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  1. Anyone that knows anything about aluminium and stress raisers would tell you this was a bad idea.
  2. And that is why the EU chose, and now retains English as their communal language, despite it being native to none of them.
  3. Please review this document. D100320X012_Feb19 (emerson.com) In the parts description we can see the connection rod from the from the diaphragm to the crank in broken up in the parts list. Please note the description of key 17 (or ballon 17) on page 29. xx
  4. On contrary. Please review page 8 of; D100380X012_Feb19 (emerson.com) In the diagram we can see a clear diagram in another application of the discussed component. Flick to the last page of the document and we can see that this is published in Marshalltown Iowa USA. So I, an English man, using USA terminology that is shared in Sorocaba in Brazil, Cernay in France, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates & Singapore amongst others. The Emerson 9500 Fishtails butterfly valve was originally made in Cowdenbeath in Scotland by the Fisher Controls Ltd, part of the Fisher Controls
  5. brakeline_config-jpg.874761 (1514×648) (ducati.ms) There are three generally excepted brake line configurations for a twin disc motorcycle front wheel, as shown in the link above. Our V11 as standard uses the siamese mid tee lines as per image three. The Hel outlet charged by the line and they said that the OE V11 configuration was three lines. As a result I had them make up the twin line configuration as per image two. Nothing overly complicated or unconventional about it, just 66% of the cost. I only need new lines as I have done a handlebar conversion. The clutch line matches. In the U
  6. Beg to differ. Each end is known as a rod "end" bearing. There is a left hand threaded rod "end" bearing, a right hand thread rod "end" bearing. The clues in the name, being at the "ends". Together with a turn buckled "rod" they collectively connect two components, hence connecting rod or con-rod, just like that which connects a piston to a cranked shaft.
  7. The turn buckle connecting rod in the linkage, which adjusts the lever position.
  8. It was cheaper than getting a split hose.
  9. Twin hose from a double banjo bolt on the master cylinder complete with pressure switch for brake light.
  10. Oh, you'll also need some A06 spacers. You'll need to contact Renthal USA for them once you have proof of purchase of your CL003.
  11. No need. On the underside of your top yoke there are the bosses ready to be drilled to take bars. I used Renthal CL003 bar mounts and an 828-50 Fatbar with bar ends and G176 grips.
  12. Check the con rod from the pivot to the gearbox input spline. They are a cheap pressed plate abortion. I found mine stiff and erratic in operation. I replaced mine with a quality aftermarket upgrade from a bearing factors outlet and my gear shift improved no end. I have had the plate off and still wouldn't know how to set the cam blind.
  13. @docc, thank you for the kind appraisal.
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