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Lucky Phil extender mod

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Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program. I have the mill set up, and will start the last no doubt highly collectable Lucky Phil V11 Sport Shifter Extender (tm) run this afternoon. Yeah,

Forgot this is a holiday. With all this hovering around the house, every day is like the last one. For some reason, I thought it was Saturday last Wednesday.. needless to say, the Post Office is close

I just dropped them off at the Post Office. I'll either PM or email everyone with exact shipping cost when I get around to it. I have some glueing and honeydo's to do today. I had the water jet gu

Posted Images


got mine......


but it  was painted the wrong shade of green.  I need to talk to tech support.

Sorry, man.. that's the only color they come in. You need to talk to the complaint dept. She'll be along shortly with Big Tony.. :luigi:

How's your knees these days?  :rasta:



My knees are pretty stiff before I jog.   :blink:


afterwards  I just roll over and die.


Thanks for asking. :grin:

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Did I miss out again? Bummer... I haven't checked in for a while....if there's one still available, I' d still like one.


Thanks for making them available!



Send me your info by email and I'll make one more. Paypal to the same email address. I need something to keep me occupied today anyway.

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Ok, Andy, I have it made. Fortunately, I hadn't torn down the setup or tools to make it so it was easy. You can send me a PM if you can't figure out my email address. :)

This is the last one. Everyone has paid except one. Thanks to all.. I'm shopping for a villa in Italy as we speak. :rasta:

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