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Scud, there's some VERY tasty big bike friendly dirt roads in So. Utah.  I highly recommend the Burr Trail, it goes east from the town of Boulder UT.  Then, just a few miles SE from Boulder is the Hell's Backbone Rd. that will take you over to Escalante.   South out of Escalante is BLM300 which hooks into Smokey Mt. Rd.  Make sure your brakes work good before starting out on this one.  And finally Cottonwood Canyon Rd. south from Kodachrome St. Park.

Google em.

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If I had an adventure bike I would make at least one visit to the Moab area in UT. Arches and Canyonlands have a massive amount of trails, many of them are easy enough to do on an adventure bike. And the scenery is amazing. A ride out to Chicken Corner, across the river from Thelma and Louise point. Or the Schaefer Switchbacks. Or if you really want to push your limits Top of the World.


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Here's a few pics from my almost 2,000 mile trip. I tried to avoid freeways as much as possible. I went through Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Bryce Canyon National Park, Escalante National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park, and Great Basin National Park. Sea level to 10,000 feet. Over 100 degrees through Las Vegas on the way home - but started the day with snow in the 8,000 foot campsite at Great Basin. 

I didn't do nearly as much dirt as I wanted because my LH mirror broke on the second day - just from vibrations I guess. The RH mirror gave up the ghost on the way home. Otherwise, the Stelvio did great - super comfortable. And she's like a camel crossing the desert with that 8.5 gallon gas tank.












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Most excellent adventure, Scud! Thanks for the pix..:grin:

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Utah is a must ride! Bummer about the mirrors. 

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Great trip Bruce - I've been thinking about a run down to San Felipe on the Stelvio or the Husky 701.

I wasn't worried about mirrors in the dirt. I was worried about not having any mirrors on the way home I-15.


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