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  1. Hi Gentlefolk, Had a few comments whilst out riding with mates on brake-less retardation caused on over run on the V11 (engine braking). I just wondered if any of you peoples have dabbled with brake lamp switches trigged by a closed throttle? Also wondering if it is legal in the UK.
  2. Hi Peeps, I recently replaced my Reaction Arm Bushes. Unfortunately I had to get 5 pairs manufactured. I have two pairs up for sale; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293536661066 Not cheap I know, but just passing on my costs for the surplus. The reaction arms are not longer available and this is still cheaper than many second hand offerings our there. I have fitted them to my bike and abused them on a couple of track days + 200 on the road. No issues and another UK owner running them as not reported back any issues. Cheers Kevin
  3. Looking back through this thread folk seem to be opting for variations of Rose bearings rather then shock absorbing bushes. To my recall there is no cush rubbers on a V11 rear wheel. As a result, the reaction rod bushing is the only point of give in the whole transmission after the tyre. Does the omission of the bushes not increase the risk of spline, bevel or UJ failures?
  4. I have had the bushes go. I have secured a source and installed them on my V11. I had to order 5 pairs as a minimum order. I have two pairs remaining, having used one pair, keeping a second and sold a third.
  5. Mine, just re bushing the reaction rod.
  6. I've been running Aliant on my Breva 750 for a few years now winter and summer. Just gone the same way with my Nevada ie. V11 will be next. North of England, UK.
  7. Cabernet


  8. Here in the UK, where a model is also imported direct here, your machine would be known as a grey import and not too difficult with the help of the UK clubs dating officer. The issue comes when insuring it, as grey imports tend to suffer a surcharge. This is because of the extra complications of territorial variances. I would guess the US versions run with indicators on as running lamps and only flash to turn. The UK version doesn't so in an insurance claim unexpected components may be required adding to administration and parts cost, and time delays while non UK parts are imported. Sent from my G3121 using Tapatalk
  9. V11 naked sport I used Renthal CL003 bar mounts. The bolts are longer and with a spacer allow the bar to pass over the forks in the OEM position. I too used the Renthal 828-50 Fatbar. I did need to get longer cables and hoses, but the look was long enough. I made my own bar end internal weights and used the OEM external ones. I find the position far superior to the OEM over top yoke clip-ons which were just a half way house compromise that were to low for the street and and too high for the track.
  10. , but did the decorations get recovered?
  11. I acquired one a while back. Not got round to installing yet. Can't recall what I paid, but I recall I was in two minds at the price. I'd guess it was around £80.
  12. Cabernet

    My Special

    Lovin that blue! Sent from my G3121 using Tapatalk
  13. Gonna follow this thread with interest. I have not ridden the Sport, but have ridden the Breva 1100 and Norge. I found both motors were softer than the V11. Euro emissions have driven the bikes this way and the refined feel suits the Norge image. I found the handling on both B1100 & Norge was instinctive, friendly and forgiving. The V11 motor "feels" faster to me and raw which inspires unleashing it. I found the handling needed some learning. To get the best I found the bike needs firm handed, composed, smooth inputs. The chassis rewards body weigh shift, both longitudinally and laterally when riding with spiritedly. Go touring and good progress can still be made and town work, the bike can perform in a docile manner. There are many variations in riding position. I have gone from OEM over top yoke clip-on to under top yoke clip-on, to Renthal Fatbar which I use now. I am 5'8" with a 29" leg and the foot rests are high offering great ground clearance, so there is potential for lowering. There are pro's and con's mechically too. For me, the V11 is the last an era of the throbbing, snarling Moto Guzzi and my preference. Sent from my G3121 using Tapatalk
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