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  1. The small scale at the top is an indication of one's progress through the programmed journey.
  2. Cheers Docc. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. The img code works fine on two other forums.
  3. Whenever I read a write-up on a product, I always wonder about the CV of the writer and what kind of rider they are. So; In almost all groups I have spent any significant time with, I have tended to find myself the lead navigator, be it on foot, cycle, motorcycle or car. From a young age (7 in 1972) I did milk rounds with my Dad on Saturdays (and school holidays) and he being a supervisor, saw over four different rounds. So I learnt my way around Gravesham early and was always taking my friends on cycle rides that looking back probably would have made their parents cringe had they known o
  4. I now have a bleed on the slave and a bleed on banjo on the slave. I used an elevate resvoir to feed the system from the slave up, only connecting the master once the line was full.
  5. Just weighed my 2002ish V11's old crank. 7.3kg
  6. Cabernet

    '03 V11's

    I have an 03 registered bike, but pretty sure it is an 02 or 01. Mine does not have a forward cross over or lamba sensor in the exhaust. Mine also does not have an in tank fuel pump. The lead end of the rockers sees the weather and abrasive airborne debris. Mine went at the lead end first.
  7. And Docc, you're not gonna want your rear caliper moving around are you?
  8. Cadwell is my track of choice. Plenty of opportunity to mix it with some high tech stuff and show them up.
  9. No knocking percieve.we're all just trying to backward engineer the designer's thoughts.
  10. Also, what is the "knock" on effects on the swing arm bushes by hard tying the bevel box to the swing arm, that Guzzi have gone to great length to engineer out?
  11. Moto Guzzi have gone to a lot of effort to allow the bevel box to rotate on needle roller bearings when the bike is buttoned up in a riding state. Lift the rear wheel with the reaction arm in place with OEM or my sourced bushes installed and we can see with bike in gear, the whole bevel box move rotationally compare to the swing arm when the throttle is sharply applied. That move movement is exponentially restrained as the rubber bushes compress in one direction and move to an eccentric off set. Once the load is released the bushes re-concentrsize. Should the bike be in a situa
  12. If we consider other bike's transmissions, every other bike I've owned over 125 has cush rubbers that act as a shock absorbed for the transmission. If we replace the rubber bushes in the reaction and with something solid like nylon or rose bearings, what else is in the V11 transmission is going to protect it from shock loads?
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