would think you could go with the 41mm kit . 41mm is 0.039 in larger than 40mm .
  6. Trust me . you funk up enough EXPEN$IVE $tuff , you will never , ever put things together dry as long as you live !!!!!!!!
  7. I think your bike has been photographed more than Marilyn Monroe
  8. gstallons

    V11S Canbus

    There is nothing hi-tech about a MG electrical system . This reminds me of a story concerning a VERY old garage in Wickliffe run by two very old mechanics . A buddy of mine said " the only thing hi-tech about Dreamy Haynes was an 8 volt battery ".
  9. Stainless steel is DRY . You must use a anti-seize lubricant to prevent thread galling .
  10. Do you have your manual with the wiring diagram in the back of the book ? Take it to an office store amd have it enlarged .
  11. Ahhhh , I now understand how the pull winding is "turned off" . Damn , that is a smart way to control the on/off of the pull winding on the solenoid .
  12. Just what are you calling cartridge or damper rod forks ? My parts manuals show the assemblies to be the "same" . The early style has a smaller diameter part(s) . Make sure what you get when you order . Joe Eish took care of me when I ordered my fork seals/bushings .
  13. I get mine at the NAPA store , can't remember the brand or part #
  14. Trust US , you will get the hang of it after running out of/low on fuel a couple of times !
  15. gstallons

    Hello all

    Say what ? ......nothing I can ever add......
  16. Check on Motion-Pro website and see if they have anything or catch a tool truck . SnapOn , Cornwell , etc...
  17. I will NEVER understand why things are underdesigned (if that is a real word) when something a little larger does the job ! Smaller gauge wire , mini-relays , etc... Yuck . I hope underwater craft & aircraft are not built with this spartan design .
  18. I hate to think and get this wrong , but which "coil" leads when this this action takes place and what does the other coil do during this event ? Then when does the other coil "take over" ?
  19. If I remember correctly , Wilson's Outdoor Equipment , Jackson Tn. ?
  20. Should we add an electrical theory forum to this site or is a part of the Moto Guzzi ownership included ? p.s. I thought I was the only one curious {stupid} enough to take off down the driveway with a coil in my hand seeing how much wire IS in a winding .
  21. Is this the only starter solenoid you have found to have this setup . This setup is seen a lot on fuel {shutoff} control solenoids on diesel systems , and I forgot ,gasoline fuel injectors .
  22. Is this some kind of jacked up pull / hold winding like some solenoids use ?
  23. The best thing this tool does , is to keep the brake fluid away from things it's not supposed to touch .
  24. You knew then you had some sort of catharsis going on !
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